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Very Metal Flashback: Jimi Hendrix Half-Century Old Army Photo

Jimi Hendrix, the most metal Army photo ever.

According to this post over at WOW, Jimi Hendrix chose to enlist in the army instead of doing a two-year bid in prison after getting caught riding around in stolen cars. Hendrix enlisted on May 31, 1961, and was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division. Mind blown.

Daily Halloween Earwig: You’re A Zombie – The Plasmatics

The Plasmatics, You’re A Zombie. Classic 1987 crash and burn punk.

If your Halloween mix-tape doesn’t have this track from Wendy O and The Plasmatics, the throbbing five-plus minute punk rock opus to the undead, “You’re a Zombie“, then you might be fascist robot. Better get that checked out.

Typical Tyler Thursday? Steven Tyler Strips On TV, Moons Camera, Jumps In Pool.

Steven Tyler stripping on AI. You have been warned.

Honestly, the only thing that surprises me about this video is that Steven Tyler was actually wearing underwear.

Via: Everywhere on the Internet.

Wendy O. Williams Doll By Punk Junk Shop…

Wendy O. Williams doll by Punk Junk Shop. $10.00.

More punk rock junk from Punk Junk Shop, here.

Very Metal Flashback: The Plasmatics on Fridays in 1981…

The Plasmatics performing Living Dead and Butcher Baby on the ABC show, Fridays, January 16th, 1981.

1981 was a good year for The Plasmatics (as long as you omit the Milwaukee incident of 1981). In addition to their performance on the short lived ABC show, Fridays (above in all it’s nine-plus minute glory), the band also blew Andy Gibb’s mind on Solid Gold, rocked out with John Candy on SCTV, and Wendy O. gave her  infamous interview with Tom Snyder.

The band also released two records in 1981, their second with Stiff, Beyond the Valley of 1984, and the EP, Metal Priestess. And you thought the 80’s was all big hair and bullshit…


Black Metal Beach Blanket Bingo: The Black Satans Satanic Summertime…

The Black Satans, The Satanic Darkness.

According to some very metal Internet sources, The Black Satans are a Black Metal parody band from Finland. The video for The Satanic Darkness was filmed in Finland in the middle of summer. Lastly, it is awesome.

Via: I Heart Chaos.

Endhiran (The Robot) or Bollywood Goes Balls-Out…

Endhiran/Enthiran (The Robot), 2010.

Behold, a ten-minute clip from the top-grossing Indian film of all time, Endhiran (also known as Enthiran and The Robot). After  a mere 10 years of pre-production and, two years of actually filming, the flick yields some pretty mind-altering results.

Need a little Bolly-back-story? Here’s the official Endhiran trailer.

Via: Juxtapoz.

Very Metal Motorcycle Lighters By Joe Dusk…

Mini-motorcycles by Imgur user, Joe Dusk.

These tiny motorcycles are made entirely from cigarette lighter hardware. Check out the blow by blow on Dusk’s Imgur page.

Bob Marley Tattoo: FAIL!

Bob Marley tattoo. For JB.

Ignorance might be blissful but, a tattoo is forever. Word.


Set Phasers to WTF? Shirtless Kirk – The Cologne…

Shirtless Kirk Cologne for Men. Pre-order now for July. $29.99.

More via Entertainment Earth.com.


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