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Sears ’75: Sleek Slithery 70’s Swimwear. Sorta…

Sleek and Slithery knit beachwear from page 19 of the 1975 Fall Winter Sears Catalog.

Man, the catalog “writers” for the 1975 Fall/Winter Sears Catalog were so far ahead of their time. Sleek and Slithery is a totally 80’s way to describe a girl in a bathing suit. Or the latest record by Whitesnake.

Speaking of sleek and slithery girls, Episode #59 of the Movies About Girls Podcast is up now and you don’t want to miss it! Our quest to find the worst song ever recorded trudges on, and yours truly imitates a talking dolphin, parrot and gypsy caterpillar (yes, really) during our review of the trippy 80’s flick out of Brazil, Super Xuxa vs Satan. We’ll also run down the weird news of the week with musical interludes by The Hellos, Japan’s surf-rock sweethearts The Pebbles and, the infinite metal power of Fu Manchu!

Click here to listen to Episode #59 of the MAG podcast. If you dig what you hear, make sure you get out and to vote for us on Podcast Alley and help us keep podcasting sexy…

Sears ’75: The Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weenie, $10 Dollar Yellow Bikini…

Yellow terry cloth bikini from page 20 of the Sears 1975 Spring/Summer catalog.

In the words of my very sexy, bikini-loving friend K, Boing!

In other good news about girls, Episode #57 of the Movies About Girls Podcast is now available for your streaming pleasure. You can click the link to the right on our page or, you can just click here to go right to the Movies About Girls website and hear all the madness yourself!

Sears ’75: Bikini Girls, Sans Machine Guns…

The Bikini Girls of page 138 and 139 of the 1975 Sears Spring/Summer Catalog. For K.

After last weeks Fur Bikini episode of the Movies About Girls podcast, I’ve had bikini-on-the-brain. Missed MAG’s 55th episode? Click here to be absolved of your uncool sins, looser.

Sears ’75: Shelly Hack Cameltoe Attack…

Page 124 of the Sears 1975 Spring/Summer Catalog. Shelly Hack not included with purchase.

This week we pay a visit to the blondes on page 124 of the 1975 Sears Spring/Summer Catalog. Former Charlie’s Angel Shelly Hack is back again to sex up the Sears 1975 catalog along with a bare-midriff top and, a little cameltoe. If you use your imagination. And your imagination wants to be used by Shelly Hack. Trust me.

*Programming note: I know I missed Sears ’75 last week, but I don’t punch clocks  or people. I’ll make it up to you somehow baby. I promise. By the way, can I borrow some money for some ass gas? Just click the Paypal link on the top of the page. It’s easy. Did you lose weight? I love you.

Sears ’74: How Not To Celebrate New Years Eve…

How not to celebrate New Years Eve by the Sears 1974 Fall/Winter Catalog.

Fake fireplace logs and this fake fireplace, from page 1010 of the Sears 1974 Fall/Winter Catalog, lived in my hallway when I was growing up back east. All you needed to start this Santa approved plastic fire was the a push of a button. I distinctly remember the logs made a clicking sound that was supposed to mimic the crackle of a real fire. Which it did not.

Anyway, unless you have your own copy, enjoy your last look back at the Sears 1974 Fall/Winter Catalog, sans sticky pages. Next week we’ll start exploring the Sears Spring/Summer Catalog from 1975. It’s all kinds of right and wrong. Just like yours truly.

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