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Sears ’75: Look Ma! No Cameltoe…!

sears-1975-Junior-bazaar 2
Bodysuits from Sears Body Suit Shop. $5.97 & 8.97 respectively.

These cameltoe free, snap-crotch flashbacks come from page 213 of the 1975 Sears Fall/Winter catalog. Snap crotch!

Sears ’75: Hippy Chicks…!

Hippy chick dresses $14.97. For K and forever hippy chick, JB.

I don’t know what the weather is like in your part of the world, but today in Seattle it’s feeling rather Spring like (boing!). So if it’s still Winter where you live, hopefully these vintage Spring chickens from page 146 of the 1975 Sears Spring/Summer Catalog will warm you up.

Anyway, please pardon the brevity of this post as I have the sudden urge to do 1000 sit ups.

Sears ’75: Huggy Bear Would Approve…

And now for a trip down the super funky 1975 “Style Aisle” of the Sears 1975 Spring/Summer Catalog.

Looking for clothes for the cat that won’t cop out? A man that would risk his neck for his brother man? Well I found exactly what Dr. Funky ordered on pages 460 & 461 of the 1975 Sears Spring/Summer Catalog . Whether you’re riding the Soul Train back to the crib to watch Black Caesar with your boys, or stepping out to the No Name Bar in the Village for an evening of cracking sucka’s skulls with scotch bottles, your “bad motherfucker” rep will stay intact.

Can you dig it?

Sears ’75: The Dickie Bra is BACK…!

The Dickie Bra, now in turtleneck!

Now that I have your attention, I’d like to welcome to the inaugural entry for our penetrating (hello, Vicar!) look into the Sears Spring/Summer 1975 catalog. Since we kicked off our last visit to Sears of the 70’s with The Dickie Bra from 1974, I thought it was fitting to begin a new year with The Dickie Bra (now comes in turtleneck!) featured on page 181 of the Sears Spring/Summer catalog of 1975. If you have a pulse and a penis, I’m sure you agree.

Check out Sears’ slightly disturbing, Children of the Corn 1975 catalog cover, after the jump…

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Sears ’74 Holiday Edition: Ho-Ho-NO…!

Sears ’74, Ho-Ho-NO! Hopefully you didn’t find anything like this under your tree this year. If you did, that means that Santa and Jesus both hate you.

This better-late-than-never special Holiday edition of Sears ’74 comes from page 630 of the Sears 1974 Fall/Winter catalog. On Wednesday of next week, I’ll feature our last look back at Sears’ take on 1974 before we delve into the polyester blend madness that is the Sears Spring/Summer catalog of 1975.

Look for our first 1975 Sears summertime fashion flashback, on January 6th, 2010!

Sears ’74: From Home Runs To Guns! Ted Williams Gun Cabinets and Double-Barrel Shotguns

Scan 7
Ted Williams Gun Cabinets. Approved by Ted Williams. From page 1202 of the 1974 Sears Fall/Winter Catalog.

This week’s Sears ’74 is a nostalgic doozy for yours truly. Growing up in Boston, I idolized (and still do) the Boston Red Sox (yes, really), and routinely prayed at the Church of Ted Williams, one of the greatest baseball players of all time. After Williams left the Sox to pursue other sports related ventures, he got into bed with Sears and created a line of various Guns. More specifically, shotguns.

Ted’s Shotgun line for Sears included but was not limited to the single-shot, double barrel, 12-gauge, semi-automatic and pump-action shotguns just to name a few. Of course, all those guns needed somewhere safe to hang out, so Ted also created a signature line of Gun Cabinets for Sears, pictured above.

You can see some of Ted’s Over-and-Under boom-sticks after the jump…

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Sears ’74: By The Power of Grayskull! The “He-Man” Chair…

Scan 9
The “He-Man” recliner by Sears. $214.99.

You can be sure that even though he was an aristocrat with a secret identity, Prince Adam never possessed an actual “He-Man” chair. This week’s 1974 obsession is the “He-Man” chair, found on page 1270 of the 1974 Sears Fall/Winter Catalog. Anyway, is it me or does He-Man look pretty relaxed for a dude wearing purple trousers?

Sears ’74: One Of Charile’s Angels in Footsies…

Scan 6
Posy print nightmares nightgowns.

Just a quick note on this weeks Sear’s ’74 entry as this photo is giving me a case of the bed-spins. And sadly (and quite unbelievably) I’m not drunk. If the chick modeling item #1, the footed two-piece erection killing sleepwear, looks as though like you might have masturbated to her before, you would be correct. As well as somewhat pathetic and very lonely.

Posy sleepwear model #1 from page 177 of the Fall/Winter 1974 Sears Catalog, is actress Shelly Hack. Hack is probably best known for her brief role on Charlie’s Angels. Hack’s fictional Bostonian, Tiffany Wells became Charlie’s #5 Angel, replacing Kate Jackson for one season in 1980.

More polyester blend madness from Sears next Wednesday that will absolutely! may or may not involve Ted Williams, guns and/or He-Man chairs. Stay tuned…

Sears ’74: I Hate Being A Girl – The Pacesetters…

Scan 2
The Pacesetters. The horror…

My humble apologies for not posting this weeks Sears ’74 yesterday but once again, it’s worth the wait. This week we’re featuring a line of 70’s teen clothing that will make you glad that you were never a girl that wore a size 7-14 in 1974. And if you’re wondering, I did manage to dodge that speeding polyester blend bullet otherwise known as The Pacesetters in ’74. Anyway, this week’s look at the Sears 1974 Fall/Winter catalog is our biggest and most horrifying yet!

More Pacesetters madness after the jump. Now JUMP!

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Sears ’74: Twin Sheet Set By My Buddy Weiser…

Budweiser Bedding. Sears 1974 Fall/Winter Catalog. For Jim McD.

I used to date a guy in High School that had these sheets. Now, if you read into that last nightmarish statement, you get three possible takes on what it might imply. That said, let me address your concerns immediately:

No, I never had sex on that bed with that boy. That, Monica Lewinsky.

My 16 year old boyfriend didn’t have a job. Which means he didn’t buy these sheets for himself. Yes, he had the coolest parents ever.

Even at the tender age of 15, I was already too advanced to be susceptible to the mature allure of the Budweiser Sheets. The Budweiser Tall in a can? Not so much. True story.

Next week’s Sears ’74 will be our biggest awe-inspiring, flashback inducing pictorial yet. Stay tuned…

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