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Very Metal Monday News And Holiday Programming Note – First New Supersuckers in Nine Years, Beastie Boys Square, And Henry Rollins Don’t Know Daft Punk

‘Santa”, 4:21 minutes of very metal awesomeness from 1984, courtesy of Madrid based metal band, Saint.

Well, this is it! The last CB.com post of 2014. I’m sure I might post something random in a drunken haze over the next week or so, but who knows.

In the meantime, if you missed the 178th episode of the Movies About Girls podcast (aka – our endless obsession with Maria Ford), click here to listen in on all the good times that we had. There’s also a new, very special Christmas Down Under podcast that really brought the laffs, as well as a new Advanced Demonolgy starring Rape Goat.

I’ve also got a review of a new up-and-coming German black metal band, Mayak, and their completely bad-ass four song EP, over at Destroy the Brain. You can also listen to the entire thing on their Bandcamp page. Loudly, of course.

Lastly, I want to say thank to all of you who keep coming back, that leave comments and that help spread the word about the little metal blog that could. Balls to you all, man.

And now, here’s a bunch of metal things that happened last week. See you in 2014!

All I want for Christmas are these Necro-Zombie Flesh shoes! WOW

All I want for Christmas is an Alice Cooper stained glass nightlight (and the gloomy Danzig one too). Etsy

Heavy Metal Charlie Brown Christmas VS It’s A Bad Brains Christmas, Charlie Brown! Youtube

Howard Stern’s Christmas card is a total drag. Daily Mail

Beastie Boys Square might be a real thing soon. Billboard

New Judas Priest coming in 2014. Loudwire

Original Kiss lineup could reunite for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2014 Induction Ceremony. Q104

New video for a single from the first Supersuckers record in nine years looks like this. Classic Rock

“Who the f*ck is Daft Punk” – Henry Rollins. Rolling Stone

Fan-made video of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “Mermaids” is as cool as it is terrifying. Youtube

More proof that the 80’s we awesome. The fantastic comic book adventures of Adam Ant from 1982! Dangerous Minds

Thrashing Through the Snow with Megadeth. Metal Injection

Very Metal Friday Night Update: Robert Plant Joins Twitter, Ozzy Calls Bill Ward “Fat”, And Is That Ronnie James Dio’s Ghost?

Steven Tyler and his $6 million dollar nose.

Welcome to another weekly addition of VMFNU! But before I get to that, I’m very excited that I’m going to be a part of the latest offshoot of the Movies About Podcast,  the MAG Monthly For Girls podcast! The all-girl show will make it’s debut this weekend, and the Tumblr, run by MAG’s Queen of Podcasting, fearless fashionista, Stacey, is already chock full of fun. Along with the TV Lady, Amanda By Night of retro TV blog, Made for TV Mayhem, and yours truly, the podcast will talk about hot guys, beauty products, fashion trends, books and so much more. I’m also doing a special segment about the influence of cats in fashion. Which, yes, is totally a thing. Once the show is ready for the Internets, it’ll be posted here for your listening pleasure.

While I’m on the topic of MAG, the podcast will start broadcasting live again next Saturday, August 17th. Don’t miss it!

Lastly, check out my review of the new Black Table EP, Sentinel, over at Destroy the Brain.

Now, here’s everything metal that happened this week…

Ronnie James Dio’s ghost spotted at concert. Blabbermouth

The movie trailer for the CBGB movie is GARBAGE! Classic Rock Magazine

Doctor’s told Lemmy it’s time to quit prior to the bands ill fated performance at Wacken. Anti Music

Steven Tyler says he wrote Walk this Way, while waiting for a cocaine delivery; estimates he spend around $6 million snorting white horse. NME

Rip off your shirts and start working on your abs! Manowar is re-recording Kings of Metal for it’s 25th anniversary. Metal Injection

The 1983 version of the Melvins is making a record called Tres Cabrones. Consequence of Sound

Mean girl alert! Ozzy says that Bill Ward is too fat to play in Black Sabbath. AV Club

Speaking of Ozzy, a new Black Sabbath themed 3-D maze will debut this Halloween at Universal Studios. Loudwire

Here’s the new single from Jane’s Addiction, Another Soulmate. Rolling Stone

Alice Cooper is planning to tour with a symphonic orchestra and rock band in 2014. Ultimate Classic Rock

Now you can harass Robert Plant about a Led Zeppelin reunion on Twitter. NME

The shit people say at record stores. Dangerous Minds

Very Metal Friday Night Update: Good News For Lemmy, Alice Cooper Cover Record Coming, And Even Jesus Loves Black Flag

Y&T, Summertime Girls.

Since I’m still, still on vacation in the hotter than *$#! east coast, this will be yet another quick VMFNU. If you haven’t already, check out episode #170 of the Movies About Girls Podcast. It is full of much fun and drunkeness. Also, head over to Destroy the Brain and read my latest “Coffin Couture” post (a new column for DTB!) and learn how do your very own DIY Horror Movie inspired manicure.

Lastly, this week brings about good news for Lemmy as the Motorhead camp released a statement saying that the legendary frontman is “on the mend”, and will be back to “business as usual” soon. Like drinking, eating, rocking, and f*cking. Long live Lemmy!

Now, here’s all the metal stuff that happened this week.

Alice Cooper says he’s taking on Hendrix, The Who, and The Beatles on his upcoming cover record.

Only Ian Anderson would sell Lemmy’s guitar for a fucking flute.

Jason Bonham wants to have a hologram drum duet with his Dad.

Here’s a metal version of Daft Punk’s hit, “Get Lucky“.

Nick Cave, “Christ Killer”.

Sir-Mix-A-Lot remixes Puscifer.

Even Jesus loves Black Flag.

Queens of the Stone Age get the Bill Murray lounge act treatment.

Check out Voivod’s new video for “Target Earth“.

Very Metal Friday Night Update: New NIN, BABY METAL, And ‘Super Duper’ Alice Cooper Doc Debuts At TIFF

Baby Metal. Reason #666 Japan is fucking awesome.

It’s been a busy week for heavy metal news! Read on and check out the new NIN track, “Came Back Haunted“, click to watch the new live video for “Swerve City“, from the Deftones, and see why Dave Mustaine is now, and always will be a giant douche. Friday night starts NOW!

New NIN.

Speaking of new very metal things, here’s the live video for “Swerve City”, the latest from the Deftones.

Preview clips from “Walk Through Exits Only“, the upcoming solo release from Phil Anselmo.

On Wednesday, June 5th, Dave Mustaine told LA Weekly that, “He doesn’t get angry at all”. On Thursday, June 6th, Dave Mustaine called a fan that booed him at a show in Manchester, England a “Faggot” and a “Cunt”, then had him thrown out of the show. The only thing Dave Mustaine is still good at, is making Dave Mustaine look like a complete asshat.

Have you ever wanted to smell like MTV? Yeah, me either. Unless it smells like Adam Curry’s hair circa 1989.

I can’t even remember all the lyrics to “I Remember You“.

“Secret” GN’R show in Brooklyn sells out in 40 seconds.

John Paul Jones is writing an opera.

Is that a promise?

26 reasons why I no longer go to music festivals.

‘Super Duper’ Alice Cooper doc will make it’s big screen debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

According to the Wall Street Journal, more people are learning to speak Nordic languages because they love heavy metal.

Speaking of Norwegian heavy metal, here’s a tutorial on how to paint a room, death metal style.


Speaking of Japan (see BABY METAL! above), a Suspiria-themed Italian restaurant is a real thing in Tokyo. Because being relentlessly hunted down by a coven of witches can really make you hungry.

The awesomely NSFW trailer for ‘100 Bloody Acres‘ made me laugh, and lose my lunch.

The Night Stalker is dead.

Uncle Alice Presents! New Graphic Novel Series From Alice Cooper Coming


A new Kickstarter is asking you to help get a comic book anthology horror series, graphic novel, and, maybe even a TV series (!) featuring Alice Cooper (!), become a reality. UNCLE ALICE PRESENTS comes from the mind of Tom Sheppard (of Annoying Orange which a shamefully love, and Robot Chicken), who also happens to be a huge Alice Cooper fan. Among the writers for the series is Brendon Hay also from Robot Chicken, and The Simpsons.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BordHhyVbU]
Uncle Alice Presents Kickstarter video.

As you might imagine, donating to Uncle Alice’s Kickstarter campaign has it’s perks. Like getting drawn into one of the issues, rare, Cooper inspired artwork, and the chance to play a round of golf with Alice himself.

More info on this very metal Kickstarter, here.

Pretties For You: Vintage 70’s Ad For Alice Cooper’s Manscara

Whiplash! Alice Cooper’s short lived unisex mascara from 1973. For Boo Duley.

Earlier this month, an unopened tube of Alice Cooper’s unisex manscara, “Whiplash”, sold for almost $1,800.

Via: Sick Thing UK.

Very Metal Friday Night Update: Cash, Cooper, And Other Metal Items Of Interest

Very Metal Friday Night! A new weekly feature on Cherrybombed.com!

I’m starting a new weekly post as of today, which is basically just a post with a bunch of links I think you need to read up on so you can stay on top with what’s really important in this world. Booze, metal, and other random stuff that you’ve come to expect from CB.com. And while I’m at it, I’m looking forward to more good times with the Movies About Girls cast as we will be back in action tomorrow, terrorizing the Skype airwaves with episode #155!

Although we still do the show on Saturday night, we’re just not ready to stream it live yet. But we will be soon so stay tuned! Of course, tomorrow’s show will be as antic packed as always, especially when we all share our cringe worthy feelings about 1964’s, Kitten With a Whip, staring my favorite Flintstone, Ann Margrock, and gentleman lady killer, John Forsythe. Look for it here later this weekend.

In other news, I find amazing how much a young, disturbed Ann Margaret reminds me of the not-so-young-looking-anymore, but just as disturbed, Lindsay Lohan. Cocaine, it’s a hell of a drug…

Never mind 24 days of Whiskey! Give me 24 days of GIN!

Black Sabbath’s first show in New Zealand in nearly 40 years sells out in “minutes”.

Former WASP guitarist Chris Holmes isn’t dead! At least I’m pretty sure he’s still alive after watching his latest video “They All Lie and Cheat(with thanks to Sleazegrinder for the hip).

Alice Cooper’s “Old School Box Set” is pretty fucking awesome.

Ever wanted to see a young Johnny Cash in thigh-high boots? Yeah, me neither.

Because it’s a lonely world out there, Christmas dinner now comes in a can.

Miss making mix-tapes for your ex? There’s an app for that.

Alice Cooper – Still The King Of Halloween

Alice Cooper shows us all how it’s really done in London at Wembly Arena on Monday, October 29th.

Via: Wow.

Daily Halloween Earwig: Welcome To My Nightmare – Ronnie James Dio

Welcome to My Nightmare, Ronnie James Dio covering the classic Alice Cooper track.

You can expect to hear a lot of Halloween inspired music on the blog this month. Today’s Daily Earwig is a little know gem of a cover from Ronnie James Dio. Dio recorded the classic Alice Cooper track “Welcome To My Nightmare” for the 1999 Cooper tribute, Humanary Stew: A Tribute To Alice. The track also appears on the equally metal 2010 comp, Heavy Metal Halloween.

Rock And Roll Damnation: Extreme Close-Up Photos Of Rock Royalty

Up close and personal with Iggy Pop.

Photos of celebrities shot extremely close-up (I give you exhibit YIKES! above of Iggy Pop), have been making the rounds on the Internet. Very metal blog, Dangerous Minds, had the good sense to cull together a series of photos of rock star faces from the the terrifying Tumblr cataloging the too close for comfort photos, Celebrity Close Up.

Steven Tyler.

Tom Waits.

Click here to see other rockers like Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, and Johnny Lydon, like never before.


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