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Black Metal Easter Egg Kit – The Only Kickstarter That Matters

And with a nod of my heavy metal hair to Metal Sucks, I give you Time to Dye – a Kickstarter with one of the greatest get-on-board NSFW commercial spots I’ve ever seen. So if you want your Easter eggs to be as black as the metal you listen to this year, hop over to Time to Dye’s Extreme Easter Egging Kickstarter, and help a headbanger out.

That’s Not A Real Norweigan Black Metal Band T-Shirt, Is It?

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.28.33 AM copy

When it comes to the very metal looking words on these T-shirts from Norwegian company Skulls, the answer might surprise you. Many thanks to my headbanging pal, Aussie rocker Damo Musclecar (of the equally metal group Musclecar), for hipping me to these fake-out Norwegian Black Metal “band” shirts. In general, Black Metal bands don’t make it easy for you to read their band logos, but in this case the words represented on the line of shirts are anything but metal. For example, Rosenkaal means “Brussel Sprouts”, and Ransel means “Backpack”. A few other gems follow…

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.34.34 AM








Haarföner – “Pregnant”

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.38.42 AM copy








Rosenkaal – “Blow dryer”

Metal Albums With Googly Eyes Is My New Favorite Tumblr


Immortal – Pure Holocaust

Thanks to my very metal pal, JZ, for hipping me to a new a new Tumblr, Metal Albums With Googly Eyes. Just like when you add the band Immortal to any situation, it seems that even the most grim album art can be made better with googly eyes. Especially when it comes to Immortal (see exhibit #666 above).

Some of my favorites folllow. See ’em all here.


Skeleton Witch – Serpents Unleashed


Behemoth – Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond)

Immortal + Benny Hill = Awesome

According to Youtuber Pickle and Pumpkin, they “do not own Immortal”. But I think they kinda did after watching their video mash-up above. So without further adieu, here’s sped up footage of Immortal rolling around a forest, set to the Benny Hill theme. You’re welcome.

PS: Metal Sucks, I love you.

A Two-Minute Animated History Of Corpse Paint

Check out this must see animated short from Suicide By Star that details the musical history of corpse paint. It made my day.

Very Metal Friday Night Rewind: Buy An Entire Record Shop On Ebay, Neüterhead, And Stream The New Weekend Nachos

Neüterhead-620x319Neüterhead! Because metalheads love cats and dogs as much as they love metal.

Movies About Girls will be back LIVE next Saturday November 16th for episode#178 since we had to postpone the show last weekend. Don’t miss it!

Now on to everything metal that happened this week.

Corporate logos reimagined by Black Metal artist Christophe Szpadjel. Metal Injection

Kentucky High School runner drops out of race because her Bib number was 666. Deadspin

I Am A Metalhead – Indie Alaska. A short but very metal documentary about metalheads in Alaska. Youtube

New Michael Monroe video for Stained Glass Heart. Classic Rock

Heavy Metal Superstar Episode 5 Is Here! Turn your speakers up to 11 and watch Baptized in Tuba Fire! Youtube

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! John K. has an art show opening at the Laguna College of Art and Design. Huff Po

Ian Curtis’s kitchen table is for sale on eBay. Dangerous Minds

And if you get outbid on that, you can always try to acquire an entire London record shop. NME

Stand up and SHOUT! Vivian Campbell announces his cancer is in remission. Ultimate Classic Rock

Bret Michaels plays “Bandana Man” in this 2:54 second commercial for his new cologne, Thorns and Roses. You have been warned. Youtube

Motley Crue hire jackass to film their movie, The Dirt. Rolling Stone

Neüterhead: Ace of Spays – a completely metal non-profit group that uses metal to raise funds to pay for spay and neuter programs across the US. Metal Sucks

Listen to a full album stream of Weekend Nachos new record, Still. Decibel Magazine

Help fund horror hound, Joshua Hoffine’s first film, Black Lullaby. Kickstarter

Very Metal Friday Night Update: Axl Rose Hits Up Yard Sale, RIP Tony Soprano, And “13” Hits #1


Welcome to the first official Friday of the Summer of 2013! It’s also a special weekend here at Casa Cherrybombed, as Mr. CB and I are celebrating 15 happy/crazy/happy years together. Who knew that a jazz guy and a metalhead girl could make it work? Nobody, really. But that’s beside the point of this post. Here’s everything metal that happened this week. Cheers!

Not Breaking really news! Axl Rose spotted at NY yard sale.

The new track from Amon Amarth, “Shape Shifter“, is awesome.

Speaking of things that are awesome, here’s the new video for “In Days of Woe from Black Tusk’s latest EP.

And since we are on an awesome roll, here’s the official video for the new Public Enemy track, “Get Up Stand Up“, featuring Brother Ali. Now that you heard it, get it here.

Delusional former Bullet Boy is selling his dirty pants for $8,100 on eBay.

Speaking of dirty laundry, Joan Jett is suing Hot Topic over their “Blackheart” underwear line , as it infringes on her own line of clothing called “Blackheart”.

Dave Lombardo to guest on the upcoming Sepultura record.

Black Sabbath’s13” hits #1.

Calling all creeps! David Lynch to direct the new NIN video for “Came Back Haunted“.

Speaking of creeps, here’s 90 seconds worth of every zoom shot from The Shining.

Help fund Keleigh Black’s new photography book, Subterrestrial Black Metal — A Journey Into Darkness.

Want to hear a beatbox version of Ozzy’sCrazy Train“? Yeah, me too!

RIP Tony Soprano. You were the most metal gangster of them all.

Very Metal Friday Night Update: New NIN, BABY METAL, And ‘Super Duper’ Alice Cooper Doc Debuts At TIFF

Baby Metal. Reason #666 Japan is fucking awesome.

It’s been a busy week for heavy metal news! Read on and check out the new NIN track, “Came Back Haunted“, click to watch the new live video for “Swerve City“, from the Deftones, and see why Dave Mustaine is now, and always will be a giant douche. Friday night starts NOW!

New NIN.

Speaking of new very metal things, here’s the live video for “Swerve City”, the latest from the Deftones.

Preview clips from “Walk Through Exits Only“, the upcoming solo release from Phil Anselmo.

On Wednesday, June 5th, Dave Mustaine told LA Weekly that, “He doesn’t get angry at all”. On Thursday, June 6th, Dave Mustaine called a fan that booed him at a show in Manchester, England a “Faggot” and a “Cunt”, then had him thrown out of the show. The only thing Dave Mustaine is still good at, is making Dave Mustaine look like a complete asshat.

Have you ever wanted to smell like MTV? Yeah, me either. Unless it smells like Adam Curry’s hair circa 1989.

I can’t even remember all the lyrics to “I Remember You“.

“Secret” GN’R show in Brooklyn sells out in 40 seconds.

John Paul Jones is writing an opera.

Is that a promise?

26 reasons why I no longer go to music festivals.

‘Super Duper’ Alice Cooper doc will make it’s big screen debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

According to the Wall Street Journal, more people are learning to speak Nordic languages because they love heavy metal.

Speaking of Norwegian heavy metal, here’s a tutorial on how to paint a room, death metal style.


Speaking of Japan (see BABY METAL! above), a Suspiria-themed Italian restaurant is a real thing in Tokyo. Because being relentlessly hunted down by a coven of witches can really make you hungry.

The awesomely NSFW trailer for ‘100 Bloody Acres‘ made me laugh, and lose my lunch.

The Night Stalker is dead.

Very Metal Friday Night Update: New Queens Of The Stonge Age, Metal Meth Maker Gets Busted, And Wicked Wizard Rock

Queens of the Stone Age, I Appear Missing. A very troubling, animated video.

Happy Friday fellow headbangers! I’m still reeling after seeing Kvelertak and Black Tusk last weekend. In a world filled with mediocre metal, it was a real shot to the ears to see two bands this good on the same bill. A word to the wise, DO NOT miss this tour when it blows through your town.

Speaking of good metal for your ears, check out my latest new release recommendations over at Purple Dog Records music blog, Curious Tracks. I also had the pleasure of being a guest on the MAG Down Under Variety Hour podcast. Look for the 90 minute episode here, this weekend.

Now, here’s all the metal things that happened this week…

Bret Michaels says he loves animals. But I don’t believe him.

Listen to the new White Wizzard track, Kings of the Highway.

Speaking of Wizards, here’s the new video for Wizards of War from San Fransisco doom rockers, Orchid.

Tad Doyle, Aaron Edge, and Mike Scheidt from YOB teamed up to form LUMBAR

Alcohol caused Jeff Hanneman’s death.


Speaking of Yikes!, here’s the new Anvil single, Badass Rock and Roll.

In other Yikes! news, Allen West (Obituary, Six Feet Under, and Massacre), pulled a Walter White. Except he got caught.

Dave Mustaine and Kenny G are BFF’s. Which never would have made sense in 1985, but totally makes sense now.

Courtney Love is going solo.

Beer + Aliens = the new trailer for the awesome looking flick, The Worlds End.

43 Seconds Of Black Metal Dudes On Loiter Squad

This short clip from Tyler the Creator’s Adult Swim show, Loiter Squad, had me at black metal guys handing out balloons.

Via: Metal Sucks.

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