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Yazima Beauty Salon – New Single and Movie Trailer…!

Yazima pefroming the song Megami no Chikara “live”. Wow, Wow, WOW indeed. For Triple G.

Here’s a link to the new Yazima Beauty Salon movie trailer. Click the tab marked “30″ for a longer, wackier look a the upcoming flick due out on April 29th. In keeping with their plan for global domination, Yazima’s debut record is set for release sometime next month. Look out world! 2010 is the year of Yazima!

New Single and Video For Archie Bronson Outfit: Shark’s Tooth…

Archie Bronson Outfit, Shark’s Tooth from the upcoming record Coconut. Thanks to NPD for the link.

The video for Shark’s Tooth, the first single off of upcoming Archie Bronson Outfit record Coconut was directed by Ferry Gouw. Gouw has also directed videos for Simian Mobile Disco and Lightspeed Champion.

Coconut is due out on March 1st. You can download Shark’s Tooth now for free here.

For more on one of the best things to come out of England in the last five years, including a bunch of new UK tour dates visit Archie Bronson Outfit.com

New Rob Zombie Video: “Sick Bubblegum”…

Rob Zombie, Sick Bubblegum. From the 2009 release, Hellbilly Deluxe 2: Noble Jackals, Penny Dreadfuls and the Systematic Dehumanization of Cool. For NPD.

Most metal song about bubblegum ever recorded. Word.

More on Zombie here.

A Song For Monday…

Your Monday video starts at 30 seconds in. For all the members of Team Cherrybomb that have to work today.

Don’t forget, Thursday is a holiday!


Bloodbath, directed by Stephen Reedy. A companion short to Winter Stalker.

If you ask me, being subtly threatened with bloody mayhem is a great way to get someone to buy a t-shirt. If you’re in NY and happen to be covered in blood (it happens), get to the ZEROFRIENDS retail store at 437 East 9th. As of January 30th, Zerofriends will take over the Upper Playground space and assault you with an appalling array of amazing merch.

Now, back to the star of this post, Bloodbath! As with the Winter Stalker video there will be a contest. The winner of the Winter Stalker contest got a signed Alex Pardee print so in the case of Bloodbath, crime does pay. More details will be announced on February 4th.

More info via Zero Friends.

Cute Things Exploding…

Cute Things Exploding! No animals were actually blown up, but you will hurt yourself laughing.

You can see more cute things like kittens, hamsters and puppies exploding at Cute Things Exploding.

Smoking is COOL…!

I knew it! Smoking is cool!

Thanks!: BLORT!

Swinging Couple Looking For Good Times…

Swinging North Carolina couple looking for good times. He enjoys Bi, unless another man is involved. She enjoys Bi because her husband tells her she better enjoy it.


Rolling Stones Drunk Jam Session…

Rolling Stones vintage drunken jam session.

Gonna’ bring a case of wine and have a real good time, just like we used to…


Fuck You, iPhone…

Google Fuck You iPhone, phone.

Have you always wanted a phone with an Optimized Urination Interface? I know, what a stupid question! Of course you do…

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