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Very Metal Friday Night Update: Layne Staley’s Trans Am, Heavy Metal Mullets, And The Sugarman


Tonight’s update is chock FULL of all things metal. I’ve got the latest on Danzig, the shit Lemmy says, and Phil Anselmo. There’s also a story about a heavy metal clown with a mullet. And if that’s not enough for you, click on over to Purple Dog Records and read my latest article; Upcoming and Out Now: Five 2013 Metal Releases You Won’t Want to Miss. Viva la Very Metal Friday!

Danzig to celebrate 25th anniversary with US and European tour with former Misfit, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein.

Lemmy doesn’t like The Darkness.

Bret Michaels says in his new dance song he “knows I want it”. But I really don’t.

Mark Lanegan will guest on the next Queens Of The Stone Age album.

Layne Staley’s sweet 2000 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is up for sale.

Speaking of Trans Am’s, here’s a vintage 80’s hair salon commercial featuring Florida metal band NASTY SAVAGE. The video also features a chick with a platinum mullet.

Speaking of mullets, here’s something called, “Mullet Clown Bass Gun Control“.

The Stones might headline Glastonbury. And if you have a million bucks, they might play your club too.

The 20 greatest metal albums in history according to LA Weekly.

Nerd alert! Aerosmith is coming to Rock Band.

Horror nerd alert! Phil Anselmo first annual Horror Festival is happening in Austin.

The Sugarman might do a new record. Let’s hope that “might” really means “yes”.

File this under “do not miss”. Japanese noise makers, Boris will play two shows at the Crocodile in May as part of their 2013 US residency.

Very Metal Mugshots


I recognize everybody in these vintage mug shots except for the unlucky rocker in the middle bottom row. Anyone?

Via: WOW.

I Know, It’s Only Booze By The Rolling Stones. But I Like It.

Rolling Stones now have their own line of boozy beverages.

Joining the ranks of pretty much EVERYONE, The Rolling Stones will start selling their new Rolling Stones Bar line . Distributed by  Japanese firm Suntory Liquors , the line includes three different party liquids, a Rolling Hop beer (4%), Rolling Gold cocktail (5%), and the Citrus Highball (4%), a lemon & lime highball in a bottle.

But to me, the crowing jewel to this happy booze news has to be The Rolling Gold beverage, which is a gin-based cocktail. There’s also a little zip at the neck of the bottle that will remind you of the band’s 1971 record, Sticky Fingers. The line is set to launch just in time for summer, on June 19th.

Via: Classic Rock Magazine.

The Good, The Bad, And The Weird: Intentionally Altered Records Showcased On Deface Value

David Bowie “Heros” collage by Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables.

Seattle vinyl purveyor, Jive Time Records, has come up with one of the greatest ideas ever. A website that features records whose covers have been found as is or, intentionally altered and submitted for consideration. Kiss the rest of your day goodbye and visit Deface Value now! A few highlights from Deface Value follow.

Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers. Amazingly found as is.

Phil Collins, Face Value by an awesome guy named Michael McGivaren. In other news, Phil Collins has never looked better.

The Ramones, End of the Century by Discographisme Recreatif Homemade Records Sleeves.

So many more to see, that can never been unseen at Deface Value!



A Rolling Stone: Group Show Celebrates 50 Years Of The Rolling Stones

Tonguing (2012) By Naoto Hattori.

Highlights from the very metal exhibition, A Rolling Stone, a new group show that pays homage to 50 years of the Rolling Stones, includes new paintings by Jason Bryant inspired by the Rolling Stones’ song, Moonlight Mile, and their Sticky Fingers album. The show opens at Porter Contemporary in NY on April 5th, and runs through May 26th.

More images and original link via: Juxtapoz.

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