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Remember That Time Wendy O Williams Was On An Episode Of MacGyver?

Yeah, me neither. But it did happen and the episode “111 Harry’s Will“, aired on November 5th, 1990. And it was as awkward and as awesome as it sounds . Extra heavy metal points go to Marion Ross (dressed as the flying nun) who got to hip-check Wendy at an ice skating rink, and to for Wendy for probably really scaring the piss out of Abe Vigoda. The entire cast of this episode deserved an Emmy for this. Bonus? The clip above also contains a scene from the 1989 movie “Pucker up and Bark Like a Dog” that Williams also appeared in along with Phyllis Diller. PHYLLIS FUCKING DILLER. Mind blown.

This Is What Judas Priest Looks Like Through The Eyes Of Matt Groening


Since I’m not a fan of spoilers, I almost hate to post this clip of an animated Judas Priest banging out a parody of Breaking the Law on last nights show, ‘Steal this Episode’. But it’s too good not to share. 2014 is shaping up to be a good year for the band who will not only collectively turn 45, but have also promised to unleash a new record sometime during 2014.

Iggy Pop To Play Stoned Caterpillar In ‘Once Upon A Time In Wonderland’ TV Series


Iggy Pop has replaced Roger Daltrey as the voice of a stoned caterpillar in upcoming ABC TV series, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. The grim looking show, a riff on Alice in Wonderland, has poor Alice shut up in a mental institution, because she keeps telling stories about talking rabbits, and hookah smoking, caterpillars that occasionally break into a chorus from Search and Destroy (I wish!). So make sure you clean out your best bong, as the show is set to premiere on October 10th. It’s a slow news day folks…

Very Metal Flashback: Cinderella Shilling For Chili Dogs In 1983

According to the comments from the camera man who shot this commercial, Cinderella did the commercial for Pat’s Chili Dogs in Philly for free as a favor to the owner of Pat’s, who was an old friend of the band. It took 3 hours to shoot, including the hour it took the band to put on their makeup. Also, former Cinderella guitarist Michael Kelly Smith (who with the band from 1983-1985), was a vegetarian, so his bun was actually empty, which you can see at the end of the commercial. In other news, Cinderella was from Philly? Mind blown…

Via: Dangerous Minds.


Very Metal Friday Night Update: Axl Rose Hits Up Yard Sale, RIP Tony Soprano, And “13” Hits #1


Welcome to the first official Friday of the Summer of 2013! It’s also a special weekend here at Casa Cherrybombed, as Mr. CB and I are celebrating 15 happy/crazy/happy years together. Who knew that a jazz guy and a metalhead girl could make it work? Nobody, really. But that’s beside the point of this post. Here’s everything metal that happened this week. Cheers!

Not Breaking really news! Axl Rose spotted at NY yard sale.

The new track from Amon Amarth, “Shape Shifter“, is awesome.

Speaking of things that are awesome, here’s the new video for “In Days of Woe from Black Tusk’s latest EP.

And since we are on an awesome roll, here’s the official video for the new Public Enemy track, “Get Up Stand Up“, featuring Brother Ali. Now that you heard it, get it here.

Delusional former Bullet Boy is selling his dirty pants for $8,100 on eBay.

Speaking of dirty laundry, Joan Jett is suing Hot Topic over their “Blackheart” underwear line , as it infringes on her own line of clothing called “Blackheart”.

Dave Lombardo to guest on the upcoming Sepultura record.

Black Sabbath’s13” hits #1.

Calling all creeps! David Lynch to direct the new NIN video for “Came Back Haunted“.

Speaking of creeps, here’s 90 seconds worth of every zoom shot from The Shining.

Help fund Keleigh Black’s new photography book, Subterrestrial Black Metal — A Journey Into Darkness.

Want to hear a beatbox version of Ozzy’sCrazy Train“? Yeah, me too!

RIP Tony Soprano. You were the most metal gangster of them all.

Very Metal Friday Night Update: New NIN, BABY METAL, And ‘Super Duper’ Alice Cooper Doc Debuts At TIFF

Baby Metal. Reason #666 Japan is fucking awesome.

It’s been a busy week for heavy metal news! Read on and check out the new NIN track, “Came Back Haunted“, click to watch the new live video for “Swerve City“, from the Deftones, and see why Dave Mustaine is now, and always will be a giant douche. Friday night starts NOW!

New NIN.

Speaking of new very metal things, here’s the live video for “Swerve City”, the latest from the Deftones.

Preview clips from “Walk Through Exits Only“, the upcoming solo release from Phil Anselmo.

On Wednesday, June 5th, Dave Mustaine told LA Weekly that, “He doesn’t get angry at all”. On Thursday, June 6th, Dave Mustaine called a fan that booed him at a show in Manchester, England a “Faggot” and a “Cunt”, then had him thrown out of the show. The only thing Dave Mustaine is still good at, is making Dave Mustaine look like a complete asshat.

Have you ever wanted to smell like MTV? Yeah, me either. Unless it smells like Adam Curry’s hair circa 1989.

I can’t even remember all the lyrics to “I Remember You“.

“Secret” GN’R show in Brooklyn sells out in 40 seconds.

John Paul Jones is writing an opera.

Is that a promise?

26 reasons why I no longer go to music festivals.

‘Super Duper’ Alice Cooper doc will make it’s big screen debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

According to the Wall Street Journal, more people are learning to speak Nordic languages because they love heavy metal.

Speaking of Norwegian heavy metal, here’s a tutorial on how to paint a room, death metal style.


Speaking of Japan (see BABY METAL! above), a Suspiria-themed Italian restaurant is a real thing in Tokyo. Because being relentlessly hunted down by a coven of witches can really make you hungry.

The awesomely NSFW trailer for ‘100 Bloody Acres‘ made me laugh, and lose my lunch.

The Night Stalker is dead.

Very Metal Friday Night Update: Celebrating Ronnie James Dio, New Phil Anselmo, And Black Sabbath On Prime Time TV


In celebration of Friday’s arrival, please join me in bidding a good riddance to this past week. And, as I’m not one to dwell on days of bullshit past, check out my latest very metal roundup of new releases from San Fransisco band Orchid, the pride of Savannah, Black Tusk, and UK band Tracer, and many others over at Curious Tracks. This weekend I’ll also have the pleasure of sharing laffs and good times on The Movies About Girls podcast. This week we shift our cinema gaze to the boob tube for TV Shows About Girls. Episode #166 has your favorite gang of teenage losers getting nostalgic for the year 1982 while watching the thankfully Chrissy-less Season 7 premiere of Three’s Company, ‘A Night Not To Remember‘. Dig it!

Now, here’s your weekly dose of metal news…

Thursday marked the third anniversary of the passing of Ronnie James Dio. In honor of one of the most metal men to ever hold a microphone, here are 20 photos of Dio throwing devil horns like a boss.

Here’s another killer track from the upcoming solo record from Phil Anselmo and the Illegals.

Speaking of killer tracks, here’s a sweet new jam from Valient Thorr. The bands sixth release, “Our Own Masters”, is out in June.

54 year old Prince says he doesn’t have time to work with “old people”.

It’s Friday again. So that means The Queens of the Stone Age put out another new animated video. Or two.

From Dusk Till Dawn. The TV series.

Tracii Guns new band, The Tracii Guns League Of Gentlemen sounds better than their name implies.

In case you care, here’s Black Sabbath on the season finale of CSI.

Motörhead, Public Enemy, and Bad Brains among the 75 bands lined up to play Chicago’s “Riot Fest” in September. In other news, I’m moving to Chicago.

This should end well.

A Friday The 13th documentary, ‘Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th‘ will be out just in time for the end of summer camp season this August. So maybe stay out of the canoe this year. And the lake. And the cabins. And definitely don’t smoke pot, get drunk, or have sex in a hayloft.

Fred Durst says the new Limp Bizkit record is an “anti-radio” record. “THANK YOU!” said radio.

Hello KISS-Y: KISS To Launch “Kiss Hello Kitty” Kartoon

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 10.26.57 AM

The new series will make it debut on The Hub sometime this year. I can’t lie, I’m gonna watch it.

43 Seconds Of Black Metal Dudes On Loiter Squad

This short clip from Tyler the Creator’s Adult Swim show, Loiter Squad, had me at black metal guys handing out balloons.

Via: Metal Sucks.

Norwegian Zombie Themed Commercial Is Too Scary For NorwegianTV

Norwegian zombie commercial will not be seen in Norway. But you can see it here.

Last weekend, Norwegian sporting goods company XXL, aired a zombie themed commercial during a popular prime time Talent show on Senkveld TV2. The commercial, which you can watch above, starts off with the a horde of zombies invading a sparkly suburban setting, terrorizing the milkman, a kid on a scooter, and a chick in a bikini. Then things get real when random athletes appear on the scene, and a brutal showdown involving golf balls, fishing hooks, baseball bats, and any other type of athletic equipment along with their owners, begins.

In a not-so-surprising turn of events after the commercial aired, Norwegians took to their Twitter and Facebook pages to attack the ad for it’s gruesome content.

Cruel advertisement you have!! What the heck is the point in that???? Shame on you and be respectful to remove it immediately!! If at least not like to be a customer of you now!! Fy!! ”

“I would like to give you feedback on a stupid and provocative advertising that goes on television these days. It is completely unacceptable! Hardly intended for children 9 years as my son. “

Shitty translation aside, if your commercial features zombies losing their limbs due to a bad golf swing, it’s probably not a great idea to air it when impressionable Norwegian children are still awake listening to their black metal records. Of course, all this really means is that XXL’s commercial is one of the greatest advertizing achievements by anyone, ever. And it makes me want to play golf. And I hate golf. Sadly, XXL has since pulled the ad, saying that they were caught off guard by the complaints they received. But what do you think? Let’s see how CB.com readers feel about this Norwegian zombie controversy.

Via: Reddit.

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