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Liu Bolin. The Almost Invisible Man…

Liu Bolin, The Almost Invisible Man. Thanks!: NPD.

Shandong artist Liu Bolin paints himself to correspond into various backgrounds. The end result are completely mind-boggling. The 35 year old artist say his photos (which can take up to 10 hours to produce) are his way of protesting against the government for their routine suppression of Chinese artists. Bolin’s own studio was shut down by the government in 2005.

Huge photo gallery of Bolin’s Camouflage series here.

George Hutchins of North Carolina Might Not Like Rhinos…?

GeorgeHutchinsIs Scary
George Hutchins for Congress, 2010. Good luck with that District 4, North Carolina.

North Carolina Congressional candidate George Hutchins and his“Kill ’em All” attitude is almost as scary as his website. Here’s a sample of some of the sludge  littering up Hutchins’ brains that accidentally leaked out of his ear and spilled onto his home page. I included the typos as they help illuminate Hutchins’ extreme nutbaggery:

Supports FOX News
End Gay Marriage
Rhinos attempted to silent my Honorable Effort.
Elizabeth Dole
Diversity should be voluntary.
Jessie Helms greatest North Carolina leader.
Ronald Reagan
To stop Obama-Nation Socalists we must first go to the root of the poison tree which created all them.

Crispin Glover! Will someone please give this guy a hug? Actually, maybe getting that close to George might not be the best idea now. Rhino’s are really dangerous animals.

Fear Hope and Love: The Art of Mark Henson…

Sharing the Wealth, oil on canvas by Mark Henson.

It’s hard to believe that Fear Hope and Love is California artist Mark Henson’s first solo-show. The thought provoking show runs through December 23rd at the Meta Gallery in Toronto.

Daily Earwig: Laura Palmer’s Prom – You Say Party! We Say Die…

Laura Palmer’s Prom, You Say Party, We Say DIE!. From the bands third release, 2009’s, XXXX.

Because every heart needs a lap dance. Especially (D) Rep Alan Grayson of Florida.

Laura Palmer’s Prom plays tonight, October 23rd, in Charlottetown, Prince Edward More on the band from BC, here.

That Explains A LOT!: Men Experience Drop in Testosterone After Voting for McCain…

Joe and Billie Perry attempt to debunk the McCain Syndrome…

No wonder Joe Perry’s been so cranky, it’s all John McCain’s fault!

More on the study here.

Will The Gentelman from Georgia Please Answer The Fucking Question? Rep Grayson FTW…

Representative Alan Grayson gives Representative Paul Broun a pop quiz!

A few weeks ago via this blog, I asked Representative Grayson to please take President Obama out for a beer. After watching this five minute video of Grayson questioning RIGHT WING PSYCHO! Representative (R) Paul Broun/right-wing psycho, repeatedly on the contents of The Constitution, I want to take Rep Grayson out for shots and lap dances.

What’s particularly disturbing about this video is that Graysons’s questions were specific to the contents of The Constitution. Something you hope your Congressman knows a thing or two about. Grayson’s unwavering deconstruction of Broun is one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in a long time. And I wish that wasn’t a True story.

Yet Another Reason To Tell Tim Eyman To Suck It…

Tim Eyman, Captain Dicktard. For everyone who supports the approval of R-71.

Ruling against Washington States Public Record Act, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy on Monday temporarily blocked Washington State officials from releasing the names of people seeking to overturn R-71, a referendum that would expand the current domestic partnership laws in Washington State. And Tim Eyman couldn’t be happier.

Initially, Eyman was working to keep the names of people who signed 11 different petitions, including several of his own.  Yesterday, Eyman’s attorney submitted a request to include two individuals opposed to R-71 who had signed R-71 petitions and don’t want their names released. Eyman and others (especially those behind the Anti-R-71 lines) believe that disclosing the names of the 138,000 people who oppose the approval of R-71 would leave them open to harassment. Or having an uncomfortable conversation with their gay neighbors as to why they hate them so much. True story.

Approve R-71!

Stay Classy Target: Illegal Alien Costume, FAIL…!

BuyCostumes tag line for the Illegal Alien costume: He just didn’t cross the border to get here, he crossed the galaxy! Holy Homeland Security!

To be fair to the Republican loving chain Target, the equally right-swinging Walgreens was also distributing this “Illegal Alien” costume. Late last last week, under mounting pressure from Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, both chains pulled the costume from their shelves.

As of this writing the costume, made by a company called BuySeasons, Inc., is still listed for sale on BuySeason’s retail site, BuyCostumes.

Thanks to Surly for the link.

FAIL!: Family Policy Institute of Washington Donates $200K to Defeat R-71…

Finally, a Miss America I can get behind.

An offshoot of hate group Focus on the Family called the Family Policy Institute of Washington recently donated $200,000 to help defeat Referendum, R-71. Family Policy Institute Board of Directors includes Pastor Joe Fuiten, leader of uber-conservative group the Positive Christian Agenda and Republican Representative Matt Shea. Before moving into politics, Shea was the head of Washington Family Foundation which is now known as the surprise! Family Policy Institute.

Washington State Voter Guides and Absentee Ballots are starting to arrive now. If you only do one thing on November 4th, make sure you vote to Approve R-71.

I’m Scared of Google Searches…

Google Search: FAILFAILFAIL!

Source: Huff Po.

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