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The Magical World Of 1970’s Vintage: “Rock Star” Belt Buckles By Pacifica


You know what wasn’t cool about the 70’s? Nothing, jack. Heavy metal, punk, glam, what a decade. But just because I was still a kid during the 70’s, doesn’t mean that I didn’t get in on the awesomeness of it all. I loved Kiss, lived for Iron-on’s, and was always sending away for some garbage I couldn’t live without by way of some magazine or a box of cereal.

Recently, I was doing some “research” for a column I write for Destroy the Brain, and got pulled through an Internet rabbit hole full of vintage “Rock Star” belt buckles made by Pacifica Manufacturing in Los Angeles. Three hours later, I’m still in awe of these things, and you will be too. It appears that Pacifica started making belt buckles sometime in mid-70’s, were partial to sparkly laminate, and kept cranking out their classic oval buckle designs through 1978.  To this day people are still making some pretty great fake-outs of Pacifica’s original designs.

This guy put together a pretty nice gallery of Pacifica’s amazing fashion relics – like their line of sport and historical event themed buckles, as well as his own massive personal collection.

What follow are images that blew my mind, one by one today. So strap on your belts, and set your Wayback machine for 1976 – it’s going to be a trippy ride…

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 3.41.42 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 3.43.10 PM












Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Premiere Live Version Of ‘Mermaids’ Shot In Los Angeles

Here's the official video from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and their show-stopping live performance of 'Mermaids' at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles earlier this year. The highly praised show featured the voices of a children's choir from the Silverlake Conservatory. Stunning.

Via: Rolling Stone.

Very Metal CraigsList Ad: “Real Rock Drummer For NON-Pussy Band”

Behold, a real mother fucker with balls of steel.

On the Movies About Girls podcast (be sure to check out the latest Mag-Lite Episode #143! Among our regularly schedlued antics, the gang plays another round of “That’s Not A Real Band Name, Is It?”, curated by yours truly!), we regularly discuss the dark side of CraigsList. Or the anals of the online classified ads bulletin board where anything goes.

Although I usually don’t blog on Sundays anymore (RIP My Sundays With Jesus), I came across what might be the mother of all CraigsList ad’s, a drummer from LA who will “shred your fucking face” with his “SHIT-STORMING DRUM GODLINESS!”,  if you respond to his ad and your band is full of “ninnies”.

I do NOT play to a click track or backing tracks and GO SCREW if you think I’m gonna “tone it down a little, bro” so you can piddle away on your stringed sissy box. I WILL NOT play hotel cafe and don’t take direction from ninnies who live in their fucking parents basement and whack off to dreams of hanging with Jack Johnson and rapping about his “process”, you piece of shit. I am a real mother fucker with balls of steel and have a drumset that loves to be ass fucked mercilessly from behind and I need to join a band who understands that stage-sex is part of the fucking game, dude. So when I’m fucking the shit outta the kit, you can’t be the guy in the corner beating your limp, taffy dick wishing that you could stick your dick in too, NO! You get that dick hard and fuck the stage with me, pussy boy. I’m so sick of stealing the show and would really love to meet some real sons of fucking bitches who aren’t afraid to use a sweat band for its intended purpose: wiping off fucking sweat, cum, groupies, pussy juice, blood, etc.

Do not write me for reasons of sass because I will FIND YOU and shred your fucking face with my SHIT-STORMING DRUM GODLINESS!

Death to all not METAL.

Via: Reddit.

‘Golden Gods: The History Of Heavy Metal’ Exhibit Opens In LA On April 11th

Golden Gods: The History of Heavy Metal. Exhibit runs from April 11 2012 to February 2013.

An exhibit curated by excellent metal magazine, Revolver, in conjunction with the Grammy Museum, ‘Golden Gods: The History of Heavy Metal‘, will open on April 11th at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

The exhibit features handwritten lyrics and sketches by Lemmy Kilmister, stage clothes worn by Black Sabbath, and props used by Slayer, Alice Cooper, and Iron Maiden, as well as other very metal artifacts. Bonus: The exhibit also includes a “scream booth” designed to showcase heavy metal vocal techniques. Now that’s metal.

More via Revolver Magazine.

A Deeper Look At Femme Fatale Now Open At The Cella Gallery…

Chrystal Chan, Fated Innocent. Many thanks to Stephanie for the use of these stellar images.

Last month, I previewed an image from Femme Fatale, an all girl group show featuring 35 different artist interpretations of the mythical “Femme Fatale“.  Today, I’m happy to be able to run a few more images (NSFW-ish) from the show, which runs through March 17th at the Cella Gallery in LA. Highly recommend.

Continue reading

GTFO: Femme Fatale Show At The Cella Gallery In LA…

Gail Potocki, ‘Encouragement for the Heart Growing Fonder’ (detail), oil on linen.

A new group show opening on Saturday, February 25th at Cella Gallery in LA will feature the work of 35 artists like Gail Potocki (who’s very metal femme fatale you see above), and an artist I’ve featured formerly on this blog, the equally metal, Casey Weldon. Each artist has created their own interpretations of the mysterious, “Femme Fatale”, for the girl empowered show.

Femme Fatal runs through March 17th. More info, here.

The Very Metal Artwork Of Sterling Bartlett…

Metal Bears. From the series, Blood is the New Black by Sterling Bartlett.

I have to tip my hat to the always excellent Juxtapoz Magazine for shining a bright black light on the artwork of LA artist, Sterling Bartlett. Bonus? Many of Bartlett’s very metals designs also come in t-shirt form. The official dress-code requirement for all metalheads.

Illustration for Globe Footwear by Sterling Bartlett.

Keep It Classy by Sterling Bartlett.

More via Bartlett’s website.

Never Say Die! Original Black Sabbath Lineup Announce New Record And Massive 2012 Tour…

Black is BACK!

It’s official! Black Sabbath has just announced that all four original members of Black Sabbath will record their first record since 1978’s, ‘Never Say Die’, and launch a massive tour to support the album in 2012. Henry Rollins hosted the press conference held today at the Whiskey A Go Go, the same spot that Sabbath played their first US gig 41 years ago.

Earlier this week, Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi told Billboard that the quartet got together during the summer at Ozzy’s home in California to play some music.Iommi said “It was good, but it was just purely, ‘Let’s have a go and see what happens.’ ”

When Punks Cry: Iggy Pop Breaks His Foot, Postpones Stooges Tour…

Iggy DOWN!

Iggy Pop won’t let a little thing like a broken foot slow him down! Well, maybe it will.  The punk icon was forced to postpone a four-date Stooges tour set to kick off in LA tomorrow, after breaking two bones in his left foot while performing at the Peninsula festival in Romania. The injury will take the great and powerful Iggy out for six to eight weeks.

In better very metal Iggy news, Pop told Rolling Stone that he and Stooges guitarist James Williamson wrote 10 new tracks at his home base in Miami earlier in the year. No word yet if the tracks will ever be released or if they will become the soundtrack to what Iggy called “an intelligent video game.” Either way, I’m in.

Very Metal Run DMC By Motohiro Nezu…

Run DMC by Motohiro Nezu.

More very metal artwork from LA based artist, Motohiro Nezu, via his Flickr page.

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