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Damon Johnson’s Very Metal Show Poster for “Left For Dead”…

Left For Dead show poster by Damon Johnson. Johnson’s first solo-show with mobile Manhattan gallery, BENT. The show runs November 11th – November 19th. 

I know Halloween is over, but I couldn’t resist putting up this very metal illustration by Damon Johnson, publicizing his new solo show, Left For Dead.

More from the New York based artist, here.

Undead Love Never Dies. “Lovers from the Hereafter” By Jean-Marc Laroche…

Horny skeletons from French sculptor Jean-Marc Laroche collection “Lovers from the Hereafter”

Life-sized skeletons (made from varnished resin), are a part of a new installation up at the Museum of Sex in New York City from French sculptor, Jean-Marc Laroche. “Les Amants du Néant,” or “Lovers from the Hereafter,” runs through November 4th.

Via: Juxtapoz.

A Very Metal Moment With Megadeth…

Megadeth fan in a wheelchair gets hoisted up for Megadeth’s set at the Big Four Show at Yankee Stadium, September 15, 2011.

Via: Reddit.

Amazing Live Performances From Davila 666 On MTV Iggy…

Davila 666 perform live on MTV Iggy. Thanks to Tim for the hip.

MTV Iggy is a a very metal version of MTV that actually features, wait for it, VIDEOS! All “I Want My MTV!” jokes aside, when MTV Iggy isn’t busy asking the great King Khan what food he likes to rub on himself when he’s doing a gig, they are covering all things music, including capturing live performances by bands from around the world in their New York studio. The performances from honorary Seattleites, Davila 666 are so up close, you feel like you’re there. All that’s missing is the flying beer cans. Word.

More from MTV Iggy (also available on your actual television in certain areas), here.


Drugs Are Bad! Steven Tyler’s Mugshot From 1967…

Steven Tyler’s mugshot from 1967. Tyler was arrested in Yonkers, New York for possession of marijuana.

Even before I was born (yes, really), Steven Tyler was truly a “Bad Boy“. He just wasn’t a Bad Boy from Boston yet. Word.


Quote Of The Day…

Michael K of Dlisted. The only blogger that matters. Photo by Shanna Fisher for Ladygun.com.

Blogger Michael K of Dlisted on plastic surgery:

If you want to fuck with your face, fuck with your face. If you don’t want to fuck with your face, don’t fuck with your face. If you want to type the beautiful word fuck four times in two sentences, then type the beautiful word fuck four times in two sentences.

So are the words of our blog lord, Michael K. Afuckingmen.

Supporting Paracinema Magazine Will Make You Better Looking…

Paracinema “Bopper” t-shirt. $12! Free shipping in the U.S.

Supporting something worth believing in just got easier. Paracinema Magazine, an excellent independent film magazine for people who love genre flicks, has been around since 2007. As is the case with creative endeavours, my good friend Christine, edit-trix of Paracinema Magazine calls the magazine “a labor of love.”

If you love to support independent business, and you love t-shirts, why not throw down $12 for this awesome “For All You Boppers Out There“, available exclusively for Paracinema Magazine. Your purchase will help Paracinema grow, and that’s a win for all of us.

The shirt design (an old-school homage to The Warriors), was done by Ramsey “Raz” Sibaja of Raz City Studios.

More info on Paracinema via their official site.

Very Metal Temporary Knuckle Tattoos By Tattly…

Mix & Match temporary knuckle tattoos by Tattly. $20.

These sweet old-school knuckle tattoos are a part of the “Cool Kids Club” set of temporary tattoos by very metal Brooklyn art collective, Tattly.

See the entire set, as well as other temporary tattoo designs by Tattly, here.


Straight Outa’ Manhattan: Eazy-E Skirt By IdilVice…

Eazy-E skirt by IdilVice Fashion. $89.99.

Very metal Manhattan based fashion house, IdilVice makes all kinds of rock ‘n’ roll inspired garments, like the Eazy-E skirt (that completely blew my mind), above. Bonus? IdilVice also wheels and deals in vintage attire.

1980’s Rat Fink Hot Rod Mechanic Jumpsuit. $285.00.

Check out more very metal duds (like this Paul Stanley dress) from IdilVice via their official website.


Daily Earwig: The Entire New Joseph Arthur Record, The Graduation Ceremony…

Joseph Arthur. His latest record, The Graduation Ceremony, is out now.

Liz Phair’s excellent vocals also appear on Joseph Arthur’s sixth studio record, The Graduation Ceremony. Since it was impossible for me to pick only one of the 12 achingly beautiful tracks from Graduation for today’s Daily Earwig, here’s a link to Arthur’s MySpace page, where you can listen to the record, in its entirety, right now (inside Joseph Arthur pun intended).

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