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Gothic Doom Grooves From Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – New Live Video For ‘Higgs Boson Blues’

Stop what you are doing now, and watch this amazing footage of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds performing Higgs Boson Blues live at long-running (70+ years to be exact) Santa Monica radio station, KCRW. If you don’t already have tickets for one of Cave’s upcoming 2014 North America tour dates, this video will likely cause you to change that.

Very Metal Friday Night Update: Black Sabbath, Ghostface Killah, And People, Hell, And Angels


So, if you’re a metalhead living in or around Toronto, you are currently consumed, still trying to wrap your mind around how the fuck you are going to score tickets for Black Sabbath’s first North American in Toronto August 14th. Opinions aside, there is no doubt that every date on this tour is going to sell out. So like you Toronto, I’m sitting in that same viking boat, rocking back and forth. Trying to come to terms with the fact that my Sabbath ticket, if I’m lucky engough to get one, will likely be the most expensive concert ticket I’ve ever purchased for a show, in my life. Second only to my recent acquisition of a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ticket. So you do the math. It’s not pretty. But it’s rock and roll. And I love it.

So many metal things happened this week. Read on for all the deets…

RIP Clive Burr.

Sabbath’s ’13’ gets a June 11th release date. In this video of Rick Rubin lounging around while recording Sabbath, you get to hear some sound bites from the new record. In other very metal news, Sabbath’s world tour begins next month in New Zealand, then hits Australia and Japan from late July through September. The only North American date so far is in Canada, on August 14 at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. Tickets for the Toronto concert go on sale on April 13th.

People, Hell, and Angels.

Soundgarden will release vinyl demos from “King Animal” on Record Store Day this year.

Metal Church is recording a new album.

Not wanting to be out-metaled by Metal Church, Judas Priest is also back in the studio.

Axl Rose’s microphone broke a fans teef. Now he’s getting sued. Not the microphone, Axl Rose.

The Mars Volta might have lied when they said they were never, ever getting back together.

Fuck yes! New Clutch.

Speaking of fuck yes, Thurston Moore’s band, Chelsea Light Moving, might have made one of my favorite records of 2013.

Speaking of Thurston Moore, here’s a photo of Thurston Moore smiling, and Nick Cave not looking morose while record shopping at Waterloo Records this week at SXSW in Austin.

Jack White is the Record Store Day 2013 ambassador.

Here’s another new Ghostface Killah track. And it’s fucking Delphonically awesome.

Download this sweet Boston metal comp from Born of Fire records NOW!

Speaking of Boston, RIP to a loved music/culture mag from my youth, the Boston Phoenix. The same so-long goes out to 30 year Boston radio station alterna-vet, WFNX.

Aerosmith Nesting Dolls – The Good, The Bad, And The WTF

Aerosmith nesting dolls by Indie Stuff. $89.

It’s a slow news day here. Which leads me to search the Internets for things that might exist in places other than my mind. Although it’s a terrible photo, the Aerosmith nesting dolls by Indie Stuff (above), are pretty sweet. Running a close second on the Indie Stuff site, are these amazing Doors nesting dolls.

Aerosmith nesting dolls.$55. Via eBay.

I can’t be the only one that thinks it’s hilarious that Joe Perry got painted on the smallest nesting doll, can I?

Aerosmith (?) nesting dolls. Via the Aurora History Boutique.

And now for the WTF! Believe it or not, the only doll image I recognize in this strange grouping is Joey Kramer. I think.

In other very metal news, tune in today at 6:00 p.m. ET for MAG-lite episode #149! MAG-lite it a bit-sized dose of the Movies About Girls podcast, with all the laffs and antics you’ve come to expect from your favorite band of teenage losers. Tonight’s episode also includes another round of “That’s Not A Real Band Name, Is It?“, curated by yours truly. Play along with us live tonight!

Jimi Hendrix Voted Rocker “Most Wanted To Rise From The Grave”

27 Club member, Jimi Hendrix. Voted “Most Wanted To Rise From The Grave” by London zine, Planet Rock.

London based digital radio station, Planet Rock has just published The Resurrection Selection, a list of the top 20 deceased rockers their readers would most like see rise from the dead. 27 Club member Jimi Hendrix tops the list which also includes Freddie Mercury, (#2), Ronnie James Dio (#3), Bon Scott, (#6), and Kurt Cobain (#11). Shockingly, Clash front man, Joe Strummer, didn’t make it. Owch. You can see the whole list at Planet Rock.

Here’s who made the top 10:

1.     Jimi Hendrix
2.     Freddie Mercury
3.     Ronnie James Dio
4.     Phil Lynott
5.     Gary Moore
6.     Bon Scott
7.     Rory Gallagher
8.     John Bonham
9.     Jim Morrison
10.  Keith Moon

Via: Classic Rock Magazine.

Join Me On The Movies About Girls Podcast Tonight @ 6:00 ET!

Black Snake Moan. A girl in trouble is a temporary thing. Or not…

Rain got you down? Join me on the Movies About Girls podcast tonight for episode #137 (!)  at 6:00 p.m. ET. The international cast of MAG will be discussing Samuel L. Jackson’s other snake flick, Black Snake Moan, plus we’ll run down the best and worst DVD releases of the last month. Drunk Amish antics? Check! Fake penis flashers? We got you covered. Bonus? Tune in to play along with the fourth installment of ‘That’s Not A Real Band Name, Is It?’ curated by yours truly, as well as the first-class laffs you’ve come to expect from your favorite teenage losers. Dig it…

Movies About Girls Podcast Episode #129! Pre-Xmas Non-Spectacular…!

1967 vamp-classic, Valley of the Dolls.

Hey there teenage losers, it’s your lucky day! The Movies About Girls gang is back with episode #129 tonight, or what is frequently referred to as our pre-Christmas Non-Spectacular! Join the international cast of MAG at 6:00 pm ET and get our take on the 1967 camp-classic, Valley of the Dolls. But that’s not all! You’ll also get our recommendations for the best and worst DVD & Blu ray releases of the week, and weird news that will leave you wondering what the f*ck is in the water in Florida.

It’s time to pause, reflect, and gets some laffs in before it’s all over. Don’t miss it!

Rock Radio Revolution! The WBCN Kickstarter Campaign Needs You…!

An American Revolution. A film about the early days of Boston rock radio station, WBCN by Bill Licntenstein. Vintage 70’s WBCN t-shirt from Cherrybomb’s private collection.

For myself, and countless other east coasters, Boston rock radio station WBCN, holds a special place in our collective hearts. As I’ve said before on this blog, I had the privilege of working alongside with some of the most talented people in broadcasting at WBCN, during a time when radio still mattered.

WBCN was important for many reasons. They were the first station to play the Beatles album, Get Back. They broke bands like Aerosmith and J. Geils (Geils’ legendary fron tman, Peter Wolf was one of the original ‘BCN air back in the late 60’s). The station was groundbreaking in pretty much every way for over 40 years, and cultivated a massive, and deeply personal relationship with their fans that still exists today. And now, a film that will feature an extraordinary look back at WBCN, An American Revolution, will finally see the light of day. But only with your help.

So sure, I know times are tight. But before you go and blow your hard-earned cash on the next Hollywood blockbuster suckfest, please consider donating $10 to WBCN’s Kickstarter Campaign. Donations can be made through December 19th, here.

Bonus? If you can give at the $104 level, you’ll get an invite to an upcoming All Star review with Steven Tyler and Brad Whitford of Aerosmith, J. Geils Band, Huey Lewis, Edgar Winter, Jim Belushi, and James Cotton, and old-school Boston band, the Fools.


Movies About Girls Episode #128! Blue Velvet, Antics, And Assault With A Deadly Ham…

Hopper Gets Unhinged! David Lynch’s, Blue Velvet. 1986.

The girl watchers and dolls of Movies About Girls come roaring back from our holiday break with episode #128! Tonight the cast of MAG gets unhinged as we take on 1986’s good/weird/bad nudity (yes there is such a thing) WTF freak-out, Blue Velvet. Plus, we wrap up the best/worst DVD and Blu ray releases of the week, all while we continue to be the #1 source for all the weird news out of Florida. Or anywhere else someone might be assaulting their mother with a ham. It all kicks off LIVE tonight at 6:00 pm ET. Pabst Blue Ribbon! Here’s to your FUCK! Dig it…


New Un-Mastered Brad Single “Pickup Truck” Makes Radio Debut – Stream Available…

Brad. Rules. Long live RADIO!

Today, The Morning Show on KEXP with John Richards, premiered a new track from Brad called ‘Pickup Truck’. The unplanned debut was excellent ear-candy and Brad’s latest record United We Stand, is scheduled for an April, 2012 release via Razor Tie Records.

If you missed it, I highly recommend that you stream the song here, once the archive is available. Viva the power of radio!

Programming Note: Thanks for sticking around while I was fucking around taking some time off! We’ll be roaring back to regularly scheduled posts tomorrow, so stay tuned. Word.

Movies About Girls Episode #127! Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry, And Outlaw Antics Galore…!

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry. 1974.

You don’t want to miss this week’s live MAG-CAST as the gang takes on a car-smashing drive-in classic starring MAG’s favorite dentally-challenged Brit B-goddess, Susan George! Plus, our relentless search for the worst song ever, Hits From Hell is back with ear-wrecking submissions from yours truly! Want more? The cast of MAG will even hip you the best DVD and Blu-rays releases this week, and warn you about the ones you should just leave on the shelf.

So tune in tonight live at 6:00 pm ET for another action-packed romp with your favorite radio outlaws, the dirty dudes, and the crazy grrrls of Movies About Girls! Dig it…

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