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The Very Metal Art of NC Winters

Descent Into Madness Acrylic ink on paper, mounted to wood panel and resined. 13.25″ x 14.25″ (2012). See the inky blow by blow for Winter’s “Madness” here.

NC Winters is a Carlsbad, CA based artist, and a favorite of fellow artist and favorite of CB.com, Alex Pardee.

Bill Murray, by NC Winters.

More from the amazingly talented Winters via his Tumblr.

Via: Juxtapox.

Huge Prince By Alex Pardee

Huge Prince by Alex Pardee. Super limited edition HUGE print. 

One of artist Alex Pardee’s latest and greatest creations, Huge Prince, isn’t available online yet. But if you love it like I do, stay tuned to Pardee’s Zero Friends store or blog so you don’t miss out on owning a print of Huge Prince yourself.

Via: Alex Pardee’s blog, Eyes Suck Ink.

Aladdin Duane By Alex Pardee…

Aladdin Duane tee by Alex Pardee. $20.

One of my favorite artists, Alex Pardee, has a brand-spanking new tee shirt design! Check out Pardee’s glammy mashup of Bowie as Aladdin Sane, and his self-proclaimed favorite 7th grader, Aladdin Duane.

Available now via the Everything Is Terrible shop.

Tupac Cat By Alex Pardee…

Alex Pardee, Tupac Cat. 2:15 of balls-out funny.

Tupac Cat will shoot your face up for nothing. Word.

More from the mind of Alex Pardee via Pardee’s blog, Eyes Suck Ink.

Alex Pardee’s DIY Buscemi Eyes…

DIY Steve Buscemi “eyes” by Alex Pardee.

Print and cut your very own Steve Buscemi eyes, courtesy of the excellent Alex Pardee, here.

Alex Pardee’s “Vertigo”…

Gremlins by Alex Pardee. Part of Pardee’s new solo show, Vertigo.

Alex Pardee’s show “Vertigo” opens tomorrow, Saturday, January 8th @ Corey Helford in Culver City. Pardee based the show on nightmare hunter, Verti Parker. But who the f*ck is Verti Parker? Even after reading “all I needed to know about Verti Parker“, I’m still not sure.

Just In Time For Halloween!: Alex Pardee’s “Hatchet” Print …

Alex Pardee, Hatchet print. Limited edition of 100, hand-signed. $50.

This new print by the excellent Alex Pardee contains the likeness one of the stars of Hatchet II, the great Tony Todd.

More on Pardee, here. Check out the official Hatchet II trailer, here. :

Alex Pardee’s Favorite Monsters…

Alex Pardee, My Favorite Monsters, Set #1.

Of course, the really good news about Alex Pardee’s new UNLIMITED collection of hand-signed monster prints is, that he’s probably going to do My Favorite Monsters, Set #2. If that sounds way to ambitious due to the awesomeness of MFM #1, remember – Alex Pardee never sleeps. His monsters might eat him…

More on Pardee, here.

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