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The Scorpions Don’t Like Shirts


I’m not exactly sure when this vintage photo of The Scorpions was taken, but I think it was during the great German shirt famine of 1969.

Via: Awkward Band and Musicians Photos on Facebook.

Happy Jack! Latex Pumpkin Lingerie

Latex pumpkin lingerie by ASD Latex. $74.00.

Bonus? This pump-kini is a one off so you’ll be the only slutty pumpkin at the party.

Via: ASD Latex on Etsy.

Very Metal Monday: Danish People Get Naked For Free Groceries

Naked supermarket shopping is a thing in Denmark.

In a promotion for a Danish grocery store called Priss, shoppers who were willing shop in the buff, were rewarded with a shopping spree worth 2000 Danish kroner, or about 400 US Dollars. Naturally, most of the shopper went (literally) balls out and snatched up (see what I did there?) as much booze that their nutty (zing!) nude shopping trip would allow. A strategy that I myself would have employed, if my dignity came with a price tag that read “Hot Buy At Only 2000 Kroner!”.

In other news, this video is NSFW, NSFL, and is not going to get you hot in any way. Unless you’re into desperate, pasty Danish people with potbellies, and small penises.

All the “action” starts at about 50 seconds in. You have been warned.

Booze For Your Boner: Whiskey Dick No. 69 – Whiskey Flavored Lube

Whiskey Dick No. 69. Whiskey flavored lubricant by Epic Meal Time. $11.99.

Never have the words “Proudly Made in America!” rung more true. The fucked up foodies of Epic Meal Time have added “boozy massage oil makers” to their resume with the introduction of Whiskey Dick No. 69, a whiskey flavored personal lubricant. It’s also won a bunch of weirdo awards like, the Triple Gold Medal Award at the 10th Annual Great American Sex & Drinking Festival in Tennessee, and won the Quadruple Gold Medal at the Pan-European Schmiermittel Festival in East Berlin, Germany, the Ellensburg Rodeo Hoedown, Washington (who knew Ellensburg was so sexy), and Kanamara Matsuri (the Festival of the Steel Phallus) in Japan.

Below is the epic commercial video for Whiskey Dick No. 69.

Whiskey Dick No. 69. A commercial for Epic Meal Time’s new Whiskey flavored personal lube.


Now I Know How To Find “South Of Heaven” On A Map! Custom Slayer Condoms…

Custom Slayer condoms. When you plan on going “South of Heaven”. 3 pack, $12.99.

These custom Slayer condoms, are just a few of the new very metal accessories now available in Slayer’s official merch store.

Tattooed Love Toys: G-Vibe’s Inky Vibrators…

Tattooed vibrators by California Exotic. $20.00

Makes a perfect gift for your favorite pervy tattooed love boy, or girl.

Full NSFW gallery, here.

The Rhythm Of LOVE! The Very Metal Scorpion Bullet Vibrator…

Death by orgasm. The 10 speed (!) Scorpion Bullet Vibrator. About $20.

Coffin shaped storage box included! I’m also pretty sure that at 1:30 in this demo video for The Scorpion, that this creepy little sex toy might also get you off via a Slayer riff somewhere between speeds 8 & 10. It’s also possible I might be drunk.

Via: Love Honey (UK).

Dildos For The UNDEAD…!

Dildos for the UNDEAD! Mythos style dildos by Necronomicox. $170. For GGG. Thanks to RDK for the link. I think…

Meet Mythos. Mythos is big dildo with colored eyes that will look deep into your soul. While deep inside of you. That’s all.

More via Necronomicox NSFW site, here.

See Through T-Shirt: FAIL…!

American Apparel over-sized see-through t-shirt. $26.00.

Usually, when used together in a sentence, the words, “see-through” and “t-shirt” equal “good times”.  Thanks for ruining my day American Apparel.

Via: Reddit.

Pinup Calender Gets X-Rayted…

Miss December x-ray pinup girl by Eizo.

More here

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