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The Most Metal Hands In The World! Finger Tattoos Of Dio, Kurt Cobain, Hendrix And More By Rob McClurg

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 2.19.35 PM

I’ve never been a big fan of tattooing your hands, but if you’re gonna do it, I say go big or go the fuck home. Like this completely metal dude who had the images of the following rock stars tattooed above his knuckles by the equally metal RH McClurg, artist and owner of SikInk Studios in Las Vegas. From left to right: James Brown, Kurt Cobain, Jerry Garcia, Freddie Mercury, Ronnie James Dio, Leonard Peltier, Jimi Hendrix, & Joe Strummer. Personally, I would have gone with Lemmy over Jerry Garcia, but your fingers are your business. Well done tattooed dude, well done.

Reason #666 Why The 80’s Were Cool: There Was A Ronnie James Dio Video Game Called “Holy Diver”

The hardcore metalheads over at Metal Injection just posted about their recent discovery of a Ronnie James Dio video game called “Holy Diver”.  The text that follows comes from the game itself. Strap yourself in kids, because it’s a long strange trip…

It is the 666th year of the world of magic. The Black Slayer, Demon King of the Underground Dark Empire, has extended the world of darkness and weakened the power of King Crimson whose wisdom has guided the world of magic for generations.

The 16th Crimson Emperor Ronnie 4th entrusted his two infant sons, Randy and Zack, to his faithful servant Ozzy. The three escaped the forces from another dimension in the hope to bring light back into the world.

The next 17 years were difficult but Randy, Zack, and Ozzy devoted themselves to the cause of Holy Magic Justice. The Black Slayer had further extended his empire over the countryside and the interdimensional forces were even more powerful. Randy needed to find the Royal Coat Of Arms of the Crimson to battle the demons. He set out alone to carry out the will of his surrogate father Ozzy who had passed away. Thus begins the Legend Of The Holy Magic King’s Justice.

According to Hardcoregaming101, Holy Diver was the brainchild of Japanese company, Irem. The game never made it to America due to Nintendo’s strict “no religious references” policy.  And, as if a video game featuring Ronnie James Dio wasn’t metal enough already, the game also featured Slayer, King Crimson, Ozzy, Randy Rhodes. Very metal mind has been blown!


Limited Edition Dio “Holy Diver” ASG Guitar Coming This Summer


Only 30 of these Dio “Holy Diver” ASG (Artist Series Guitars) will be made. The mahogany axe features the album cover art to Dio’s classic 1983 debut record. Although there’s nothing out there that says how much these baby’s will retail for, but the pre-sale will begin on July 10, or what would have been Ronnie James Dio‘s 70th birthday.


Hi-res images and more info via ASG.

Very Metal Friday Night Update: Celebrating Ronnie James Dio, New Phil Anselmo, And Black Sabbath On Prime Time TV


In celebration of Friday’s arrival, please join me in bidding a good riddance to this past week. And, as I’m not one to dwell on days of bullshit past, check out my latest very metal roundup of new releases from San Fransisco band Orchid, the pride of Savannah, Black Tusk, and UK band Tracer, and many others over at Curious Tracks. This weekend I’ll also have the pleasure of sharing laffs and good times on The Movies About Girls podcast. This week we shift our cinema gaze to the boob tube for TV Shows About Girls. Episode #166 has your favorite gang of teenage losers getting nostalgic for the year 1982 while watching the thankfully Chrissy-less Season 7 premiere of Three’s Company, ‘A Night Not To Remember‘. Dig it!

Now, here’s your weekly dose of metal news…

Thursday marked the third anniversary of the passing of Ronnie James Dio. In honor of one of the most metal men to ever hold a microphone, here are 20 photos of Dio throwing devil horns like a boss.

Here’s another killer track from the upcoming solo record from Phil Anselmo and the Illegals.

Speaking of killer tracks, here’s a sweet new jam from Valient Thorr. The bands sixth release, “Our Own Masters”, is out in June.

54 year old Prince says he doesn’t have time to work with “old people”.

It’s Friday again. So that means The Queens of the Stone Age put out another new animated video. Or two.

From Dusk Till Dawn. The TV series.

Tracii Guns new band, The Tracii Guns League Of Gentlemen sounds better than their name implies.

In case you care, here’s Black Sabbath on the season finale of CSI.

Motörhead, Public Enemy, and Bad Brains among the 75 bands lined up to play Chicago’s “Riot Fest” in September. In other news, I’m moving to Chicago.

This should end well.

A Friday The 13th documentary, ‘Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th‘ will be out just in time for the end of summer camp season this August. So maybe stay out of the canoe this year. And the lake. And the cabins. And definitely don’t smoke pot, get drunk, or have sex in a hayloft.

Fred Durst says the new Limp Bizkit record is an “anti-radio” record. “THANK YOU!” said radio.

Holy Diver! Watch 12 Very Metal Minutes From The Upcoming Dio DVD, Finding The Sacred Heart – Live In Philly 1986

If you’re a regular reader of CB.com, you know I am a huge Dio fan. So I could hardly contain the 1986 version of myself while watching this 12 minute clip (above) from the upcoming Dio concert DVD, Finding The Sacred Heart – Live In Philly 1986. Out on May 28th, the film was restored from it’s original 16mm form. As you might imagine, it’s full of giant, green fog breathing dragons, neon red swords, lots of leather, lasers, Craig Goldy, and Ronnie James Dio at the top of his game. True Dio fans, who probably own the original on VHS, will appreciate the huge improvement in image quality, and very metal sound upgrade.

Via: Classic Rock

Top 2013 Record Store Day Picks From Cherrybombed.com


The official 2013 list for Record Store Day came out a few days ago, and I’ve been busy culling some of my picks from the massive list this year. I also put together a metal-centric list for Purple Dog Records, so make sure you check that out as well. Just so you know exactly how big that hole in your wallet will be this time around.

2013’s  list is jam-packed with eccentric, colored vinyl, as well as some sweet rarities. Like a couple of truly collectable mix-tape cassette releases. First, a comp from California indie label, Burger Records,  A Taste of Burger Records. The second, a sick, out of print, three-cassette box set rarity from Kill Rock Stars will actually make your life better. That is if you manage to get your hands on one of the 500 sets. In addition to the previous non-vinyl recommendations, my top picks for RSD 2013 follows. Don’t forget, RSD is April 20th!


Aerosmith: Reissues of: Aerosmith, Toys in the Attic, and Get Your Wings.

Aerosmith is reissuing three records from their early catalog; their self-titled debut, Toys in the Attic, and Get Your Wings. All on 180 gram vinyl. If you only pick up one, it has to be the bands first raw, blues-riddled release from 1973.


The Black Keys/The Stooges: No Fun Side by Side 7″

This year, Record Store Day is offering something called “Side by Side,” a collection of exclusive RSD  7″ singles that feature a classic recording of a song on Side A, and a cover of the song by another artist on side B.  For this one, The Black Keys get to cover the Stooge classic “No Fun”, with The Stooge-y original on side A. There are two versions: one on black splattered vinyl, and one on clear splattered colored vinyl (pictured above).


Earache Records’ contribution to RSD this year is something Earache is calling “The Worlds Shortest Album”. Clocking in at only 83 seconds, the mini-5″ vinyl comes in a 12″ gate fold sleeve. The short, but brutal track listing follows:

Side A:
01. Napalm Death – You Suffer (1.9s)
02. Napalm Death – Dead (2.7s)
03. Napalm Death – Your Achievement (4.2s)
04. Wormrot – False Grind Sodomy (2.5s)
05. Wormrot – You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem (4.0s)
06. Brutal Truth – Collateral Damage (4.0s)
07. A.C. – Howard Wulkan’s Bald (4.0s)

Side B:
01. Lawnmower Deth – Be Scene Not Heard (4.7s)
02. Painkiller – Trailmarker (6.0s)
03. Brutal Truth – Blockhead (7.3s)
04. Morbid Angel – Bil Ur-Sag #2 Lava (6.9s)
05. A.C. – Windchimes Are Gay (9.5s)
06. Insect Warfare – Street Sweeper (13.5s)


David Bowie – Drive In Saturday

Since there is no such thing as “too much David Bowie,” the Thin White Duke has two RSD releases this year. The title track to Bowie’s 1973  “Aladdin Sane” release, Drive in Saturday, will be pressed into a beautiful picture disc (above).  The live version on side B comes from Bowie’s 1973 performance on the Russell Harty Show.


David Bowie: The Stars Are out Tonight

The second Bowie RSD release comes in the form of a white, 7″, with two tracks from Bowies latest record, The Next Day. Side A has my favorite song from Day, “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”, and side B features the track, “Where Are We Now?”.


Brother Ali – Shadows in the Sun

Shadows in the Sun is the second release from Brother Ali. Originally released in 2003, Shadows in the Sun is getting a pretty deluxe redux for it’s 10th anniversary. Pressed into a truly collectable work of art onto a custom picture disc (pictured above) . It comes with a clear plastic gatefold PVC jacket, as well as a digital download card. I’m a huge fan of Brother Ali, and this record is a great way to become one yourself.


The Cure – Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Out of print for a decade, The Cure’s 1987 record will be pressed onto appropriately colored red 12″  vinyl.


Dio – Magica Picture Disc

Another Record Store Day thankfully means it’s time for another completely evil Dio picture disc. 2000’s Magica was Dio’s first concept record. I can’t say enough about the art on these Dio discs, except that they are even more amazing in person. Dio’s classic track Holy Diver does double duty, as the chosen cover for another RSD’s 7″ Side by Side with Killswitch Engage. Making this one even more metal is its pressing on opaque, ox-blood red vinyl.


Golden Void – Rise to the Out of Reach b/w Smiling Raven 7″

Both of the tracks on from San Fransisco’s Golden Void 7″ are brand new, and will get their exclusive on Record Store Day. After digging on the band’s 2012 debut (the vocals on the record are very Ozzy/Sabbath era so do the math. Golden Void = Awesome), it’s excellent metal news that more sonic sounds from Golden Void are coming.


Misfits/The Lemmonheads:
“Skulls” Side By Side

Another RSD Side By Side release has the Misfits paired up with The Lemonheads on a 7″ picture disc (above). “Skulls” was originally done by the Misfits in 1982, and The Lemonheads covered and released their own version in 1991.


Moby/Mark Lanegan: Side By Side “The Lonely Night”

7″ release “The Lonely Night” is an exclusive RSD release of a one-off track collaboration of Mark Lanegan and Moby. Side B contains a remix of the song by electro wizard, Photek.


Porno for Pyros. 1993 debut

Porno for Pyros’ debut record gets a special multi-color, “tie-dyed” pressing this year. In other good Porno news,  Perry Farrell recently said the band has gotten together again, and is currently working on new material.


Public Enemy: Planet Earth–The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Greatest Rap Hits

If for some reason you don’t own any Public Enemy (?), this RSD release will help remedy that. Pressed on picture disc. Track listing follows. And it’s louder than a bomb.

Public Enemy Greatest Hits on picture disc vinyl. Digitally remastered versions of: Welcome to the Terror Dome, Can’t Truss It, 911 Is A Joke, Shut ‘Em Down, Fight The Power, Give It Up, Harder Than You Think, By The Time I Get To Arizona, Everything, Louder Than A Bomb, Lost At Birth, Public Enemy #1, Shut Em Down (Pete Rock), I Shall Not Be Moved, Harder Than You Think (London Radio Edit)

7 Picture Disc [GD17PD]

Testament –  Dark Roots cover 7′ picture disc.

This 7″ picture disc from Testament has the band banging out two very metal covers, from two other equally metal bands. Side A. has Chuck and the boys doing The Scorpions  proud, with a cover of the 1980 title track  to “Animal Magnetism“. Side B. features Testament’s take on another title track, this time it’s 1983’s  “Powerslave” by Iron Maiden.


Mad Season – Above (Expanded edition)

This 180 gram vinyl, expanded edition of the only Mad Season record, 1995 ‘s Above, will get it’s exclusive release on RSD as a double-LP. Included on the expanded edition are  three songs from the unfinished second Mad Season album with new vocals by Mark Lanegan, as well as a previously unreleased instrumental “Interlude” and a remixed version of John Lennon’s “I Don’t Wanna Be a Soldier.”


Akimbo – Live To Crush.

Another Seattle band in the RSD mix this year is the sadly disbanded, Akimbo. Live to Crush is the final release from the Seattle heavy metal riff masters. The band disbanded in the fall 2012, but recorded one final skull-crushing record, hand-numbered, and limited to a run of 500.


Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Animal X 7″

Animal X is a brand new, exclusive release single for Record Store Day, from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Pressed on 7″ picture disc (above).


Cypress Hill – Black Sunday: 20th Anniversary.

2013 marks the 20th anniversary of Cypress Hill’s second stellar release, Black Sunday. The double LP will be released on two, 12″ 180-gram vinyl, and an individually-numbered gatefold jacket.

Sub Pop 1000.

To celebrate Sub Pop’s 25th Anniversary, the label is putting out a limited-edition comp of what they feel are some of the most vital, cutting-edge artists from around the world. All tracks are previously unreleased, and exclusive for RSD.  The LP also includes an 11″x11″ booklet, a MP3 download coupon, and cover art by Nathan Fox. Track listing follows.

Side A
His Electro Blue Voice – Kidult
Chancha Via Circuito – Lacandona
Protomartyr – French Poet
Lori Goldston – Tangled North
Iron Lung – A Victory For Polio

Side B
Soldiers Of Fortune – Money
Peaking Lights – Subterranean Brainblow
Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – Radio Eyes
My Disco – Guided
Starred – Doomed”

See the entire list at Record Store Day’s official site.


Very Metal Saturday Night Update (AKA:The CB Is On Vacation Edition): Dio Dream Evil Box Set, DLR Wants Michael Anthony Back,And Paul Stanley Is A Creep


I’m currently typing this post, one day late, from a secluded spot on the Oregon coast. I have three things to say about my experience so far. One, vacation is awesome. Two, Oregon makes great beer. Three, vacation is awesome.

Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History Of Metal” a very metal book by rock journo’s rock journalists Jon Wiederhorn and Katherine Turman, contains very metal confessions from Axl Rose, Ronnie James Dio, and Ozzy, among others. Due out on May 14, 2013.

Ever wanted to know what it’s like touring with Motorhead? The new book by Pep Bonet called Röadkill, details the photographers intimate experience touring with Motorhead back in 2006. And since I know you don’t like to read, and because Bonet is a photographer, there are lots of pictures.

Metallica has a new line of Vans shoes. Despite the fact that Van’s PR people don’t seem to know the difference between Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are playing SXSW.

Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy has a book coming out in May. Horray! Said  nobody.

Sebastian Bach makes a very sad prediction about his life.

David Lee Roth wants Michael Anthony back in Van Halen.

Deluxe DioDream Evil” box set coming.

Former Miss Cherry Pie, Bobbi Brown, says that Paul Stanley was the creepiest rock star who ever hit on her. “WE KNOW”, said everybody.

*(Editors note: Paul Stanley asked the 1988 version of me if he could “feel my boobs”. For the record, I was not backstage, a groupie, but the producer of the radio show he and the band were visiting, promoting “Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits”. I said no, but still had Stanley sign my Double Platinum gatefold.
The End.) *

Iron Maiden set to release 1988’s “Maiden England” on DVD. 

The Metalheads Of Christmas Past: Ronnie James Dio Edition

Ronnie James Dio says Bah! Humbug!.

Via: The Ronnie James Dio FB page.

Dio Cancer Charity Helps Hospital Get $11 Million Dollar Grant For Gastric Cancer Research

Ronnie James Dio. Forever metal.

According to an interview with Blairing Out (via Classic Rock), Ronnie James Dio’s widow Wendy said that the hospital that treated Dio after his cancer diagnosis has received an $11 million dollar grant to fund gastric cancer research. Dio succumbed to the disease in May of 2010.

With our seed money ($117,000) they (the M.D. Cancer Center in Houston)  were able to go to the government and say, ‘We’ve got funding for this.’ The government gave them a grant of $11 million. That was amazing.

To date, the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund has raised approximately $600,000. In September of this year, the US House of Representatives introduced Resolution 800 which, if passed, will make November National Stomach Cancer Awareness Month, and hopefully help raise more funds for gastric cancer research.

Simon Wright Confirms Existence Of “Lost” Dio Tracks

Vintage Ronnie James Dio.

But don’t get too excited my fellow Dio worshipers. According to Dio’s long-time drummer Simon Wright, the tracks might never see the light of day. Wright says that decision is up to Dio’s ex/manager Wendy Dio. Still, it’s exciting to know that maybe someday we might get hear something “new” from the late, great Ronnie James Dio.

Read the full interview with Wright, who now keeps time with the RJD tribute outfit, Dio Disciples, via Classic Rock Revisited.

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