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Steven Tyler’s #1 Fan. Surprise! It’s Not Me

Steven Tyler portrait by Jeepeeaero.

As you might imagine, I get a lot of email. In addition to the occasional compliment, I get a regular stream of looney messages from people trying to reach Steven Tyler or Steve Perry from Journey. Did I mention I love my job? Anyway, this one from reader/Dutch born artist/Steven Tyler super fan Jeepeeaero made my day. Specifically since it’s 4/20 and I can truly appreciate the images in her Steven Tyler portrait gallery to their fullest, trippiest extent.

Jeepeeaero’s entire Steven Tyler gallery can be seen, here.

The Very Metal Dolls Of Felt Alive

Lil’ Freddie Mercury doll by Felt Alive.

Behold the latest creation by very metal felt makers, Felt Alive, Lil’ Freddie Mercury. Felt Alive does something called “sculptural needle felting”, and is the brainchild of Oregon based artist Kay Petal.

Lil’ Bob Dylan by Felt Alive.

Lil’ Janis Joplin by Felt Alive.

Felt Alive also does custom felt dolls. Check out more at Felt Alive’s official site,  their Flickr Gallery and Etsy.

Via: Etsy.

Vintage Willie Nelson Sans Braids and Beard…

Willie Nelson sans beard and braids.

Via: Everlasting Blort!

Shatner Sings Sabbath! Captain Kirk Covers Iron Man…


Iron Man is the first single from William Shatner’s upcoming cover record, Seeking Major Tom. You can stream it, here. In other very metal news, Captain Kirk turned 80 in March. Take that Nickelback…

The Very Metal Illustrations Of Mathis Rekowski Are F*cking With My Head…

Pick Me Up by Mathis Rekowski. Mini-versions of this print are available for only $15.

More from Berlin based illustrator, Mathis Rekowski, via his triptastic website.

David Lynch, Electro-Pop Purveyor …

David Lynch goes -Electro-pop.

Lynch performs the vocals and did the production on the tracks “Good Day Today(view the video for Good Day Today, here), and the equally eerie, “I Know“.

David Lynch, I Know. Official video. YIKES!

As you might imagine, Lynch’s latest foray into the world of electro-pop is both ethereal, and unsettling. Which is exactly what electro-pop by David Lynch should sound like.



Very Metal WTF?: Sonny Bono Does Alice Cooper On The Love Boat…

Smash It! Sonny Bono does a pretty darn great Alice Cooper imitation on a Love Boat episode from 1979.

Welcome to Captain Stubing nightmare! Anyway, the good captain of the Love Boat might not have been impressed by Sonny Bono channeling Alice Cooper in this Love Boat episode from 1979, but I sure was. Besides, Stubing was a total L7. Viva la BonoCooper!

Via: Dangerous Minds.

Faster Rice! Kill! Kill! Tura Satana Portrait Made Of Rice By Jason Mecier…

Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! Tura Satana portrait made entirely with rice, by Jason Mecier.

Via: Dangerous Minds.

New Beastie Boys Video Gets Action Figure Treatment By Spike Jonez…

A clip from the new Beastie Boys video, Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win. Directed by Spike Jonez.

Even action figure versions of the Beastie Boys can’t be stopped! Check out yet another show-stopping video from the new Beastie Boys record, Hot Sauce Committee, Part II, Don’t Play No Game I Can’t Win. Bonus? The video, directed by Spike Jonez, also features a Santigold doll, complete with anti-Barbie, ring-bling. Word.

Via: Funny or Die!

Scary Concession Stand: Follow the Sun…

Vintage concession stand creep from MK12 on Vimeo.

So…”Let’s not go out to the movies, and have ourselves a snack.”

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