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Rowdy Roddy Piper Brings Back Pipers Pit For Funny Or Die…

Rowdy Roddy Piper brings back his classic talk-show, The Pipers Pit for Funny or Die. Anything for an excuse to post a vintage pix of a kilted Rowdy. For Freddy Pants.

To quote a very metal friend of Cherrybomb’s, if you follow his Twitter feed, you might deduce that 80’s wrestling legend Rowdy Roddy Piper might have taken a few too many folding chairs to the head. However, I have to give Rowdy an A+++ for his performance in this Funny or Die short, where he once again brings back his 1984 “talk show”, The Pipers Pit. Bonus? Piper also gets to give some overdue comeuppance to to Hollywood sleaze, Eli Roth.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage T-Shirt And Other New Designs By Skullebrities…

DIGGIT! Macho Man Randy Savage t-shirt by Skullebrities. RIP Macho!

A couple of weeks ago, the sweet skull-loving collective, Skullebrities, tweeted me their new “Macho Man” Randy Savage shirt. It might be my favorite Skullebrities design  yet!

Toxxic. By Skullebrities.

Bonus? If you’re planning on attending the 10th Annual Boston Tattoo Convention this Labor Day weekend, drop by Skullebrities booth which current Skullebrities Graveyard residents will finally become a t-shirt.

Can’t make it to Boston? To make room for their “new” designs, the Skullebrities Store is offering some of their boss t-shirt at 50% off. Now that’s a deal worth dying over. I mean, buy a t-shirt.

More via Skullebrities official site.

My Sundays With Jesus: Macho Man Randy Savage Stops Rapture With Big Elbow From Beyond…

The late, great Macho Man Randy Savage delivering a big elbow to Rapture Christ.

If you haven’t seen this one yet, you’re welcome.

Via: Reddit.

Ooooh No! R.I.P. Macho Man Randy Savage…

Macho Man Randy Savage, R.I.P.

Sad, sad news from the world of 80’s professional wrestling today. The Florida Highway Patrol confirmed that Randy “Macho Man” Savage lost control of his car this morning and crashed into a tree, after suffering a heart attack behind the wheel. Savage was pronounced dead after being transported to a nearby hospital. He was only 58.

Rest in Peace Macho Man. You were the king of the Atomic Drop and the prince of all piledrivers. I hope you’re trading flying elbows with Andre the Giant and Captain Lou, while Miss Elizabeth cheers you on.

When Andre Met Blondie…

Andre the Giant and Deborah Harry. Via 1980-awesome!

This amazing photo is one of many images that capture rare vintage moments in the life of legendary wrestler, Andre The Giant. Check out more photos as well as this fantastic read on the late, great wrestler via, The Selvedge Yard.

The Most Illegal Thing I’ve Ever Seen In Wrestling: Hypnosis…

Video of the CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling!) Tag-Team championship between The Runaways and Osirian Portal, November 2010.

Among the amazing things you will see in this wrestling video from Philly based, Combat Zone Wrestling are (but not limited to) the (maybe) illegal use of hypnosis and, break dancing. It also turns out that Mr. Excellent, isn’t all that excellent at all.

Via: Reddit.

GTFO: Dr. Larka @ The Boston ICA…

The Bride of Dr. Larka. For Michael K.

This is Oaxaca, Mexico based artist Jerónimo López Ramírez, also known as Dr. Lakra (or Dr. Delinquent) first solo exhibition in the U.S. Larka’s work has been described as playful, hallucinogenic, vulgar and erotic. Or, in other words, completely excellent.

Larka has been making a living as a successful tattoo artist since the early 90’s and began selling his paintings as a means of paying his taxes in Mexico. He uses everything from vintage Mexican pulp fiction novels, magazines and photographs to create his paintings and drawings. Dr. Larka’s engagement runs through September 16th at the ICA Boston.

A small gallery of Larka’s work can be viewed via MoMA.

Happy Halloween! Mickey Rourke in White Face FTW…

Mickey Rourke out trick or treating in Hollywood last night.

If you read this blog, you might have noticed that is has been rather “Rourkeless” as of late. Well the dry spell is officially OVER! Mickey hit the town last night in Hollywood looking 100% less leathery than usual. I’m not real keen on Rourke’s wonky vag-stash, but I’ll give his mime ass a pass just for coming out to play for the paps last night. I don’t know about you, but my day is always a little bit better if there is a little Rourke in it. True story.

More photos at Dlisted.

What. The. Fuck. Mickey…?

Mickey Rourke in New York. With glasses.

I don’t know what the hell is going on here, nor do I care to know.

RIP Captain Lou…

Captain Lou Albano. For Freddy Pants.

Wrestling superstar and Cindy Lauper’s video Dad, Captain Lou Albano, passed away today in New York. He was 76. Wrestlers Rescue is accepting donations for Albano’s family to help with their massive medical expenses.

In other news, I’d like to ask the death-filled year of 2009 to consider offing members of Nickelback or Creed next time. Stop killing my childhood memories dammit!

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