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Very Metal Saturday Night Rewind: The KISS Snuggie, Red Fang Battle Zombies, And Christopher Lee’s “Jingle Hell”

Christopher Lee’s JINGLE HELL is everything I ever wanted for Christmas.

Yeah, I know the update is a day late – but better late than never! Real quick, here’s a few programming notes…

After a short hiatus, episode #178 of the Movies About Girls podcast will invade the live airwaves at 6:00 PM ET TODAY! Don’t miss it! Also, head on over to Destroy the Brain and read my blow-by-blow review of The House on Straw Hill, staring the delightfully evil Linda Hayden, and Udo Keir with Dirk Benedict’s hair from the 80’s.

Lastly, it’s gonna get pretty slow here at CB.com for a few weeks, so don’t worry. I’m not dead or anything, but it’s that time of year when I pour more booze on my liver than usual AND Santa’s birthday is coming right up so I’m just slammed.

Now, on to everything metal that happened last week!

The apocalypse is nigh: A KISS version of the snuggie exists. CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK

Ever wanted to see Red Fang battle a bunch boozing of zombies? Yeah! Me too! Rolling Stone

Doro Pesch introduces her own brand of vino and a sweet sounding Cava named “Hero”. Metal and Wine

Joey Ramone and Purple Majesty psychedelic fuzz – I Can’t Keep From Crying. Youtube

Guitar lessons from Cheeta Chrome! Dangerous Minds

Ghost says their next record will be “more metal”. Metal Sucks

Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris gets robbed to the tune of 8K. Metal Hammer

Slayer didn’t dump Rick Rubin. Loudwire

Henry Rollins to play cannibal in lead role in the upcoming film, “He Never Died”. Classic Rock Magazine

Very Metal Friday Night Update: New Phil Anselmo Streaming, Mudhoney’s Gig On Top Of The Space Needle, And The Most Metal Bikini’s Ever

It’s time for a Heavy Metal Beach Party! Here’s Assassin’s thrashy cover of the classic surf instrumental, “Pipeline”.

Week one of vacation for yours truly is done and some, but as I’ve still got two weeks to go, here’s what’s happening; first, I’ll be off to the Atomic Grape Studio in Boston Rock City tomorrow to hang with my pals at the Movies About Girls podcast and record episode # 170! Tomorrow’s episode also marks the return of MAG’s infamous segment, “Let’s Fuck Up The Podcast“. When it’s Internet ready, listen to it here.

Next, I’ll be continuing to blog while I’m away, but like last week, it’ll be slowish. As I’m busy getting drunk-ish, and cultivating my inner beach-bum.

So, without further delay, here’s all the metal stuff that happened last week, including today’s full stream of Phil Anselmo’s new record, “Walk Through Exits Only“, over at Metal Hammer. Until next time, stay gold Ponyboy…

Slayer, GHOST, and Mastodon all get in the bikini game.

Speaking of Slayer, this is what Slayer looks like now.

Fred Armisen + Queens of the Stone Age = Awesome

Speaking of awesome, listen to Beastie Boy Mike D’s psychadelic sountrack to the Kenzo fashion show.

In case you missed it, here’s Mudhoney performing a live set from the top of the Space Needle in Seattle. In other news, looks like I picked the wrong week to leave Seattle and quit amphetamines.

Speaking of Seattle, Jone’s Soda has created three different flavors of “Sub Pop” soda.

Since three’s always been my lucky number, let’s keep the Seattle inspired stories going with this bizarre 1993 promo for Nirvana’sIn Utero“, staring Bobcat Goldthwait.

And since I’m feeling a little homesick, here’s a new track from Pearl Jam upcoming 10th release, “Lightning Bolt“, Mind Your Manners.

Things you should be doing right now: streaming the entire new Phil Anselmo record, “Walk Through Exits Only“,over at Metal Hammer.

Speaking of Phil Anselmo, here’s the official video for his brutal new track, “Bedridden“.

Alice and Chains to play six UK gigs with Ghost.

Courtney Love talks British hippies, “30 Rock” (?), and tells a story about someone hanging themselves because of “bogus sponsorships” for “Nobody’s Daughter“. Courtey Love is back, and so is the crazy.

A remake of George Romero’s classic zombie flick, “Day of the Dead“, is coming.

Very Metal Friday Night Update: Pre-GN’R Axl Rose Demos, Slayer On John Stewart, And Hipsters Cover Danzig

Christopher Lee welcomes Friday night. Happy Birthday to the only 91 year old that not only celebrated a birthday on May 27, but released his second heavy metal record on the same day. All hail the king of metal, baby.

Welcome Friday. The bringer of the end of the week, and the gateway drug to Saturday! In addition to all the metal news you need to know below, Movies About Girls #167 episode will land on the Internet’s this weekend. This week, your favorite band of disheveled good-timers go back to the land of 1987 for part II of Andy Sedaris’ shirtless spy flick, Hard Ticket To Hawaii. We’ll also play another round of “That’s Not A Real Band Name, Is It?”, curated by yours truly, tell you what part of Florida to avoid with our Crazy News report, the Top 5 and Bottom 5 DVD/Blu-Ray releases of the week, and as always, laffs and hassle-free good times with MAG’s international gang of teenage losers. Dig it!

More new Phil Anselmo and the Illegals!

Listen to a new killer track from one of my favorite heavy metal Viking bands, Amon Amarth.

Someone set the Wayback Machine to 1985 and give Mick Jones a pack of matches, a zippo, lighter fluid, and a blow torch.

Speaking of the Wayback Machine, listen to what Axl Rose sounded like pre-GN’R in 1983.

Speaking of the 80’s, Heavy Metal Trading Cards are a thing again!

Getting back to the Wayback Machine, here’s Slayer on John Stewart circa 1995.

Speaking of Slayer, here’s what Twitter had to say about Dave Lombardo getting officially kicked out of the band yesterday.

Listen to one of the best the things to ever come out of Texas, Scorpion Child, and their new track, Polygon of Eyes.

Hipsters Wye Oak covering Danzig.

When Courtney Love isn’t busy telling wacked-out actresses to “get it together“, she’s telling Howard Stern that Kurt would have been “disturbed” by Limp Bizkit. “ISN’T EVERYBODY?”, screamed everybody not named Fred Durst.

When Dave Mustaine isn’t busy asking to see President Obama’s birth certificate, he likes to talk about his hair.

Zombies don’t want to eat your brains! They just want to help get your cat out of that tree!

When Zombies Attack And Win: “Last Stand” Joshua Hoffine’s Apocolyptic Masterpiece

Last Stand. The final moments before the zombies eat your family featuring A. Michael Baldwin (of Phantasm fame, holding the shotgun). A photograph by Joshua Hoffine.

The arrival of this terrifying photograph, the latest from horror shutterbug, Joshua Hoffine, means two things; sometimes Kickstarter does great things, and Joshua Hoffine is a damn evil genius. I mean, look at this closeup. I can almost taste the brains…


It took nearly 40 actors, special effect experts, pyrotechnic wizards, makeup artists, set designers, and as usual, members of Hoffine’s own family, to create Last Stand. A 40″ print of LAST STAND is currently on view and for sale at the LAST RITES GALLERY in NYC, as part of a ‘Zombie’ group art show curated by the great Travis Louie.

See the “DON’T LOOK BEHIND YOU!”, behind the scenes making of Last Stand, as well as other high-res images from the photo, over at Hoffine’s NSFW blog.

Here’s ‘President Lemmy’ In The New Totally NSFW Trailer For Return To The Class Of Nuke ‘Em High 2013

Return to the Class of Nuke ‘Em High Parts I and II Radioactive Teaser!!! from Troma Team Video on Vimeo. SO NOT SAFE FOR WORK! It’s Troma!

In the words of a very metal friend of mine, “HOLY SMOKES!”. Also, if you have just eaten, plan on eating soon, or are eating now, do not watch this trailer. If you do, it’s whatever happens to you isn’t my fault. But if you do watch it, look for our pal Lemmy Kilmister, who plays the part of ‘President Lemmy’ in this incredibly NSFW/NSFL trailer for The Return to the Class of Nuke ‘Em High, Parts I and II. The movie poster is also very metal…


Laugh, puke, or cry all you want, this latest eyeball assault from Troma will premiere at Cannes in May, 2013. All hail President Lemmy!


Via: Topless Robot.

Joshua Hoffine’s ‘Last Stand’ – Help Make This Epic Zombie Photo Happen!

Joshua Hoffine and his zombies need YOU!

I’ve been a huge fan of “horror photographer” Joshua Hoffine since this blog started over five years ago. As he says himself in the video above, you might not know his name, but it’s a safe bet that you have seen his photographs. If not, let me help you not sleep tonight…


Right now, Hoffine is working on his most ambitious project to date. A zombie-themed photograph called ‘Last Stand’. The photograph will depict a families last moments before they are overrun by the undead. Hoffine’s photos read like mini-movies, so in true horror addict style, the father in Hoffine’s photo will be played by PHANTASM’s A. Michael Baldwin.

As this project is a huge undertaking, Hoffine has set up a Kickstarter page to help fund the project. The actors and participants are donating their services for free, so all donations will help pay for the materials that Hoffine will need to make this photograph the thing of your upcoming nightmares. As a lover of all things Hoffine and zombies, I’m pitching in. And I hope you can too.

More on the horrifying Hoffine via his blog, and official website.

Miss Christmas Gif Is The Gif That Keeps On Giffing

Miss Christmas gif by Kristian Hammerstad.

See more from very metal UK artist, and Christmas enthusiast, Kristian Hammerstad via his excellent website.

Very Metal Friday Night Update: Iggy, Zombies, And 4:20 Fever Officially Hits Seattle

And just like that, it’s Friday again. And that means tomorrow is Saturday, which means it’s time for another episode of the Movies About Girls podcast. Episode #156 to be exact. Life is good.

Iggy Pop sings White Christmas. That’s all.

Speaking of Iggy Pop, his version of White Christmas also appears on a new holiday comp from the very metal Cleopatra Records called ‘An All`Star Salute to Christmas, that features everyone from LA Guns to Leif Garrett.

New York record company, Norton Records, needs your help after Hurricane Sandy destroyed most of their catalog stock. More info here.

Every wanted your shit to come out looking like gold glitter? Yeah, me neither.

Dave Mustaine went on an anti-Obama rant. Again. Blah, blah, blah…

I’m excited to now be blogging for the vinyl loving folks over at Purple Dog Records! Check it out here.

Chronological comic of every zombie kill, how and by who, from the Walking Dead to date.

Larry and Randy 4-EVA!

As of midnight 12/6, most all things 4:20 are now legal. Here’s what you need to know.

Speaking of pot, During an 11+ hour AMA on Reddit, Snoop Dogg Lion admitted to smoking 81 blunts a day.

Norwegian Zombie Themed Commercial Is Too Scary For NorwegianTV

Norwegian zombie commercial will not be seen in Norway. But you can see it here.

Last weekend, Norwegian sporting goods company XXL, aired a zombie themed commercial during a popular prime time Talent show on Senkveld TV2. The commercial, which you can watch above, starts off with the a horde of zombies invading a sparkly suburban setting, terrorizing the milkman, a kid on a scooter, and a chick in a bikini. Then things get real when random athletes appear on the scene, and a brutal showdown involving golf balls, fishing hooks, baseball bats, and any other type of athletic equipment along with their owners, begins.

In a not-so-surprising turn of events after the commercial aired, Norwegians took to their Twitter and Facebook pages to attack the ad for it’s gruesome content.

Cruel advertisement you have!! What the heck is the point in that???? Shame on you and be respectful to remove it immediately!! If at least not like to be a customer of you now!! Fy!! ”

“I would like to give you feedback on a stupid and provocative advertising that goes on television these days. It is completely unacceptable! Hardly intended for children 9 years as my son. “

Shitty translation aside, if your commercial features zombies losing their limbs due to a bad golf swing, it’s probably not a great idea to air it when impressionable Norwegian children are still awake listening to their black metal records. Of course, all this really means is that XXL’s commercial is one of the greatest advertizing achievements by anyone, ever. And it makes me want to play golf. And I hate golf. Sadly, XXL has since pulled the ad, saying that they were caught off guard by the complaints they received. But what do you think? Let’s see how CB.com readers feel about this Norwegian zombie controversy.

Via: Reddit.

Zombie Lemmy Kilmister Wants Your Braaaainnns!

Zombie Lemmy Kilmister by Rob Sacchetto.

And this brain loving Lemmy Kilmister by Zombie a Day artist Rob Sacchetto, wraps up our 31 day-long celebration of all things Halloween here at Cherrybombed.com! And remember, make sure the brains in your head stay there, and play it safe tonight.

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