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You’re Gonna Die: Guns N’ Roses Doing “Welcome To The Jungle” At The 2014 Revolver Golden Gods Awards

I’ve been sick in bed all weekend. Which means I’ve been swilling NyQuil and watching way too much TV. Some of it good (Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo), and some of it bad. So bad, that it also gave me a case of the sads, which I really didn’t need. Which is exactly what happened when I tuned in to the 2014 Revolver Golden Gods Awards.

Bring on the hate mail, but this performance by Guns really didn’t need to happen. Axl doesn’t look or sound good. He looks uncomfortable – he’s completely over-dressed and looks like he’s ready to go into some mid-evil heavy metal battle. And his vocals on one of metals greatest anthems, “Welcome to the Jungle” are so bad at times, it actually heartbreaking. It’s like a very metal friend of mine (almost) always says whenever the opportunity arises to see a long-ago band live:

“I want to keep the good memories of my idols intact.”

It would be nearly impossible to find a headbanger that would disagree with the fact that Axl Rose is one of the greatest front men and vocalists of all time. A recent interactive chart put together by Concert Hotels comparing the vocal ranges of singers from the past and present, placed Rose at the top of the heap with the widest range, beating out Freddie Mercury, Steve Perry, and Jeff Buckley.

I was lucky enough to let this band melt my face off back in the day, and I’ll never forget it. That said, I can say with 100% certainty that I don’t need to see GNR trying to recapture that same energy and ferocity again, and failing, ever again.

Very Metal Friday Night Rewind: Death Metal Spaghetti, Mosh Potatoes, And Dr. Iommi Will See You Now


The Friday Night Very Metal Update is BACK! But since I’ve got other things cooking, I’ll be brief with some of CB.com’s latest programming notes. First, the long-postponed Movies About Girls podcast episode #178 will finally hit the live airwaves next week on Saturday, December 14th. Don’t miss it! Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, I posted a very handy, and very metal Christmas Wish List over at Destroy the Brain – Lemmy Nutcrackers anyone?

Now, on to all the metal happenings that have been happening this week…

No. Yes. WHO? Ultimate Classic Rock

Death Metal Spaghetti is a thing. Metal Sucks

Ever wanted to have a set of Eddie’s balls from Iron Maiden? Yeah, me too. Iron Maiden.com

My pal Ken McIntyre put together a sweet new very metal compilation for the new issue of Classic Rock Magazine called “Sons of Sabbath”. Classic Rock Magazine

Ice-T’s Bodycount set to release new record called Manslaughter in 2014. Metal Hammer

New Lemmy solo record record in the works! Metal Injection

Mosh Potatoes. A new heavy metal cookbook with recipes from Lemmy, Anthrax, and Guns N’ Roses. LA Weekly

Black Metal albums re-imagined as children’s books. Fear.net

Death Metal cover of We Three Kings from Hate Eternal’s J.J. Hrubovcak will blow your mind. Revolver

And now for a terrifying Santa version of the Gimp. Dangerous Minds

Some of the proceedes from the sale of Bad Religion’s new Christmas album will benefit SNAP – an organization that helps victims abused by priests. Bad Religion.com

Dr. Tony Iommi will see you now. Blabbermouth

Liar, liar, whiskers on fire? Loop Orbit

Very Metal Friday Night Rewind: Brian May Wants Keef To Play Freddie? Jam With Kurt Cobain’s Hologram, And John Carpenter’s Halloween Soundtrack Pressed On Vinyl For The First Time

Promo for WNUF’s Halloween Special, 1987. Preceded by a commercial for Heavy Metal cassette comp, “Feel the Steel”. It’s not real, but it is a real faux-found footage film just out on DVD/VHS that must be seen. More here.

Robert Plant says he’s unearthed new, previously unreleased Led Zeppelin music. Ultimate Classic Rock

Ever wanted to jam with a hologram of Kurt Cobain? Yeah, I’m not sure either. Like it or not, that’s what’s happening at the new Rock Hologram Museum of London. Gibson.com

Pearl Jam’s Lightning Bolt hit’s #1 on Billboard.

Ace Frehley and Peter Criss jam together for the first time in 13 years. Revolver

Brian May says he wants Keith Richards or Bob Dylan to play Freddy Mercury in the new Queen movie. Classic Rock Magazine

Mondo will be releasing the original soundtrack to Halloween on vinyl, on Halloween, for the first time ever. Some issues of the double Gatefold LP will also contain orange vinyl. Squeal! Dread Central

And now for your moment of Zen – Heavy Metal yoga is a thing. Metal Injection

So in other words, it’s never, ever, ever, going to happen. But it if happens, it happens. Metal Hammer UK

If you’re out of Methadone today, just watch this new video from Black Sabbath for Loner. Youtube

And if you’re not out of Methadone yet, you might want to take some now because Danzig and Doyle have recorded a new song that Danzig describes as “bizarre”, and “weird”. Bloody Disgusting

And you’re going to need all your drugs to get through this video of Oderus Urungus of Gwar reading Goodnight Moon. Metal Sucks

But I think this guy shared all your drugs with his tattoo artist. Because there is no other explanation for this Iron Maiden tattoo of Eddie. Ugliest Tattoos

Now is a good time to download two new tracks from Phil Anselmo and the Illegals new 10″. The PRP

Now that you’re primed and ready, listen to another new track from Phil Anselmo and the Illegals, Ugly Mug. Metal Insider

Very Metal Friday Night Rewind: New Red Fang, The Glorious Big Hair Of Kentucky, And Slayer Heads Back To The Studio


 It’s finally time for another VMFNR! But before I get to that, I’d like to remind you that episode #175 of the Movies About Girls podcast (that was almost murdered by Skype), is available for your streaming pleasure. We’ll be back on the live airwaves on October 4th for a very special TV Shows About Girls, featuring episode #21 from Season Two of Laverne And Shirley, Laverne and Shirley in the Haunted House. Then, our very special “Bonerween” episode will debut on October 19th. Mark your calendars, and get ready for ANTICS!

And since Halloween is quickly approaching, head over to horror movie loving blog, Destroy the Brain to check out all the action from Fantastic Fest this week.

Now, here’s all the metal stuff that happened this week…

Slayer is back in the studio. Blabbermouth

There is no hope for you if you don’t dig the new Red Fang. Metal Sucks

Metal Church is streaming two new killer tracks right now. Metal Injection

Dave Davies says that there’s a “50/50 chance” the Kinks might tour next year for their 50th anniversary. Classic Rock Magazine

Shit just got real; Tom Waits to perform with Les Claypool at the Bridge School Benefit in October. The PRP

Shit just got terrifying; Slipknot drummer releases “Clown Mask 001” just in time for Halloween. Loudwire

The glory days of big hair at the Kentucky Derby. Otherwise known as photos from every party I ever attended in high school. Slate

A sure sign of the apocalypse; KK Downing was sick of playing with Judas Priest. Ultimate Classic Rock

But does the new Umami Slash Burger come with a side of cigarettes and Jack? Metal Hammer UK

Hatebreed bassist falls out of a tree with chainsaw. One-upping Keith Richards falling out of a coconut tree? Worth every broken bone. Contact Music

The new STP + Chester Bennington = AWFUL. Rolling Stone

Listen To The New-ish Guns N’ Roses Track ‘Going Down’


Former Replacement Tommy Stinson takes over the lead vocals in this “new” GN’R track, Going Down, with some pretty impressive backing vocals by Axl Rose. No details on who else in the current version of Guns plays on the track, but according to the headbangers over at Metal Sucks, it’s legit. So listen to it before it gets yanked.

Update: It got yanked pretty quick, but here’s another temporary home…

Very Metal Friday Night Update: New NIN, BABY METAL, And ‘Super Duper’ Alice Cooper Doc Debuts At TIFF

Baby Metal. Reason #666 Japan is fucking awesome.

It’s been a busy week for heavy metal news! Read on and check out the new NIN track, “Came Back Haunted“, click to watch the new live video for “Swerve City“, from the Deftones, and see why Dave Mustaine is now, and always will be a giant douche. Friday night starts NOW!

New NIN.

Speaking of new very metal things, here’s the live video for “Swerve City”, the latest from the Deftones.

Preview clips from “Walk Through Exits Only“, the upcoming solo release from Phil Anselmo.

On Wednesday, June 5th, Dave Mustaine told LA Weekly that, “He doesn’t get angry at all”. On Thursday, June 6th, Dave Mustaine called a fan that booed him at a show in Manchester, England a “Faggot” and a “Cunt”, then had him thrown out of the show. The only thing Dave Mustaine is still good at, is making Dave Mustaine look like a complete asshat.

Have you ever wanted to smell like MTV? Yeah, me either. Unless it smells like Adam Curry’s hair circa 1989.

I can’t even remember all the lyrics to “I Remember You“.

“Secret” GN’R show in Brooklyn sells out in 40 seconds.

John Paul Jones is writing an opera.

Is that a promise?

26 reasons why I no longer go to music festivals.

‘Super Duper’ Alice Cooper doc will make it’s big screen debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

According to the Wall Street Journal, more people are learning to speak Nordic languages because they love heavy metal.

Speaking of Norwegian heavy metal, here’s a tutorial on how to paint a room, death metal style.


Speaking of Japan (see BABY METAL! above), a Suspiria-themed Italian restaurant is a real thing in Tokyo. Because being relentlessly hunted down by a coven of witches can really make you hungry.

The awesomely NSFW trailer for ‘100 Bloody Acres‘ made me laugh, and lose my lunch.

The Night Stalker is dead.

The Very Metal Art Of Kim Joon


“I admire more musicians than artist. Jimi Hendrix is my hero, my personal god”

Kim Joon

Korean artist, Kim Joon has completely blown me away with his mind-boggling digital print series, “Rockers“. Once Joon creates a 3 dimensional “object”, he grafts whatever kind of “skin” he wants. In the case of the Rockers series, it’s tattoo inspired images born from Joon’s first love, music.

More images from Rockers follows, as well as an insightful interview with Joon, here.



See the entire collection over at the excellent tattoo art and culture blog, Ink Butter.

Very Metal Slash Bust By Ron English


One of Cherrybombed.com’s favorite artists of all time, Ron English, has collaborated with Slash and Hong Kong based sculpture house, Garage Works to create a limited-edition bust of the former GN’R guitarist. For the inspiration, English brought the album cover art he did for Slash’s fist solo record, to life. Limited to a run of 100, the very metal busts will list for a cool $7,5000 once they are released.

Via: Ron English’s official website and store, Popaganda.

Very Metal Friday Night Update: Crüe Calls It Quits, Slash Becomes An Angry Bird, And MAG Takes On Pink Lady And Jeff

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 11.38.20 AM
Pink Lady and Jeff! Jeff Altman that is.

I’m excited to be curating part of the Movies About Girls podcast this weekend as the gang takes on the short-lived TV music-variety show, Pink Lady and Jeff. Every so often, a MAG cast member gets to highlight some of their favorite, girl-centric vintage TV memories. This week, it was my turn. And since it seems that I don’t actually like any of my MAGmates, I made them all watch the first episode of the ill-fated 1980 “musical” variety show. We’ll play some clips, and get the MAG cast’s opinion of what can only be described as a “disasterpiece” (thanks for that, Ken). But that’s all I’m going to say about that. As usual, we’ll also run down our Top 5 and Bottom 5 DVD picks, let you know all the places in Florida you should avoid, as well as all the laffs you can handle!

You can stream the show this weekend to hear it all go down. Don’t miss it!

Lastly, but not in the leastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. CHERRYBOMB! This blog wouldn’t exist without your love and support. And neither would I.

Now, on to all things metal that happened this week…

Slash is an Angry Bird now.

Speaking of angry birds, in an interview with Adelaide Daily, Axl says that he thinks Slash sabotaged him. Axl also said (for like the millionth time) that the old Guns N’ Roses lineup are never, ever, getting back together. “WE KNOW!”, said everyone except Steven Adler.

Oh my BLOB, I love YOB!

Speaking of things that I love, check out my review over at Purple Dog Records of Push the Sky Away, the new release from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

But when do we get to see footage of Vince Neil getting pulled over for his first “FWI (flying while intoxicated)”?

Speaking of Vince Neil getting drunk, Mötley Crüe says they are done. But not until they torture us with one last album. And a tour.

Led Zeppelin, Grandmaster Flash, and Gil Scott-Heron among possible nominees for the new “Music Walk of Fame” in Camden.

RIP, Alvin Lee.

Someone might have Stopped Believing.

Hungry? Here’s a picture of Glen Danzig and a delicious piece of cake.

Speaking of cake, is anyone Stoned and Starving like me? Yeah, I thought so.

Scott Weiland says STP “can’t fire him”. “BUT WE DID!”, said STP.

Speaking of crying, when does the video of Bret Michaels bawling after getting fired from Celebrity Apprentice come out?

Very Metal Friday Night Update: Joey Ramone’s Record Collection Up For Sale, The Melvins Love Sausages, And Metaldudes Love Cats

tankardbeers-c68426f4ae315cf170e6103f8afa8f422eb131cb-s6-c10The adorable boys from Tankard getting tanked.

Like so many of us, I’m sending good vibes along to my very metal east coast friends, that are in the unfortunate path of winter storm “Nemo”. I was a kid growing up in Boston during the Blizard of ’78. My father built us a snow ramp that ran from our back yard to the street. It was super fast, and so high that you could almost see in the second floor windows while whizzing over what used to be the chain-link fence, and finally over the cars buried in the streets in front of our house. It was an awesome time to be 8 years old. But not so awesome for pretty much everyone else.

So since you’re going to be inside for a few hundred days, cursing about how that stupid groundhog was wrong AGAIN, have fun clicking the links below, reading all about the most metal things that happened this week, according to yours truly. Snowmageddon AHOY!

Do you really, really, love someone, who really, really loves Joey Ramone? Well, Joey Ramone’s record collection, and other personal items like Ramone’s t-shirts, and one of his famous leather jackets, will be put up for auction on February 14th.

Stream the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds record, “Push Away the Sky”, RIGHT NOW.

Metaldudes Cat Book“. A book about metal dudes and their cats.

Guns n’ Roses will play the Governers Ball Music Festival in New York. In other news, reviews for the show will include the phrase “when G N’R finally took the stage 3 hours late…”

A Catholic school in New Jersey has published a list of heavy metal band names that cannot be said on their radio station. In other news, Anal Cunt, Rhino Clit, Scrotum Staplers, Deep Fried Abortion, Smother Teresa, Jesus Eater. There, I feel better already.

Ever wanted to see Marilyn Manson puke on stage? Yeah, me either.

Here’s a bunch of US Tour dates for Alice In Chains.

The new cover record from The Melvins will be called “Everybody Loves Sausages“.

One of my favorite bands from Seattle, Lesbian, have signed with Translation Lost Records. The bands latest record contains only one song, and it’s 44 minutes long. Which is reason #666 why I love Lesbian.

Wizard Video just found a bunch of VHS tapes they lost 33 years ago. Wizard will start selling duplications of the videos in the original VHS clamshell package, starting on February 12th.

Iggy and Ziggy 4-Eva! David Bowie and Iggy Pop’s time in Berlin to become a biopic called “Lust For Life“.

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