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The Very Metal Art of Sam Taylor Staring Danzig Lobster


See more from the busier-than-fuck  London based illustrator, Sam Taylor, here.


Via: Noisey.

Krent Able’s Very Metal Big Book Of Mischief

Krent Able, The Big Book of Mischief.

I get a lot of great feedback when I cover books on the blog. And this very metal recommendation is going to send you running to your local indie bookstore. London based artist Krent Able has just published his Big Book of Mischief. This collection of gonzo comics features the likes of Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, as well as numerous nods to other notable characters, including Able’s inky muse and Nick Cave. Or as Able likes to call his comic version of Nick, “Dr. Cave“.

My discovery of Krent Able today led me to a full-on Internet search in order to learn more about the artist who reminds me of a darker Daniel Clowes. Able has been a published illustrator since he was 15,  is a regular on UK mag and blog The Stool Pigeon, and gets help coloring in the panels of his comics from his eight year old daughter. Able says that his art isn’t something “a 7 or 8 year old really gets”, but that doesn’t mean she gets to see everything we get to see. It’s a win/win situation for everyone involved.

Stool Pigeon recently ran a great interview with Able just before Halloween. It’s a revealing read on an artist I’m dying to get better acquainted with. And yeah, my copy of the Big Book of Mischief is already on it’s way to Seattle. Word.

Via: Dangerous Minds.

Alice Cooper – Still The King Of Halloween

Alice Cooper shows us all how it’s really done in London at Wembly Arena on Monday, October 29th.

Via: Wow.

The Very Metal LizCilstration Of Liz Clements

Best in Show tattooed love girl by Liz Clements.

For more on London based illustrator, Liz Clements, check out her Tumblr or her very metal LizCillustrations in her Etsy shop.

SOZ by Liz Clements. $40.28.

Via: Juxtapoz.


Very Metal Monday: Cherry Red Records To Release Suzi Quatro Back Catalog

Suzi Q. 

I’ve just been hipped, direct from a very metal representative at Cherry Red Records in London, that the label plans to re-release five albums from Suzi Quatro’s back catalog. Look for ‘Rock Hard,’ ‘Unreleased Emotion,’ ‘Aggro-Phobia’, ‘ Your Mama Won’t Like Me!’, and Quatro’s 2011 record, ‘In The Spotlight‘, sometime in May.

Via: Cherry Red Records.


Jimi Hendrix Voted Rocker “Most Wanted To Rise From The Grave”

27 Club member, Jimi Hendrix. Voted “Most Wanted To Rise From The Grave” by London zine, Planet Rock.

London based digital radio station, Planet Rock has just published The Resurrection Selection, a list of the top 20 deceased rockers their readers would most like see rise from the dead. 27 Club member Jimi Hendrix tops the list which also includes Freddie Mercury, (#2), Ronnie James Dio (#3), Bon Scott, (#6), and Kurt Cobain (#11). Shockingly, Clash front man, Joe Strummer, didn’t make it. Owch. You can see the whole list at Planet Rock.

Here’s who made the top 10:

1.     Jimi Hendrix
2.     Freddie Mercury
3.     Ronnie James Dio
4.     Phil Lynott
5.     Gary Moore
6.     Bon Scott
7.     Rory Gallagher
8.     John Bonham
9.     Jim Morrison
10.  Keith Moon

Via: Classic Rock Magazine.

London Drag Queens React to Napalm Death’s New Single “Analysis Paralysis”

London drag queens give their thoughts on the new Napalm Death single, “Analysis Paralysis”.

A crew from Vice Magazine’s new music channel Noisey, paid a visit to the glamorous ladies at the “Tranny Shack” at Madame JoJo’s in London, to get their thoughts on the new single from Napalm Death, “Analysis Paralysis“. The resulting queen-sized analysis is priceless.

Via: Blabbermouth.

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Very Metal Monday: Rock Girl Photo Exhibit She-Bop-A-Lula At The Strand In London…

I love Chrissie! Photo credit Ebet Roberts. One of the 60 images of women who rock on display now at She-Bop-A-Lula in London.

Over 60 images spanning six decades, many that have never seen the light of day, are currently part of a group photo show She-Bop-A-Lula at The Strand Gallery in London.

All of the photos are for sale with 100% of profits going to Breakthrough Breast Cancer Charity of the UK. A cause that is very close to my heart. The show runs through April 1st. Bonus? Admission is free.

More info via She-Bop-A-Lula’s official site.

Slayer To Play “Reign In Blood” At 2012’s All Tomorrows Parties In London…

Slayer, Reign In Blood. 1986.

Slayer has confirmed that the band will play it’s classic 1986 record, “Reign In Blood”, in its entierety, at the 2012 All Tomorrows Parties, Second UK “I’ll Be Your Mirror” event, which will  take place n the weekend of May 25-27, 2012 at Alexandra Palace, London, England.

Joining SLAYER on Friday, May 25 will be iconic stoner-doom metal band SLEEP, and legendary Washington sludge group MELVINS.

The very metal week-end-long show will also feature ATP festival curators MOGWAI, as they return to headline the Saturday, May 26th show, and will curate the rest of the day’s lineup. MOGWAI’s  first choice to play alongside them that day? Seattle’s own m@therf*cking MUDHONEY.

On Sunday, GUIDED BY VOICES, will play its first U.K. show since reuniting last year.

More info on all the events at ATP 2012 via their official site.

YO GABBA ABBA! Gimmie Shock Treatment by Gabba…

Gimme Shock Treatment by Gabba. The video won the 2003 “Special Independent Film Award” at London’s Portebello Film Festival. For LP. 

Gabba is a London based, disco fusion of Abba and The Ramones. The video/short film for Gimmie Shock Treatment is a punk-rock, Frankenstein inspired mind-trip. Much like the band itself. Hey-Ho, DISCO!

Ramones/Abba disco-hybrid, Gabba.

More from Gabba via their official site.

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