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The Very Metal Artwork of Alec Goss

Pop by Alex Goss. Iggy is one four covers Goss did for an upcoming pop culture/ comic book mash-up show.

According to Juxtapoz, artist Alec Goss has been painting since he was 14 and has worked with pop art legend, Ron English.

Vicious by Alec Goss. Sid will also appear on the aforementioned pop culture/ comic book mash-up show with Iggy.

Goss’ very metal Zombie Gonzo, and a creeptastic version of Christopher Walken’s character in The King of New York follow. All of Goss’ prints, and tons of other swag are available via Society 6  and site, Society 6.

Zombie Gonzo by Alec Goss.

I Heard That by Alec Goss.

Via: Juxtapoz.

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