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Punk Icon That Dislikes Shirts To Design Clothing Line For Company That Makes Booze


Proving my headline to be 100% accurate, here’s a photo of Iggy Pop teasing us about the debut of his collaborative clothing line with Sailor Jerry, due out in October. The line will feature three items, and I’m betting that at least one of them will be something Iggy ain’t got no time for, some sort of shirt.

Last year, former Clash bassist, Paul Simonon’s Flash Line with Sailor Jerry featured hand-drawn art by Simonon and looked like this:

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.10.12 AM

Simonon’s sweet leather jacket ran a cool $2300, so I’m sure that Iggy’s line will have at least one if-I-sell-my-kidney-it-will-be-mine kind of wearable. And if it’s a shirt, it’ll probably look like this:

Iggy-pop-mark-seliger-luomo-05-978x1304Iggy Pop for L’Uomo Vogue/2011. Photo by Mark Seliger, styled by Rushka Bergman.

When it comes to shirts, Iggy’s motto is either go big, or go without.

A Very Mellow Christmas Message From Iggy Pop

If this holiday greeting from Iggy Pop doesn’t put a smirk on your face, then I’m pretty sure you’re getting a bunch of coal in your stocking.

Merry Christmas, PUNKS!

You Guess – Iggy Pop Or An Exhibit From ‘Bodies’


I’m pretty sure I’m going to hell anyway so posting this  photo series comparing Iggy Pop to some of the exhibits from the Bodies isn’t really the one thing that got me into that hand-basket. And they are some kind of uncanny.



See more over (yes, there are more) over at WOW.

Iggy Pop Joins Fight In Michigan To End Wolf Hunting

Music The Stooges











Long time animal rights supporter Iggy Pop has joined forces with animal advocacy group, Keep Michigan Wolves Protected in the fight to end wolf hunting in the state. According to the organization, who has widespread support from hundreds of groups, say here are only 658 wolves left in Michigan, and that the hunt will allow for 43 of them to be killed.

Here’s an excerpt from Iggy’s letter to Michigan governor Rick Snyder (R):

I am asking all of my fans in Michigan to sign up and help gather signatures to reverse this decision and protect the wolf from future hunts. The senseless killing of these majestic animals for sport is a disappointment to the people of Michigan and a stain on its government. It is shameful the lengths the legislature and executive branch will go to hunt this iconic creature.

If you’re a resident of Michigan, you can sign a petition to get referendum PA-520 on the ballot that will help ensure that people in support of stopping this inhumane and environmentally devastating event, are heard.

Read Pop’s letter in full, here.

Via: Detroit Free Press

Iggy Pop To Play Stoned Caterpillar In ‘Once Upon A Time In Wonderland’ TV Series


Iggy Pop has replaced Roger Daltrey as the voice of a stoned caterpillar in upcoming ABC TV series, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. The grim looking show, a riff on Alice in Wonderland, has poor Alice shut up in a mental institution, because she keeps telling stories about talking rabbits, and hookah smoking, caterpillars that occasionally break into a chorus from Search and Destroy (I wish!). So make sure you clean out your best bong, as the show is set to premiere on October 10th. It’s a slow news day folks…

Very Metal Friday Night Rewind: Never Before Seen Photos Of Iggy Pop, Get A Contat High From Windhand, And Dark Angel’s Don Doty Diss

Iggy doing his best Dio impression in the ocean at St. Barts in 1979. Check out the rest of the never before seen photos taken by one of Iggy’s ex-girlfriends during the late 70’s and early 80’s, here.

Hey there all you headbangers! It’s time once again for another VMFNR! But as usual, before I get to all the metal stuff that happened this week, I want to remind you that Movies About Girls episode #174 will broadcast live on our Youtube channel tomorrow at 3:00 PM ET. This week your favorite gang of teenage losers will take on the 1974 made for TV movie, Get Chrissy Love!.

Plus we’ll be playing yet another round of everyone’s favorite parlor game, That’s Not A Real Band Name Is It?, curated by yours truly. As always, we’ll have our Top 5 and Bottom 5 DVD and Blu-Ray picks, and more shenanigans than you can probably handle. Make sure you don’t miss a minute!

I’ve also got a bunch of new music reviews and a brand new Coffin Couture column for your enjoyment up over at Destroy the Brain. Dig it.

Now, here’s everything metal that happened last week!

Stream the new Windhand record, Soma. Contact high included! Pitchfork

And since you’re already high, why not stream the new Gorguts record, Colored Sand? Revolver

You need this: The Shred-O-Meter. Metal Sucks

Speaking of guitars, listen to Keith Richards’ isolated guitar solo from Sympathy for the Devil. Dangerous Minds

665. Slightly less evil kids clothes feature toddler safe-ish images of Lemmy, King Diamond, and Danzig. Slightly Less Evil

Speaking of evil, here’s the video for Miss Saturday Night from Paris metal band, Sticky Boys. Classic Rock Magazine

Since I’m still thinking about evil stuff, Dark Angel has reunited. Which was news to Dark Angel vocalist, Don Doty. The Gauntlet

Here’s the new Alice in Chains video for Voices. Loudwire

Check out the epic new animated video teaser from Norwegian black metal band, Kvelertak, and the track, Evig Vandrar. YouTube

Hilarious heavy metal look-alikes! Who knew James Hetfield looks so much like the Cowardly Lion? Noisecreep




Very Metal Friday Night Update: Iggy And Yoko, Schon ♥’s Perry, And Another Reason To Hate Hipsters


Welcome to another weekly installment of VMFNU! Today’s update is completely jammed packed with heavy metal happenings, weirdness (like the unlikely union of Iggy Pop and Yoko Ono), and sweet new jams to shake your hair to. In other good news, I’m happy to report that the good time that is the Movies About Girls podcast once again start broadcasting LIVE on August 17th via Google Hangouts. Tomorrow MAG’s summer movie celebration continues with Episode #171, and our exploration of 1978’s bikini bash flick, Zuma Beach. You can listen to the episode here later this weekend.

Speaking of bikini’s, head over to horror loving blog Destroy the Brain, and check out my latest Coffin Couture article, “Sepultura, Skeletons, and Satan: Heavy Metal Swimwear”. It’s full of eye-popping metal goddesses in bathing suits fit for the apocalypse.

Now, on to all the metal shit that went down this week…

Iggy Pop joins the Plastic Ono Band for a new one-sided 10-inch single, that features Pop singing Yoko Ono’s song “Waiting For The D Train“.

More breaking vintage 80’s video game news: Journey once had a stand-up arcade game that played “Don’t Stop Believin“.

What in the What-Ever-Happened-To-Baby-Jane Hell? Josh Homme on the cover of Metal Hammer Norway.

The new 4 song EP from Black Table, “Sentinal“, is full of screamo, thrashy goodness. Listen to it right now.

Speaking of things you should do right now, here’s a video of the Melvins covering the Butthole Surfers track “Graveyard” along with Gibby Hanes.

Neal Schon wants to reunite with Steve Perry. In other news, what the hell happened to Neal Schon’s old face?

New heavy metal video game, Eternal Descent features Joe Satriani, Andrew WK, and other metalheads.

LA band Black Prisim somehow went back in time to 1971, became Black Sabbath, and recorded their new 7″, “Satan’s Country“. You can download the title track for free over at Easy Rider Records Soundcloud page.

Speaking of Black Sabbath, Lita Ford says that Ozzy once nearly ruined Easter dinner for her family. And after reading that last sentence, I’m officially as confused as you are.

Holy Grail will swing back through Seattle in October with Orange Goblin and Lazerwulf.

My very metal pals, Boston band The Humanoids, are releasing a record called “Wild Times“on steel colored vinly. It doesn’t get much more metal that this kids.

File this one in the overstuffed drawer full of things they don’t teach you in school; a map of the United States that includes a photo of the most notable musician born in each state.

Ever wanted to hear Dave Mustaine talking about his “personal” relationship with God? Yeah, me either.

In other news you should know, God’s only begotten son was a Boston Bruins fan.

As if we needed another reason to hate hipsters; according to this article at Quartz, hipsters are buying records, but they don’t listen to them.

Keef makes Vanity Fair’s 2013 “Best Dressed List”.

Jack White might be a mean-o.

Cheap Thrills: Iggy Pop’s “Lust For Life” Going For $5 On Amazon

Iggy Pop, Here Comes Success.

Produced by David Bowie, Iggy Pop’s 1977 record (one of his best if you want my opinion) can be had in MP3 format via Amazon this month for only $5.00. Bonus?  The CD is also available  for only $4.99 and is an AutoRip. Geeky translation? The CD comes with a free MP3 of the record. But you have to click quickly as Lust for Life, as well as 100 other $5 albums selected by Amazon’s team of editors, will only be available through the end of this month.

Via: Geeks of Doom.

Very Metal Friday Night Update And Very Metal Programming Note

Surf Nicaragua, Sacred Reich. Oh, 1988, how I miss you.

Hey there my very metal friends! You might have noticed that not much is going on this week on the site, sorry about that. I’m headed back to Seattle in a couple of days, and things will once again return to normal (whatever that means), on Monday. Until then, make sure you’re filling your idle time with my Internet friends over at Movies About Girls, Destroy the Brain, Dangerous Minds, and all the other excellent time-killers listed on the right of this page.

Until I’m back, here’s a few heavy metal news nuggets for you to chew on. Including the track listing for the new Motörhead record, Aftershock.

See you soon!

Here’s the track listing for Aftershock!

Phil Anselmo ❤’s David Lee Roth.

Speaking of things to love, Cassette Store Day is now a thing.

And since I’m on a love bender, Beth Ditto got married.


Speaking of drummers, Bun E. Carlos is suing Cheap Trick.

Listen to the new Monster Magnet track, “The Duke (of Supernature)“. PS: The band will hit Neumo’s in Seattle on 11/22!

Aerosmith’s Tom Hamilton is proud of his obscene Beanie Baby line that was made in “some Chinese factory”.

Angus and Malcom Young (and brother George) are ranked #48  on Australia’s richest residents. Who says rock ‘n’ roll don’t pay?


Let’s go guitar shopping with Lita Ford.

Iggy Pop says “breasts are BIG in America“.

Introducing the only person on planet Earth that thinks Nirvana is still a band.

OBLIGATORY Patriotic Post And Programming Note: Iggy Pop – Wild America

What’s more American than a shirtless Iggy Pop dancing around with the flag? Nothing! Happy 4th m*therf*ckers!

And now for my annual “I’m leaving on a jet plane post”. It’s time once again for me to depart for my month long sabbatical to the east coast. So, posts will be slower than usual for a while here at CB.com. I will be blogging over at Curious Tracks as well as Destroy the Brain during July so look for me there. In my absence, do make sure to visit my very metal Internet friends over at Movies About Girls, Dangerous Minds, Dlisted, and all my other clickable pals hanging out over on the right of this page.

See you soon!


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