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AM 950, The Voice of Minnesota FTW…

Billboard for AM 950, The Voice of Minnesota. The first one went up in Florida last year and this one now graces I-35 in Chicago County. For Wonder Woman.

This is the second billboard sized jab at GWB by Minneapolis radio station AM 950, The Voice of Minnesota.

Rep. Alan Grayson Files Legislation That Would Impose 500% Tax On Political Donations By Corporations…

Alan Grayson has guts!

In response to last weeks Supreme Court ruling that stripped restrictions on campaign contributions from corporations, Florida Representative Alan Grayson filed a Reform Package called “Save Our Democracy”. The package contains six pieces of legislation including H.R. 4431 or, “The Business Should Mind It’s Own Business Act”. H.R. 4431 would assess a 500% excise tax on corporate political donations. Here’s more from Grayson on this the latest and quite unbelievable “is this really Democracy?” debacle:

If we do nothing then I think you can kiss your country goodbye. You won’t have any more senators from Kansas or Oregon, you’ll have senators from Cheekies and Exxon. Maybe we’ll have to wear corporate logos like Nascar drivers. The Supreme Court’s ruling opens the floodgates for the purchases and sale of the law.

You can read about more about the “Save Our Democracy” Reform Package here.

Just Say “NO” To Socialism: A Brief History…

Picture 2
Just say no.

We’ve come a long way baby?

E Is For Obama…

Smiling Obama Ecstasy.

After a routine traffic stop in Palmview ,Texas, a 22 years old suspect was arrested for felony possession of black tar heroin, cocaine, marijuana and Ecstasy bearing the image of President Barack Obama.


Body of CHRIST! Kennedy Banned From Catholic Communion…

In other words, Patrick Kennedy is doing it RIGHT!

Representative Patrick Kennedy, son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy has claimed that Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island instructed diocesan priests not to give him Communion. The Bishop admitted to writing Kennedy a letter two years ago, requesting that he stop receiving Communion due to his views on abortion.


Not Really News: Palin Supporters Stumped By Reporter Asking Them About Sarah Palin…

Palintologists at a Going Rogue book signing were unable to explain any of the ex-Governor’s political positions. What follows is 8:29 seconds full of toothless “uhhh’s” and  an epic number of “I don’t know” responses. Fucking priceless.

I know it’s not breaking news that people who show up for a Sarah Palin book signing aren’t actually rocket scientists, but the fact that they also don’t know JACK about her kind of is. True story.

The Misadventures of Blunder Woman…

Blunder Woman.

Mad Magazine’s 11th Annual “Stupidest 20 People of the Year” issue is out now. David Letterman’s arch enemy, Sarah Palin comes in at #18 as “Blunder Woman”. Other stupid people on Mad’s list include Glenn Beck, Kanye West, and Tricky Dick Cheney. Wondering who was #1? Click here to find out…

More from Mad, here.

Huff Po Headline Has Fun With Dick…

Huff Po headline has fun with Dick.

This intentionally hilarious headline from The Huffington Post actually delayed my “terror level elevated” reaction to the news that Dick Cheney might be considering a 2012 Presidential run. True story…

Big Catholic Bullshit…


Ed Orzechowski, big Catholic bully and president and CEO of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington has said that if Senate Bill 565 or the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Act of 2009 passes, that the Archdiocese will be forced to stop providing services to the city’s most needy residents.

The Archdiocese currently provides shelter every night for nearly one in three of the city’s homeless men, women and children in Maryland. Every year, Catholic Charities provides shelter, food, counseling, medical and legal assistance, and more to 68,000 people in the District of Columbia. Orzechowski also said that the Archdiocese would also be subject to criminal prosecution for refusing to provide it’s social services to same-sex couples.

If passed, SB 565 will redefine marriage in Maryland as “the legally recognized union of two people.”

More here.

AP Confirms Passage of R-71…!

Victory is sweet.

Today, nearly 72 hours after the polls officially closed in Washington State, AP has confirmed that the Domestic Partnership Initiative, R-71,  has been approved:

With about 72 percent of the expected vote counted Thursday in unofficial returns, Referendum 71 was leading 52 percent to 48 percent, with a margin of about 60,000 votes.

In other breaking news, fuck you Eastern Washington.

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