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Zombie Aunt Flo’ Panties…

Zombie “Aunt Flo” period panties by Harebrained. $12.00. For Holly Wouldn’t.

These “colorful” panties by Harebrained also come in alternatively bloody designs like, “Evil Beaver“, “Raggety Fran“, “Rainbo” (the blood puking unicorn).

More from Harebrained via their official site.


Jimi Hendrix Dress FTW…

Jimi Hendrix-inspired dress as seen on the red carpet for the in-competition screening of Gus Van Sant’s film “Last Days” at the 58th Cannes Film Festival May 13, 2005.


Straight Outa’ Manhattan: Eazy-E Skirt By IdilVice…

Eazy-E skirt by IdilVice Fashion. $89.99.

Very metal Manhattan based fashion house, IdilVice makes all kinds of rock ‘n’ roll inspired garments, like the Eazy-E skirt (that completely blew my mind), above. Bonus? IdilVice also wheels and deals in vintage attire.

1980’s Rat Fink Hot Rod Mechanic Jumpsuit. $285.00.

Check out more very metal duds (like this Paul Stanley dress) from IdilVice via their official website.


Very Metal Vodka Socks By Gumball Poodle…

Vodka socks by Gumball Poodle. $9.95.

Forget message t-shirts. Now, it’s all about telling people about your vices with your feet. Sweet sock purveyors, Gumball Poodle, created a line of message socks so you can tell the world how much you love Vodka (my personal favorite, above)Whiskey, Beer, or Weed, as well as other labels, like my second favorite thing next to hooch, Heavy Metal. Word.

Heavy Metal socks by Gumball Poodle. $9.95.

See the entire collection, here.

Iggy Does Dior…

Iggy Pop dons Dior for Animal Rights.

Fashion photographer, Mikael Jansson, took this photo of Iggy Pop in head to toe Dior. The intent of the now viral photo, is a bit of a mystery. But many animal rights activists feel that the photo is meant to convey the unnecessary use of animal products for the sake of what some consider “fashion”. Whatever the meaning, it’s an incredibly powerful image of the punk icon.

Summer of BRAIIINS? Zombie Chomper Bikini…

Iron Fist Zombie Chomper bikini. $47.95.

If you’re just not feeling the Zombikini, Iron Fist also makes a Bela Lugosi bikini. That is all.


“The Dude” Sweater From The Big Lebowski Heads To Auction Block…

The Dude and his sweet cardigan.

The costume designer for The Big Lebowski, Mary Zophres, says that there were four sweaters made for “The Dude”. The vintage sweater pictured on Jeff “The Dude” Bridges above, and three additional later-day copies. Bridges wore the sweater during the entire production, which will hopefully ensure that even it’s authentic smell (think, white russians, pot, ciggy’s, and Jeff Bridges), will be intact.

The auction, held May 14th-15th by Profiles in History, plans to open bidding for the sweater somewhere between $4,000 to $6,000.

In other very metal Dude news, the maker of The Dude sweater, historic Oregon wool mill, Pendleton, plans to reintroduce a “tribute version” of the sweater that will retails for $188 (or about 45 white russians) in September.

Faux Fashion: Nasty Rabbit Spirit Hoodie…

Nasty Rabbit Spirit Hoodie. $139.00.

Even though I’m not lining up to buy a Spirit Hoodie, even I can’t knock the fact that Spirit Hoods donates some of it’s profits to various nature conservatories, like Polar Bears International and Wolf Hollow.

Steven Tyler’s Bevery Hills Bellbottoms…

Steven Tyler leaving a Beverly Hills eatery last Friday.

Work it like a lady, dude!

Footwear For Zombies, By Zombies…

Keds Custom Blood Stained shoes. $70.

The world-wide obsession with zombies has officially been taken to the next level. I recently stumbled across an enormous collection of Keds, tricked out  zombie style . Most of the designs can be customized, right down to your preference of “Gore” color, and shoe-strings.

Keds Custom Zombie Red shoes. $75.00

If you look closely, you can see zombie boobs on these Zombie Red shoes. I’m not saying you should, I’m just saying there are zombie boobs on these shoes.

Keds Custom Blood Splatter shoes by Jon Autopsy. $80.

These Blood Splatter shoes designed by a person not really named Jon Autopsy, are obviously for the up-town dwelling, zombie stomper.

Keds Custom Zombie Girl Hi-Tops. $75.00. Designed by Jerry Lambert. For LP.

I must confess that I’m a kind of digging these Zombie Girl Hi-Tops. Needs more blood-splatter though.

Keds Custom BIO Hazard Apocalypse shoe. $60. For Stacey.

And finally, here’s the BIO Hazard Apocalypse shoe. It’s probably the wrong shoe to wear if you just killed someone. Or if you’re visiting your uncle with that heart condition. Or if you’re planning on going out in public.

Full collection, here.

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