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Lemmy Kilmister Further Immortalized As A Garden Gnome


A very metal resident of my forever hometown, Boston, has made my day after I discovered a garden gnome version of Lemmy Kilmister is a real thing. Ian the Gnome customizes boring old garden gnomes in the image of headbanging, hip-hop, and punk legends, as well as other TV, film, and cartoon idols. Like Ian’s “Wu-Tang” garden gnome. WU-TANG GARDEN GNOME!


il_570xN.615941089_glttClockwork Orange garden gnome.

Love wrestling like yours truly? My black heart skipped a beat when I saw Ian’s garden gnome homage to pro-wrassler, Bam Bam Bigelo (RIP).

In other very metal news, I know things have been super sleepy here for a while but that’s about to change. Look for a new site design and the return of regular posts later this week! Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with me over at Destroy the Brain. If not, check out my review of the mind-melting EP from London based band, WREN.

The Magical World Of 1970’s Vintage: “Rock Star” Belt Buckles By Pacifica


You know what wasn’t cool about the 70’s? Nothing, jack. Heavy metal, punk, glam, what a decade. But just because I was still a kid during the 70’s, doesn’t mean that I didn’t get in on the awesomeness of it all. I loved Kiss, lived for Iron-on’s, and was always sending away for some garbage I couldn’t live without by way of some magazine or a box of cereal.

Recently, I was doing some “research” for a column I write for Destroy the Brain, and got pulled through an Internet rabbit hole full of vintage “Rock Star” belt buckles made by Pacifica Manufacturing in Los Angeles. Three hours later, I’m still in awe of these things, and you will be too. It appears that Pacifica started making belt buckles sometime in mid-70’s, were partial to sparkly laminate, and kept cranking out their classic oval buckle designs through 1978.  To this day people are still making some pretty great fake-outs of Pacifica’s original designs.

This guy put together a pretty nice gallery of Pacifica’s amazing fashion relics – like their line of sport and historical event themed buckles, as well as his own massive personal collection.

What follow are images that blew my mind, one by one today. So strap on your belts, and set your Wayback machine for 1976 – it’s going to be a trippy ride…

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 3.41.42 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 3.43.10 PM












Very Metal Friday Night Update: TMI Time With Al Jourgensen, Prince Joins Twitter, And Alex Chilton Covers Johnny Cash

Lamour! Where Heavy Metal comes alive! As long as it’s still 1985.

Hey there Friday! Glad you could make it. It’s been a pretty crazy day so far, and I’m glad that the blog finally came back to life after jumping off the roof due to a huge spike in traffic (thanks Dangerous Minds!).

In other good news, the Movies About Girls will return to being a LIVE show tomorrow! Check out all the antics, f*ck-ups, and laffs as your favorite group of zanies triumphantly take over the airwaves and take on the campy greatness that is Sleepaway Camp II. Don’t miss a minute! The show starts tomorrow at 6:00 PM ET right here!

Now, here’s everything metal that happened last week…

The always demure Al Jourgensen on sucking dick, booze, and sticking stuff up his butt. Blabbermouth

Ever wanted to hear Glenn Danzig and Cherie Curry take on Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra? Yeah, I’m not sure either but here it is. Danzig-Verotik

But I am sure you want to listen to the new Stormzone track, Three Kings. Who knew Ireland was so metal? Stormzone1 on Youtube

Speaking of being sure of stuff, if you do only one thing today (besides read my blog), make sure you listen to the new track from Yoko Ono featuring Mike D and Ad Rock, Bad Dancer. Stereogum

Nine incredible never-before-seen photos Johnny Cash. HuffPo

Speaking of Johnny Cash, listen to this rare 1997 recording of Alex Chilton performing Cash’s classic anthem, I Walk the Line. Consequence of Sound


Geezer Butler says this will be Black Sabbath’s last tour. Southtown Star

Now you can harass Prince about his ticket prices being to damn high on Twitter. Prince3RDEYEGIRL

Amazing must-read on the harder side of the Boston music scene. Pitchfork

Heroin is a hell of a drug; William S. Burroughs endorsing Mr. Peanut for Mayor in 1974. The Wandrlustr

In honor of what would have been Charles Bukowski’s 93rd birthday today, here’s a cake with a picture of Charles Bukowski on it. Flickr

Very Metal Friday Night Update: Iggy Pop’s “Indie Label Problems”, Ozzy Falls Off The Wagon, And Alice In Chains Get “Stoned”

Iggy Pop hates on his indie record label. Bikini’s and hilarity ensues.

Yesterday, when The Onion so eloquently said, “Jesus, this week“, everybody nodded in agreement. So very quickly, I want to let you all know that as of this writing, Movies About Girls episode #165 will happen this weekend. As you know, MAG’s studio is located in Boston, our fearless King and his Queen are holding court, and are thankfully safe.

Fan fód my Beantown friends. I love you all, and that dirty old town.

The Dropkick Murphys‘ raised $100,000 for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. To make a donation to help the victims of the tragedy in Boston, click here.

Record Store Day is TOMORROW! Check out my list of recommended must-haves for RCD 2013, and my very metal RCD 2013 list over at Purple Dog Records.

Here’s the official music video for the new Alice in Chains track, “Stone”.

Listen to the excellent new track from Michael Monroe, “Ballad of the Lower East Side“.

RIP, Storm Throgerson.

Vince Neil says “It’s time” for Motley Crüe to say goodbye. “WE KNOW” said everybody.

David Lee Roth says he never married his male chef in a civil ceremony a decade ago. Thanks, Buzz Feed, I never heard that one before either.

Trying to talk to Johnny Marr about shoes.

Nico McBrain’s wife is McBatshit crazy. Naturally, she is a resident of the most twisted state in the union, otherwise known as Florida.

Speaking of bats, Ozzy said he was back on the sauce & drugs while recording the new Black Sabbath record. Which can only mean one thing; the new Black Sabbath album will be fucking awesome!

Anxious and depressed (isn’t everyone after this last week!)? Blame heavy metal.

Speaking of being anxious and depressed, ever wanted to see Axl Rose in 3D? Yeah, (remember, it’s NOT 1987) me either.

Very Friday Night Update: Sub Pop’s Silver Jubilee, If Lemmy’s Mole Could Talk, And Axl Rose Still Has “It”?


Just a quick programming note to say the blog will be taking some time off so Cherrybomb can feel better. Until she returns, keep being metal, and visit our other equally metal friends at Movies About Girls, Dangerous Minds, Perisarc, Paracinema, and all of our other “clickworthy” Internet pals.

See you soon…

Sub Pop’s Silver Jubilee is going to be stellar. And it’s FREE.

I have never personally wondered what Lemmy’s moles would say if they could talk, but maybe you have.

The new Ghost is streaming.

Listen to the new Queens of the Stone Age track, My God is the Sun.

Satan releases first single in 25 years. And you don’t have to go to hell to listen to it.

In their new video for the track “Bald Bull”, Boston metal band Gozu proves that milk does not in fact, do a body good.

Speaking of Boston, I got pretty homesick watching this mini-documentary about the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. 14 years and counting, this years festival features Anthrax, DRI, Sick of it All, as well as every NE metal band worth their devil horns.

A Year and A Day“. An animated tribute to MCA.

Axl Rose still has it?

Here’s a picture of Taylor Hawkins as Iggy Pop from the soon-to-be-released CBGB’s mess of a movie.

Speaking of messes, Marilyn Manson has officially given up.

Ever wanted to see Nicholas Cage headbanging, dressed like a priest for 1:32? Yeah, me neither.

Don’t miss this one Seattle headbangers, Norwegian metal band, Kverlatak is coming to El Corozon!

The always subtle Reggie Watts explains how to tell if you’re fucking someone.

Very Metal Friday Night Update: Black Sabbath, Ghostface Killah, And People, Hell, And Angels


So, if you’re a metalhead living in or around Toronto, you are currently consumed, still trying to wrap your mind around how the fuck you are going to score tickets for Black Sabbath’s first North American in Toronto August 14th. Opinions aside, there is no doubt that every date on this tour is going to sell out. So like you Toronto, I’m sitting in that same viking boat, rocking back and forth. Trying to come to terms with the fact that my Sabbath ticket, if I’m lucky engough to get one, will likely be the most expensive concert ticket I’ve ever purchased for a show, in my life. Second only to my recent acquisition of a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ticket. So you do the math. It’s not pretty. But it’s rock and roll. And I love it.

So many metal things happened this week. Read on for all the deets…

RIP Clive Burr.

Sabbath’s ’13’ gets a June 11th release date. In this video of Rick Rubin lounging around while recording Sabbath, you get to hear some sound bites from the new record. In other very metal news, Sabbath’s world tour begins next month in New Zealand, then hits Australia and Japan from late July through September. The only North American date so far is in Canada, on August 14 at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. Tickets for the Toronto concert go on sale on April 13th.

People, Hell, and Angels.

Soundgarden will release vinyl demos from “King Animal” on Record Store Day this year.

Metal Church is recording a new album.

Not wanting to be out-metaled by Metal Church, Judas Priest is also back in the studio.

Axl Rose’s microphone broke a fans teef. Now he’s getting sued. Not the microphone, Axl Rose.

The Mars Volta might have lied when they said they were never, ever getting back together.

Fuck yes! New Clutch.

Speaking of fuck yes, Thurston Moore’s band, Chelsea Light Moving, might have made one of my favorite records of 2013.

Speaking of Thurston Moore, here’s a photo of Thurston Moore smiling, and Nick Cave not looking morose while record shopping at Waterloo Records this week at SXSW in Austin.

Jack White is the Record Store Day 2013 ambassador.

Here’s another new Ghostface Killah track. And it’s fucking Delphonically awesome.

Download this sweet Boston metal comp from Born of Fire records NOW!

Speaking of Boston, RIP to a loved music/culture mag from my youth, the Boston Phoenix. The same so-long goes out to 30 year Boston radio station alterna-vet, WFNX.

My Very Metal Mind Has Been Blown: Metal Church And Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Version Of “Iron Man”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qT3sULbjCk]
Metal Church Sir Mix A Lot, “Iron Man”. This insane track can be found on Sir Mix-a-Lot’s debut 1988 record, Swass. 

Via: Metal Sucks.

Very Metal Insights: Fizzy Lipton On The New Gozu Record “The Fury Of A Patient Man”

Boston’s own, Gozu. The bands latest record, The Fury Of A Patient Man is due out via Small Stone in April of 2013.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Cherrybombed.com’s primal mover of Fuzz, Fizzy Lipton. So, when I got the chance to preview the upcoming April, 2013 release, “The Fury of a Patient Man” by long-running Boston band Gozu, I knew I had the perfect assignment for my dear, sludge loving friend. Fizzy’s mission? It was pretty simple. Listen to the record, and report back his very metal findings to yours truly.

So without further adieu, here’s Fizzy!

Gozu: The Fury Of A Patient Man
Label: Small Stone
Release Date: April, 2013.

First, I’d like to thank Cherrybomb for asking me to write this review right in the middle of invoice-filling-out-season. Deep breath… *sigh*. Oh Cherry, Oh Cherry O baby, how can I say no to those beautiful blue eyes and that “endearing” Boston accent? You know I can’t!

So okay, lets give this record a spin and see what’s up with Gozu’s forthcoming effort, (the bands second full length), “The Fury Of A Patient Man”. So first off, “Irish Dart Fight” catches my attention. HA HA! That’s Boston! And man, vocalist Marc Gaffney’s voice is really impressive. Personally I’m more of a Chris Cornell type singer, very forced (though I always stayed within my range) – but his guy is more of a natural. I’m always jealous of dudes like that.

Next up is the track “Salty Thumb”. Now this is the shit I love! Metal steeped in blues based rock. This song smokes, smolders, burns…very TASTY! Definitely my favorite so far. It’s cool how these guys delve into a few different directions but still have a cohesive overall sound. Another thing I’m digging is Gozu’s use of two guitars (Gaffney and guitarist Doug Sherman, respectfully) pretty well.

Moving on. “Traci Lords” is an epic track packed with sweet drum sounds that don’t get lost in the mix. It’s METAL – and that’s what it’s SUPPOSED to be. “Ghost Wipe” keeps the rock coming with some hard sound on those floor toms! BOOM! These guys really know how to arrange a song. Great backup vocals, dreamy guitar work. I do wish the bass had little more definition in the mix; it kind of takes a backseat to everything else. Of course it’s hard not to dig on the track names alone on Fury. Take “Snake Plissken” for example. Plissken has a kinda punky, sweet catchy chorus. I can just tell I’d have a good time hanging out with these guys.

Damn Cherry, I LIKE THIS BAND! Although there seems to be no formula to these songs, each one takes you on it’s own little trip. And while there is a lot of repetition on Fury, given the many micro-journeys that the rest of the album delivers, the epic closer 23 minute closer, “The Ceaseless Thunder of Surf”, is a bit of a letdown. Despite the fact that the fat bass tone I was missing, finally made it to my ears. That said, The Fury Of A Patient Man is a superb album by some very talented guys with great chops – killer vocals, tasty riffs and enough low-end whomp to rattle the windows on your Maverick. There’s not really any new ground here, but there doesn’t need to be. It’s got a little something for everyone who digs good, solid metal. So yeah, I DIG that. Now, to those invoices…

Fizzy Lipton ~ \m/

All I Want For Christams Is To Go F*cking Back In Time To Springtime In Boston, 1969

Boston Tea Party calendar for Tea Party shows in May of 1969.

Via: Dirty Old Boston’s FB feed.

The Dropkick Murphys Wish You A Very Violent Christmas

Dropkick Murphys, The Seasons Upon Us. From the upcoming release, Signed and Sealed in Blood, due out on January 8th.

As a native of Boston, this video makes me homesick, and glad to be 3000 miles from Boston at the same time.

More from the very metal Murphys’, here.

Via: Classic Rock Magazine.

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