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For The Horror/Metal Nerd That Has Everything: The Zakk Wylde Halloween Costume


It’s official. Halloween Fever on the Internet will be in full effect for at least the next 22 days. And since heavy metal and Halloween go hand-in-hand, very metal guitarist Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society just released an official Zakk Wylde Halloween costume. Which is really just a beanie and a sweet Viking beard made of red yarn. It’s $65, and it’s so fucking awesome, even I want to rock it on 10/31 eve.

More info and ordering here.

Fake Halloween Head Tattoo FTW

Fake Halloween tattoo. 

Now this is a Halloween statement piece. I WANT CANDY!

“Daddy’s Getting Drunk Again” Pumpkin Carving

Beer Drinking pumpkin carving.

Clearly, this pumpkin likes to rock. Hi-res image here.

Iggy Pop Paper Halloween Mask

Iggy Pop paper mask by Funky Bunky UK. About $5 bucks.

Last year AUX made this sweet paper Nick Cave mask, and now UK company Funky Bunky has one-upped paper Nick with this sweet paper mask of Iggy Pop. Each mask is made from heavy card stock, and comes ready with eye holes and elasticized band. Funky Bunky has almost 250 paper masks of Britt celebrities I’ve mostly never heard of, as well as a bunch of Hollywood celebrities. Just think, for about $5 per mask, you too could be KAJAJAOOGOO!

Limahl of Kajagoogoo  paper mask. For Stacey.

Lastly, if you want to make sure your Halloween ends up in a drunken fist fight,  Funky Bunky also has Liam and Noel Gallagher masks.

Via: Funky Bunky UK.

Never Before Seen “Deleted Scene” From Halloween 1978

“Driving Lessons – Halloween 1978 Deleted Scene”. A NSFW horror short by Adam Green.

According to the horror-loving folks at Bloody Disgusting, every year Hatchet/Hatchet II director Adam Green creates a new horror short in honor of everyone’s favorite holiday, Halloween. This year, Green has outdone himself with “Driving Lessons – Halloween 1978 Deleted Scene“, staring fellow teen-killer Kane Hodder (aka Jason Voorhees) as Michael Myers.

If you’ve ever wondered how Michael Myer’s character figured out how to drive a car, after breaking out of the mental hospital he was locked up in since he was a child slasher, Green’s hilarious and horrifying (and NSFW) short will put your questioning mind to rest. Translation? It’s fucking awesome.

Via: Bloody Disgusting.

Let It Begin: Horrible Heavy Metal Halloween Masks

Heavy Metal Tattooed and Pierced Halloween costume. Mask and bodysuit sold separately. $3.99!

Well, it’s October again and that means Cherrybombed.com’s month-long devil horn salute to Halloween has begun! During the entire month of October, I’ll be posting at least one Halloween related entry a day, so make sure you check in so you don’t miss one horrifying thing!

Speaking of horrible, today I thought we could take a look at a few truly awful heavy metal inspired Halloween masks. My favorite mask mistake of 2012 has to be the Heavy Metal tattooed and Pierced Halloween mask above. And let’s face it, it’s not everyday you can look like one of the daily entries to one of my daily Internet destinations, Ugliest Tattoos.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Star Half Mask. About $60.

According to Horror-Shop.com, this Rock ‘n’ Roll Star Half Mask, claims to resemble Elvis Presley. “Mega Cool” sunglasses, included. In other news, Mega-Fail.

Slipknot “Clown” mask. About $70.

I know dressing up like a member of Slipknot for Halloween is kind of a no brainer. But I suppose to really pull it off, you should be 40+ type that really doesn’t have a good answer as to why you still dress up like a demonic clown for work (tip of my very metal hair to K for that one).

Got any horrible Halloween costumes to share? Hit me up and if they make the cut, I’ll run them during the month of October!

World’s Best Father On Halloween By Dave Engledow

Pumpkin Carving with the worlds best father, Dave Engledow.

I am totally obsessed with a recent series from DC based photographer, Dave Engledow called “World’s Best Father“. Engledow’s now two-year old daughter is the unwitting star of the series that depicts Engledow in various,  stunning stages of poor parenting.

Pizza Party by Dave Engledow.

And what a great way to kick off Cherrybombed.com’s month long celebration of Halloween, by posting Engledow’s “Pumpkin Carving” photograph. Some kids have all the luck when it comes to parents.

You can see the entire “World’s Best Father” series, here.

Via: Mr. Cherrybomb who may or may not have done the same thing once or twice with Mini-Me.


Hairy Stardust

Ziggy Stardust costume from the Party Superstore. Not yet for sale (BOO!).

Last year I stumbled on this Ziggy Stardust costume up for sale on eBay. So, in honor of the fact that Halloween is only a mere 43 days away, I was on the lookout for any other Ziggy inspired Halloween foolery. And my search didn’t disappoint as it turned up the very metal “Hairy Stardust“, above. Unlike our very manly model, I highly recommend a full body wax if you’re thinking about pulling this one off on October 31st.


Indcecent Valentine Proposal From Count Grishnackh…

Count Grishnackh’s indecent proposal.

Man, this guy ruins everything. In other news, no.

Crappy Suckentine’s Day!

Crappy Suckentine’s Day card by Atlanta based Fair Well Paperie via Etsy.

And don’t lament that you didn’t get a chance to send this thoughtful greeting out his year. There’s still time to stock up for the next Crappy Suckentine’s Day.

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