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Aerosmith Nesting Dolls – The Good, The Bad, And The WTF

Aerosmith nesting dolls by Indie Stuff. $89.

It’s a slow news day here. Which leads me to search the Internets for things that might exist in places other than my mind. Although it’s a terrible photo, the Aerosmith nesting dolls by Indie Stuff (above), are pretty sweet. Running a close second on the Indie Stuff site, are these amazing Doors nesting dolls.

Aerosmith nesting dolls.$55. Via eBay.

I can’t be the only one that thinks it’s hilarious that Joe Perry got painted on the smallest nesting doll, can I?

Aerosmith (?) nesting dolls. Via the Aurora History Boutique.

And now for the WTF! Believe it or not, the only doll image I recognize in this strange grouping is Joey Kramer. I think.

In other very metal news, tune in today at 6:00 p.m. ET for MAG-lite episode #149! MAG-lite it a bit-sized dose of the Movies About Girls podcast, with all the laffs and antics you’ve come to expect from your favorite band of teenage losers. Tonight’s episode also includes another round of “That’s Not A Real Band Name, Is It?“, curated by yours truly. Play along with us live tonight!

Very Metal Motörhead Nesting Dolls

Motörhead nesting dolls. $31.00.

I don’t know about you but, Christmas just came early in this house! Get your very own Motörhead nesting dolls, here.

Aleister Crowley Hello Kitty From Hell

Aleister Crowley Hello Kitty. From the Etsy shop, AllSeeingCat. $222. 

This Aleister Crowley Hello Kitty has to be the greatest, and most evil Hello Kitty adaptation ever. And it’s one-of-a-kind.

Via: Dangerous Minds.

Limited Edition Iggy Pop Bobblehead By Drastic Plastic

Iggy Pop Bobblehead by Drastic Plastic.$24.99. Pre-order now, ships in October.

Limited to 1000 pieces, mini-Iggy stands 7-inches high. Is it me, or does Iggy look a little surprised that he’s only 7 inches tall? Still, little Iggy is pretty  fantastic, even if he’s plastic. Word.

Via: Aggronautix.

Guitar Gods! Wayne Kramer and James Williamson Figures By Aggronautix

Wayne Kramer Guitar God limited edition of 750 by Aggronautix.

As if these new Guitar God figures from Aggronautix weren’t cool enough, both mini-MC5 Wayne Kramer, and James Williamson of The Stooges both deliver signature riffs when you push their buttons. Both are available now as a part of a pretty sweet “Proto Punk Combo Pack” by Aggronautix. Kick out the jams!

James Williamson Guitar God limited edition of 500 by Aggronautix.

Via: Aggronautix.

New Sex Pistols Vinyl Figures By Funko Coming In July

Sid Vicious vinyl figure by Funko. $9.99.

Funko’s vinyl Sex Pistols figures are finally coming this July! Scroll along for more images, and a link for pre-ordering info.

Johnny Rotten vinyl figure by Funko. $9.99.

Steven Jones vinyl figure by Funko. $9.99.

Via: Funko! Ordering info, here.

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Figure Designed By Archer Prewitt For Aggronautix

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry figure from Aggronautix. $39.99. Limited edition of 1000.

The newest member of Aggronautix’s famous figures and Throbblehead’s family is Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry! The figure was designed by Sof’ Boy comic creator and former Marvel colorist, Archer Prewitt (who also somehow finds time to be in the band The Sea and Cake, phew!).

Officially approved by dub and reggae king, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, this figure has adjustable arms and head, and comes with accessories such as cloth hat, gold bracelet, and gold necklace with star charm. Bonus? Perry’s figure also comes grasping a microphone like a true MC, ready for action.

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry figure. Even the box it comes in is dope!

More info and pre-orders via Aggronautix.

The Very Metal Dolls Of Felt Alive

Lil’ Freddie Mercury doll by Felt Alive.

Behold the latest creation by very metal felt makers, Felt Alive, Lil’ Freddie Mercury. Felt Alive does something called “sculptural needle felting”, and is the brainchild of Oregon based artist Kay Petal.

Lil’ Bob Dylan by Felt Alive.

Lil’ Janis Joplin by Felt Alive.

Felt Alive also does custom felt dolls. Check out more at Felt Alive’s official site,  their Flickr Gallery and Etsy.

Via: Etsy.

Very Metal KISS ‘The Demon’ Robot By Funko

Kiss ‘The Demon’ Robot by Funko.$39.00.

Score another win for Washington State toy maker, Funko, and their every growing army of KISS inspired collectables. Mecha Gene was the first Kiss member to be immortalized as a 1970’s retro Japanese-style robot by Funko, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing Android Space Ace, Robo Star Child, and Cyborg Cat very soon.

Handmade Johnny Cash Statue By Seymour…

Johnny Cash handmade statue by Seymour. Johnny Cash would have turned 80 on February 26th.

Seymour (also known as Peter Kelk) is based in Germany.  His handmade, one-of-a-kind statue of Johnny Cash (above) was created for the XMas Luau Tiki Show at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin last year, and sold quickly to a very lucky collector. But don’t despair. Right now Seymour’s Etsy shop is featuring an imaginative illustration series called ” Retired Wrestlers“, as well as other cool pieces. Which almost makes up for Seymour’s wide-eyed Johnny being a one-off.

See more from Seymour via his official site.

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