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Lemmy’s Recipe For ‘Krakatoa Surprise’


Lemmy’s recipe for Krakatoa Surprise is one of the dishes featured in the new heavy metal themed cookbook, Mosh Potatoes. I published a link to it a couple of weeks back on the blog, but had to go the extra mile and post Lemmy’s bizarro contribution to the culinary world for you all to see. And in case the name Krakatoa is ringing a boozy bell for you, it should.

There’s a bunch of different variations on the Krakatoa cocktail, but the more traditional ones have you setting the glass of booze on fire, and then drinking it. And now that you know that, Lemmy’s Krakatoa Surprise isn’t so surprising at all as it’s modeled after an alcoholic beverage, and has booze in it. Besides, Lemmy’s a busy man – he needs to eat and get loaded (just a little bit now) at the same time.

Lastly, in case you want to see what this heavy metal mess looks like, click here to see Swedish blog, Bara Metal, and their blow by blow preparation.

Krakatoa Surprise

¼ pound flour
½ pound chocolate syrup
¼ pound refried beans
½ pound curry powder
1 bottle strawberry syrup
¼ bottle brandy

Mix flour, syrup, beans and curry powder into a model of Krakatoa Island. Pour strawberry syrup over it to simulate lava. Pour brandy over all. Strike a match. Eat while still burning.

Uncle Alice Presents! New Graphic Novel Series From Alice Cooper Coming


A new Kickstarter is asking you to help get a comic book anthology horror series, graphic novel, and, maybe even a TV series (!) featuring Alice Cooper (!), become a reality. UNCLE ALICE PRESENTS comes from the mind of Tom Sheppard (of Annoying Orange which a shamefully love, and Robot Chicken), who also happens to be a huge Alice Cooper fan. Among the writers for the series is Brendon Hay also from Robot Chicken, and The Simpsons.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BordHhyVbU]
Uncle Alice Presents Kickstarter video.

As you might imagine, donating to Uncle Alice’s Kickstarter campaign has it’s perks. Like getting drawn into one of the issues, rare, Cooper inspired artwork, and the chance to play a round of golf with Alice himself.

More info on this very metal Kickstarter, here.

Heavy Metal Fun Time: The Activity Book

Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book. By Aye Jay. $9.95

What’s not to love about this Heavy Metal activity book by CB.com fave, headbanging artist, Aye Jay? That’s right! NOTHING! Help Spinal Tap get through a maze? Check! Color in your favorite metal god like Rob Halford, or the guys in Pantera? Check! There’s even a Black Metal word scramble. Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book, you had me at “connect the dots on King Buzzo“. Get yours here.

Krent Able’s Very Metal Big Book Of Mischief

Krent Able, The Big Book of Mischief.

I get a lot of great feedback when I cover books on the blog. And this very metal recommendation is going to send you running to your local indie bookstore. London based artist Krent Able has just published his Big Book of Mischief. This collection of gonzo comics features the likes of Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, as well as numerous nods to other notable characters, including Able’s inky muse and Nick Cave. Or as Able likes to call his comic version of Nick, “Dr. Cave“.

My discovery of Krent Able today led me to a full-on Internet search in order to learn more about the artist who reminds me of a darker Daniel Clowes. Able has been a published illustrator since he was 15,  is a regular on UK mag and blog The Stool Pigeon, and gets help coloring in the panels of his comics from his eight year old daughter. Able says that his art isn’t something “a 7 or 8 year old really gets”, but that doesn’t mean she gets to see everything we get to see. It’s a win/win situation for everyone involved.

Stool Pigeon recently ran a great interview with Able just before Halloween. It’s a revealing read on an artist I’m dying to get better acquainted with. And yeah, my copy of the Big Book of Mischief is already on it’s way to Seattle. Word.

Via: Dangerous Minds.

We Got Power! Hardcore Punk Scenes From 1980s Southern California

“This is the basement of the original Masque Club, left exactly as it was, years after closing.  We felt like we were raiding King Tut’s tomb-it was like an archaeological dig into LA punk history.” Author and photographer, David Markey.

As young punk teenagers in 1981, David Markey, and his best friend Jordan Schwartz founded We Got Power, a fanzine dedicated to the first-generation hardcore punk music community in their native habitat of Los Angeles. Both Schwartz and Markey’s camera lenses also managed to capture hundreds of early punk photographs of bands like Black Flag, The Minutemen, Social Distortion, Red Cross/Redd Kross, Suicidal TendenciesD.R.I., the Butthole Surfers, among notable others.

Photo from a very early Suicidal Tendencies show in Culver City, —the only member of the band who survived to the later incarnations was Louiche Mayorga. 

Markey and Schwartz have now compiled a book full of over 400 photographs, including images of their quickly deteriorating So-Cal surroundings, and the emerging punk scene exploding all around them. Out just this week, “We Got Power: Hardcore Punk Scenes From 1980’s Southern California“, also includes complete color reprints from the We Got Power fanzine, published during 1981-1983 and beyond.

Check out the guest list of this party: Down in front is Mike Watt, to his left in the glasses is Spot, the man responsible for producing all the early SST records. The blonde behind Spot is Janet Housden from Redd Kross. And the guy the raised fist, sporting an Aunt Jemima beanie?  That would be Henry Rollins.

The book also has essays from an array of punks who were there, like the aforementioned Henry Rollins and Mike Watt. Poseurs get LOST! This book is only for punks, the punks that appreciated them, and punks like me who wish they could have been there too. The end.

More info via Bazillion Points.

Fly On Thunderbird: Trailer For Upcoming Randy Rhoads Documentary Film

Trailer for the upcoming Randy Rhoads documentary film, “Randy Rhoads, The Quiet Riot Years”.

Long in the works, a new book on a guitarist Randy Rhoads, Randy Rhoads: The Quiet Riot Years will finally hit the bookshelves before the end of 2011. Written by former Quiet Riot personal photographer/lighting director Ron Sobol, the book also comes with a 90-minute documentary film on Rhoads that includes highlights from a guitar lesson with Randy himself.

Rhoads was on 26 when he died in a plane crash on March 19th, 1982. At the time, I was a fanatical Ozzy fan, and completely in awe of Randy Rhoads. When news came of his passing, all my metalhead friends thought it was some sort of publicity stunt. Ozzy’s Blizzard Tour was set to play the Boston Garden (RIP) in just a few short weeks. Even when Bernie Torme stepped on stage, I wasn’t the only one in that crowd that, for a few brief seconds, thought it was Rhoads himself standing there (Torme bore a strong resemblance to Randy back in the day, check it out). It was my first metal show, and despite the huge air of sadness, it didn’t disappoint. My future was sealed.

As a metal fan, I’m hopeful that this book will shine a long-overdue light on one of it’s greatest stars. But I have to admit, I’m almost more excited about the DVD. If you have the means. I also highly suggest you pick up Quiet Riot’s Japan-only release, Quiet Riot II. I used to have a bunch of the tracks on a mix-tape that has since been lost, and it’s raw and heavy stuff like so many of the early recordings of LA’s young scene.

More info here.

Color Me Drunk. A Coloring Book For Boozniks

Color Me Drunk. A coloring book for bored boozehounds.  From Potter Style. $12.95

Finally. A book that won’t make you look like a stuck-up prick at a bar. Color Me Drunk is exactly what it sounds like, a coloring book for boozers with an artistic side.

My favorite page from Color Me Drunk.

Via: Urban Outfitters.

“Metalheads – The Global Brotherhood” A Very Metal Book By Jörg Brüggemann…

Metalheads. A book by Jörg Brüggemann. $39.00.

I just pre-ordered what will undoubtedly become the most metal book in my library, Metalheads – A Global Brotherhood. The book from photographer Jörg Brüggemann, contains photos of metal fans from all around the world, doing what they do best, being completely metal. Like our young Dio fan below.

Start them young!

The books March 26th release will be accompanied by an exhibition at the Gestaltenspace in Berlin, Germany, which will run March 16 – April 21.

Forever metal. (Editors note: This is not a photo of Cherrybomb).

Brüggemann traveled to Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Switzerland and the USA to shoot pictures of heavy metal fans. And judging from a sneak peek at the book via Metalheads official site (where you can also pre-order the book for almost 1/2 it’s release price of $60), Brüggemann fucking did it.

Lunch With Ace? Gene Simmons Shoots Down Most Recent KISS Reunion Rumor…

The good old days. Vintage Ace and Gene circa 1976. Photograph by Neil Preston.

Before the Internet rumor mill even got going, Gene Simmons shot down any possibility of a reunion with the original KISS lineup. The rumors started after Ace and Gene had lunch together in LA on September 12th. Says rock ‘n’ roll all night dream-killer Gene:

Ace and I had nice, friendly lunch together. It was wonderful to see him. He looked healthy and happy.” He added, “Nothing else was talked about. No rumors, please. Ace and I are both happy with our lives and are not changing anything.

In other very metal KISS news, Ace Frehley’s book, “No Regrets: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Memoir”, hit bookshelves yesterday. You can read excerpts from the first chapter of the book at Simon & Schuster’s website.

Revised Stooges Book Head On Is Required Reading…

Head On by Brett Callwood.

Originally published in 2007 in the UK, author Brett Callwood (The MC5: Sonically Speaking), released a revised version of his book The Stooges: Head On earlier this month. Head On, a sonic literary take on The Stooges, now includes a look at the evolution of Iggy and The Stooges over the last few years, and the untimely death of Ron Asheton. Like punks 2 minute standards, it’s a quick, hard-hitting read.

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