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Hello Gorgeous! Mickey Rourke @ The BAFTA Awards, 2010…

Mickey Rourke at BAFTA, 2010.

Here’s Mickey Rourke wearing the dude version of an Updo on his head at the BAFTA Awards last night. That is all.


Two-tone dog fetish hood. By Stockroom. For Triple G.

I was geeking out watching the AEE wrap-up on G4 this weekend (yes, really) and thought I would share one of my personal highlights of the show, the two-toned dog fetish hood by sex accessory maker, Stockroom. Pair the hood with four of these deluxe padded fist mits and your bedroom becomes something straight out of a David Lynch flick. Grrrrrrrrr…

Sears ’75: Shelly Hack Cameltoe Attack…

Page 124 of the Sears 1975 Spring/Summer Catalog. Shelly Hack not included with purchase.

This week we pay a visit to the blondes on page 124 of the 1975 Sears Spring/Summer Catalog. Former Charlie’s Angel Shelly Hack is back again to sex up the Sears 1975 catalog along with a bare-midriff top and, a little cameltoe. If you use your imagination. And your imagination wants to be used by Shelly Hack. Trust me.

*Programming note: I know I missed Sears ’75 last week, but I don’t punch clocks  or people. I’ll make it up to you somehow baby. I promise. By the way, can I borrow some money for some ass gas? Just click the Paypal link on the top of the page. It’s easy. Did you lose weight? I love you.

Sears ’75: Look Ma! No Cameltoe…!

sears-1975-Junior-bazaar 2
Bodysuits from Sears Body Suit Shop. $5.97 & 8.97 respectively.

These cameltoe free, snap-crotch flashbacks come from page 213 of the 1975 Sears Fall/Winter catalog. Snap crotch!

Quentin Tarantino On The Golden Globes Red Carpet…

The Q walks the Golden Globes Red Carpet with Melanie Laurent, who played Shoshana, the Nazi killing theater owner in Inglourious Basterds.

Quentin Tarantino: What’s so funny Mel?

Melanie Laurent: I’m not laughing, I’m vamping. There’s a difference. Your Tux is ridicul…er, don’t be ridiculous.

Q: What did you just say?

Melanie: What? Sorry, did you say something Q?

Q: Did you just call my Tux ridiculous?

Melanie: Oh look, isn’t that Mira Sorvino?

Q: Really? Where? Hold on, does this Tux make me look fat?

Melanie: Oh NO. You look fantastic. Hahahahaha!

Q: What’s so funny now?

Melanie: Nothing Q. I always laugh when I’m nervous…or standing next to someone who likes to wear their elegant pajamas in public.

Q: Pajamas? I’ll have you know that this Tux is a perfect blend of East meets West couture made especially for me, Quentin Tarantino! ALRIGHT?

Melanie: Okay, Q. If I say I like your Tux, can I still play “Sexy Assailant 3” in Kill Bill 3?

Q: No.

Melanie: Hahahaha! Your Tux is ridiculous! And I also thought Jackie Brown was a  trite piece of shit. Damn! I feel so much better.

Q: Wait, is that Pam Grier? Hey Pam, I want to introduce you to the soon-to-be-has-been actress, Melanie Laurent. ALRIGHT!?

Pam: Quentin, what the Bruce Lee hell are you wearing? Did someone die? Or did you just get back from your monthly visit to Kabukicho and simply didn’t have time to change?

Q: Nobody died, ALRIGHT? ALRIGHT!? Fuck! Where is Christina Hendricks and her enormous rack when you need them. Oh, wait. There they are

Sex Doll That Wants To Hold Your Hand…

Roxxxy, a True Companion Doll. She will have sex with you, hold your had after and then go to sleep and snore.

Douglas Hines, founder of N.J.-based True Companion, said his new sex-doll Roxxxy can carry on simple conversations. Hines says that “sex only goes so far – then you want to be able to talk to the person.” Roxxxy is able to communicate via a connected laptop that comes with the doll. Hines says that enhancements to the dolls verbal capabilities will come with periodic updates via the Internet, much in same way that you update your iPhone or other data driven devices.

Hines’ dolls can be built with different personality types. While Roxxxy might say something like “I love holding your hand”, the “Wild Wendy” doll may ask you “what are you going to do with that hand?”. Booiing? Maybe not so much.

True Companion robots will run from $7,000 – $9,000 and Hines says he will be shipping orders out starting in the early spring.

True Companion is also developing a male sex robot called Rocky. Rocky will be available in both gay and hetero versions.

Some NSFW video of a demonstration with Roxxxy here.

Swinging Couple Looking For Good Times…

Swinging North Carolina couple looking for good times. He enjoys Bi, unless another man is involved. She enjoys Bi because her husband tells her she better enjoy it.


For WHY??? My New Pink Button…

My New Pink Button. Temporary dye for your labia. $29.99.

You might remember a while back I blogged about how you could color your coochie like a M*therf%cking rainbow. Well now, you can dye your labia to match your sweet pink muff.

My New Pink Button is a dye that temporarily restores color to your tunnel of love. The “Bettie” color will make your girlie parts look like your favorite lipstick (!) while the “Audrey” will give your vagina a “bold, burgundy-pink” color.

More via My New Pink Button.com.

Thanks!: RDK.

New Product Alert!: Coming Soon – The Hood Thong…

The Hood Thong by Jeannie Han and Umlaut Brikauski.

Be the first to get your own Hood Thong by submitting your Hood Thong request here. Hood Thong!

Dating Site Bio: Ur Doing It Wrong…

Picture 8
Dating site bio: FAIL!

If you have to mention that your vegeena is clean in your dating site bio, it probably isn’t. It’s also likely that if you can’t actually spell the word Vagina, you might not have one. Clean or otherwise. True story.

Link via Reddit.

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