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Yum or YIKES! 40 Proof “Adult” Chocolate Milk…

Adult Chocolate Milk. The 40% vodka spiked, chocolate milk. $23.99.

So far, Adult Chocolate Milk, is only available in stores in 15 states. For those of you who prefer a little lactose in your AM eye-opener, you can order Adult Chocolate Milk online in it’s full 1 liter size ($23.99) and, a handy little lunch-box sized 750ml bottle for $15.99.

Future flavors from the aptly named Adult Beverage Company include, Orange Cream, Limeade and Fruit Punch. The jury at Cherrybombed.com is still out on this kiddie drink gone bad (I haven’t had a boozy milk beverage after a really bad White Russian experience in 1983) but, I still think Adult Chocolate Milk could possibly please your taste buds. Why? Because Vodka is delicious of course!

Smell Like Billy Dee: Eau Lando Cologne…

Eau Lando Cologne. $39.99

Do you hate someone enough this year to gift them with a bottle of cologne named after Billy Dee Williams’ character in Star Wars, Lando Calrissian or, are you a suave pirate-turned-respectable businessman who knows he deserves the best the galaxy has to offer, especially when it comes to female companionship? Either way, nothing says “I hate you” and “Suave Pirate“, like a bottle of man-perfume sporting a little blue cape. 

And You Thought The SNUGGIE Was Bad: Meet The One Piece…

One Piece in pink and purple. About $160. Yes, really.

Have we all become so lazy that the thought of putting on both a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt just sounds like too much effort? Well, the people behind UK company One Piece and their boner-killing product the One Piece, are counting on it. According to the One Piece website, the One Piece is suitable for every type of activity from, chilling out after work to recovering from a hangover. I presume the hangover was caused by the realization that you are an adult walking around in a Onesie, but I’m not one to judge yes I am.

See Through T-Shirt: FAIL…!

American Apparel over-sized see-through t-shirt. $26.00.

Usually, when used together in a sentence, the words, “see-through” and “t-shirt” equal “good times”.  Thanks for ruining my day American Apparel.

Via: Reddit.

For WHY? The TV Hat…

TV Hat. $29.99.

When you absolutely, positively, need to look like a jerk.

More, here.

Thanks: BLORT!

Rainbow Bacon FTW…

Rainbow bacon. For AFJ.

To learn how to make your own Pride friendly bacon, click here.

Via: Bacon Today.

WTF Walter…?

Male model sulking down the catwalk for designer Walter Van Beirendonck “Read My Skin” show at Paris Fashion Week

Here’s a look at what no man in his right mind, not even the sparkly ones designer Walter Van Beirendonck (creator of the “Man Shirt” seen here on Cherrybombed.com) thinks the well dressed man will be wearing next summer. And while the words “skirts are in this year” might be terrifying enough for most men, it could be worse. There’s also the frightening potential that the “Smells Like Jesus Spirit” craze that dominated the Men’s 2011 Spring/Summer looks this past week in Paris could catch on.

Set Phasers to WTF? Shirtless Kirk – The Cologne…

Shirtless Kirk Cologne for Men. Pre-order now for July. $29.99.

More via Entertainment Earth.com.


Itchy Balls Dance, Japanese Style…

Delicare-M. Available only in Japan.

Via: WOW.

Marital Aid FAIL!: Doll Clothes for Your Cock…

Stroker (yes, really) the Cowboy by Dapper Dicks. Novelty clothing for the well dressed cock. $34.99. For Triple G.

Of course, if you’re not the hog-tying type, Dapper Dicks has other styles of clothing for your penis with equally amusing names. There’s Fireman Rick, Pirate Hardwood, Private Willy, Dr. Dick Longfellow and, Dapper Dick himself. It’s important to note that even though it’s hard to tell difference between a leather vest, pirate hat and a CONDOM, Dapper Dicks penis-wear will not prevent pregnancy or STD’s and should be removed before you have intercourse. Although I’m pretty sure that if you’re considering dressing up your penis, it’s only because your hand is looking to mix things up a little on Friday night.

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