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Very Metal Friday Night Update: The Best $600 Ever Spent On Anything, Meano Throws Bottle At Buzzo, And Queen With A Side Of Quiche – Whole Foods Opens On-Site Record Store In WeHo

Testify! A compilation of the best Christian metal from the 80’s. I guess Stryper wasn’t church-y enough in 1988.

Goodbye week from hell, and hello Friday! There’s loads of metal related happenings to report, but before I get to that, if you missed Movies About Girls triumphant return to the live airwaves (episode #172), click here to see how it all went down. MAG has official gone meta as going forward, the show will broadcast live on Youtube. Upcoming show dates are August 31st (Hold Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me), September 7th (Get Christie Love), and our annual Back to School Special on September 21st.

Also, make sure you check me out over at horror movie loving blog, Destroy the Brain!

Now, onto all the metal stuff that happened this week…

Massive Box Set celebrates the history of Glam Rock. Classic Rock Magazine

Speaking of celebrating, watch this bride and groom shred down the isle during their wedding. Daily Motion

The apocalypse is nigh: Whole Foods in West Hollywood has a record store now. LA Weekly

Speaking of the apocalypse…Classic Rock Magazine

How to keep a band together for 30 years by the Melvins. Metal Sucks

Speaking of the Melvins, who throws a bottle at Buzzo? Stay classy, Vancouver. Blabbermouth

More heavy metal video awesomeness from Heaven’s Basement, Heartbreaking Son of a Bitch. Youtube

Speaking of things that are awesome, check out the new track from Kim Gordan’s new band, Body/Head, Actress. Pitchfork

The best $600 bucks Sub Pop ever spent; the label publishes it’s original contract with Nirvana. Dangerous Minds

Stoner doom at it’s stoney-ist; Richmond band Windhand and their new track Orchid. NPR

Whitey McConnaughty strikes again! AKA: The new video from Portland’s Lord Dying is fucking awesome. Gun Shy Assassin


High on Fire are getting in on the heavy metal beer game. Metal Injection

Very Metal Friday Night Update And Very Metal Programming Note

Surf Nicaragua, Sacred Reich. Oh, 1988, how I miss you.

Hey there my very metal friends! You might have noticed that not much is going on this week on the site, sorry about that. I’m headed back to Seattle in a couple of days, and things will once again return to normal (whatever that means), on Monday. Until then, make sure you’re filling your idle time with my Internet friends over at Movies About Girls, Destroy the Brain, Dangerous Minds, and all the other excellent time-killers listed on the right of this page.

Until I’m back, here’s a few heavy metal news nuggets for you to chew on. Including the track listing for the new Motörhead record, Aftershock.

See you soon!

Here’s the track listing for Aftershock!

Phil Anselmo ❤’s David Lee Roth.

Speaking of things to love, Cassette Store Day is now a thing.

And since I’m on a love bender, Beth Ditto got married.


Speaking of drummers, Bun E. Carlos is suing Cheap Trick.

Listen to the new Monster Magnet track, “The Duke (of Supernature)“. PS: The band will hit Neumo’s in Seattle on 11/22!

Aerosmith’s Tom Hamilton is proud of his obscene Beanie Baby line that was made in “some Chinese factory”.

Angus and Malcom Young (and brother George) are ranked #48  on Australia’s richest residents. Who says rock ‘n’ roll don’t pay?


Let’s go guitar shopping with Lita Ford.

Iggy Pop says “breasts are BIG in America“.

Introducing the only person on planet Earth that thinks Nirvana is still a band.

Very Metal Friday Night Update: New Phil Anselmo Streaming, Mudhoney’s Gig On Top Of The Space Needle, And The Most Metal Bikini’s Ever

It’s time for a Heavy Metal Beach Party! Here’s Assassin’s thrashy cover of the classic surf instrumental, “Pipeline”.

Week one of vacation for yours truly is done and some, but as I’ve still got two weeks to go, here’s what’s happening; first, I’ll be off to the Atomic Grape Studio in Boston Rock City tomorrow to hang with my pals at the Movies About Girls podcast and record episode # 170! Tomorrow’s episode also marks the return of MAG’s infamous segment, “Let’s Fuck Up The Podcast“. When it’s Internet ready, listen to it here.

Next, I’ll be continuing to blog while I’m away, but like last week, it’ll be slowish. As I’m busy getting drunk-ish, and cultivating my inner beach-bum.

So, without further delay, here’s all the metal stuff that happened last week, including today’s full stream of Phil Anselmo’s new record, “Walk Through Exits Only“, over at Metal Hammer. Until next time, stay gold Ponyboy…

Slayer, GHOST, and Mastodon all get in the bikini game.

Speaking of Slayer, this is what Slayer looks like now.

Fred Armisen + Queens of the Stone Age = Awesome

Speaking of awesome, listen to Beastie Boy Mike D’s psychadelic sountrack to the Kenzo fashion show.

In case you missed it, here’s Mudhoney performing a live set from the top of the Space Needle in Seattle. In other news, looks like I picked the wrong week to leave Seattle and quit amphetamines.

Speaking of Seattle, Jone’s Soda has created three different flavors of “Sub Pop” soda.

Since three’s always been my lucky number, let’s keep the Seattle inspired stories going with this bizarre 1993 promo for Nirvana’sIn Utero“, staring Bobcat Goldthwait.

And since I’m feeling a little homesick, here’s a new track from Pearl Jam upcoming 10th release, “Lightning Bolt“, Mind Your Manners.

Things you should be doing right now: streaming the entire new Phil Anselmo record, “Walk Through Exits Only“,over at Metal Hammer.

Speaking of Phil Anselmo, here’s the official video for his brutal new track, “Bedridden“.

Alice and Chains to play six UK gigs with Ghost.

Courtney Love talks British hippies, “30 Rock” (?), and tells a story about someone hanging themselves because of “bogus sponsorships” for “Nobody’s Daughter“. Courtey Love is back, and so is the crazy.

A remake of George Romero’s classic zombie flick, “Day of the Dead“, is coming.

Not Really News: Bizarre Memo Detaling Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’ Reissue Leaked?


According to website Collapse Board, the following memo regarding the upcoming 2013 20th anniversary reissue of Nirvana’s, In Utero, is making the rounds to all the major music media outlets. It’s a bizarre, rambling statement of how best to prepare “everyone” for the “major musical event of 2013”. Otherwise to be known as In Utero’s reissue. You might want to lie down to while reading this one…

This memo is being sent out to prepare everyone for the major musical event of 2013. I am speaking, of course, about the 20th anniversary reissue of In Utero by Nirvana. Our friends at Pitchfork will produce a news item around May letting people know that the reissue is coming. Details will be scant, but it will nevertheless grease the wheels and allow a suitable amount of excitement to build up before the actual reissue. When the reviews start to appear it is vital that they all hold to a similar pattern. To understand why this is the case we must look once more to The Beatles. The sheer amount of Beatles literature (and its continued market success) should tell us all one very important fact: people not only like to read the same story over and over again, they demand it. Our job is to retell the story, to reinforce the legends, to emphasise the inflexibility of the narrative. So, given these facts I’ve prepared some bulletin points that focus on what each review should highlight:

  1. Give some brief background details. This is called SETTING THE SCENE. The Nirvana/Kurt Cobain legend must reinforce again and again the idea of the reluctant star, the uncomfortable voice of a generation. I recommend the use of the term “thrust into the limelight”. It functions beautifully for our purposes. I can’t stress enough that if the tragedy of the story is to emerge it can only do so from the idea of the reluctant star. Nevermind made them famous. What would they do now? (If you must mention Incesticide, be sure to call it a “stopgap” release.)

  2. In Utero must be viewed as their attempt to regain punk credibility. Nirvana are on a major label, but you should present Cobain as a punk rocker at heart. Further tragedy can be wrung from the idea of the compromise that Nirvana made when they opted to sweeten two of the Steve Albini-produced tracks and make them more airplay friendly. (Please note: the original Albini-produced album will be available with the reissue. We have several bloggers working on reviews that seek to dismiss the original release and describe the original Albini mix as a ‘revelation’. This should bring the Nevermind haters on board).

  3. The reissue itself. The best way to get people to buy an album twice is to say it has been remastered. This usually amounts to making it louder, but this is where reviews can be crucial. The reviewer must create an unscratchable itch in the reader that makes them view the original release as an inferior product. Phrases like “went back to the original master tapes” and “working with the band” help, but it must be more than that. Use other phrases like “Cobain’s aching howl sounds even more revelatory” (be careful not to overuse revelation/revelatory), and indicate that the remastering job “breathes new life” into the album. Don’t insinuate that the mix has changed, more that it has been enhanced so that you hear everything with new ears.

  4. The bonus tracks. The original Albini mix will be a huge draw. Ultimately this will be the thing that convinces the doubters to part with their money. When dealing with the original Albini mix, explore the idea of compromise versus Cobain’s “original vision”, and don’t miss the opportunity to bring tragedy to the surface once again.

  5. Summing up. Two things are essential when summing up In Utero: It must be touted as the best Nirvana album. A phrase like “though Nevermind was their breakthrough, In Utero is undoubtedly their best” should work fine. You might want to say “may well be their best”. We’ve already sold them Nevermind by making it seem like a special moment in musical history, so let’s sell them In Utero by pointing out that it’s actually their best. This time, it’s all about the music. The second thing to emphasise is that In Utero must be seen as the last will and testament of a soul not long for this world. Stress how dark, disjointed, and angry the album is. Stress its compromised creation. Be sure to include a sentence along the lines of “just over six months after In Utero’s release Cobain would be dead by his own hand”. By all means, mention heroin and suicide attempts but make sure Cobain’s untimely death seems tragic yet inevitable.

So how is this latest Internet weirdness going to shake out? Only time and the ability to attribute this “leaked” memo to a legitimate source (insert NOT Courtney Love) will tell. In other news, I have no idea why anyone (insert even Courtney Love), would think this shit is legit.

Very Metal Monday News: Jim Morrison Predicts the Future, Motörhead, And Merry Magmus To All!

Ever wondered what the Movies About Girls gang looks like? Well now you know thanks to artist and forever MAG sideman, Jim Ether. Merry MAGMUS TO ALL!

In light of the horrific day that Friday was, I decided to take some time off and hang out with the number one eight-year old in my life. But now I’m back, and since I missed the Very Metal Friday Night Update, here’s some very metal news you can use for your Monday. Now carry on and stay strong…

Jim Morrison predicts the future of music in an interview from 1970. Trippy!

Check out my new favorite band, Heavens Basement, and their video for “Nothing Left to Lose“. Bonus? It’s pretty fucking metal. (Thanks to Zappa for the hip).

All I want for Christmas is a pair of F*cking Motörhead socks!

Alice in Chains new single “Hollow” will premiere here, tomorrow.

Want to listen to Iggy Pop and Ke$ha’s new song “Dirty Love” ? Yeah, me neither.

Here’s Sue Jorge’s version of Ziggy Stardust from The Life Aquatic soundtrack.

Ice-T and Bodycount are making a new record.

You’ve heard it live twice now, so here’s the studio version of “Cut Me Some Slack“.

“Kurt” By Sebastian Kruger

Kurt by Sebastian Kruger. I can almost smell the cigarette smoke.

Yet another stunning painting of rock royalty by very metal artist, Sebastian Kruger.

Kurt Cobain’s Handwritten List Of His 50 Favorite Records

Kurt Cobain’s top 50 band list. Handwritten by Cobain himself. Click here to see a larger image.

Best top 50 ever. Bonus? You can listen to the entire debut record from The Knack, here!

Via: Dangerous Minds.

Cherrybomb’s Picks For The “Black Friday” Edition Of Record Store Day 2012

The third annual “Black Friday” edition of Record Store Day is coming up on November 23rd! Here are my suggestions on what you should spend your very metal money on this year…

King Diamond, No Presents for Christmas 12″ picture disc.

They don’t call it “Black Friday” for nothing! This is a sweet repro of King Diamond’s first solo record from 1985. Who wouldn’t want this for Christmas? Did you hear that Santa?

Incesticide, 20th anniversary 45RPM, 180 gram gatefold sleeve edition.

This 45RPM edition of Incesticide, was remastered from the original analog master tape and recording sources by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios, Hollywood. According to RSD, it’s a hugely faithful redux of Incesticide. Only this pressing comes in a gatefold sleeve.

Joey Ramone, Ya Know? Special edition CD with bonus DVD and mini green 5″. For LP.

Yeah, I know I’m telling you to buy a CD on Record Store Day. But why you ask? Well, this deluxe CD package of Joey Ramone’s posthumous record, Ya Know?, includes a 40 minute DVD with never before seen footage of Joey, and interviews with the likes of Joe Strummer, Elvis Costello and Debbie Harry, all waxing candidly about everybody’s favorite Ramone. But the real bonus with this special RSD Black Friday release is a 5″ of “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)”, that comes on a playable green Christmas ornament. Something I’m totally going to fight someone for on Black Friday.

Joe Strummer, Live at Action Town Hall.

The performance from Strummer’s benefit concert from 2002, has never been physically released on one recording. It also captures the moment when all Clash fans collectively stopped breathing the moment that Mick Jones joined Strummer on stage with his band for the first time in nearly 20 years. Swoon.

You can see the entire RSD Black Friday list at Record Store Day’s website.

Smells Like A Feeling – Boston vs Nirvana Mashup

Smells Like A Feeling. A very metal Boston/Nirvana mashup.

Many thanks to Reddit for hipping me to this timely cross-country mashup of Boston (More Than A Feeling), and Nirvana (Smells Like Teen Spirit).

See you soon Seattle!

Rock & Roll Fantasy: All Hologram Coachella

If Coachella went 100% hologram.

Via: WOW Report.

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