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Very Metal KISS ‘The Demon’ Robot By Funko

Kiss ‘The Demon’ Robot by Funko.$39.00.

Score another win for Washington State toy maker, Funko, and their every growing army of KISS inspired collectables. Mecha Gene was the first Kiss member to be immortalized as a 1970’s retro Japanese-style robot by Funko, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing Android Space Ace, Robo Star Child, and Cyborg Cat very soon.

Very Metal KISS Meets Archie Comic Series…

Kiss meets Archie, issue #4 will hit the shelves of your favorite komic store tomorrow, February 22nd. $11.99.

Although I hate to admit it, somehow the comic mash-up of the Archie comic book series, and KISS did not make it on to my very metal and rather KISS specific radar. The four-part series wraps up tomorrow with issue #4 scheduled to hit the shelves of your favorite Komic store on February 22nd. Issue #3 featured a zombie Archie. Zombies, KISS, and Archie? I’m sold.

More info and ordering via Archie Comics official store.


Retro Rock and Roll: New KISS 1977 “Love Gun” Action Figures By Figures Toy Company…

Retro 1977 Kiss “Love Gun” action figures (both 8″ and 12″ inch) are available now via Figures Toy Company.

Back in the 1989, I broke up with my slacker, metalhead boyfriend, and moved out of our little love den on the first floor of his parents house (classy, I know). I packed everything I cared about into one suitcase, and never looked back. My honest and only regret about my rebel-esque emancipation, was not taking the time to find my original KISS action figures (my Gene still had his plastic headband). To this day I’m still pissed at myself for that, as I’m sure he sold my sweet childhood memories for a bunch of shitty pot. Moving on.

Well the good news is my pathetic sad story will finally have a happy ending as Figures Toy Company just released replicas of KISS’s original 70’s action figures, based on the “Love Gun” album cover. The figures will come in both 8″ and 12″ sizes, and each individual 12-inch figure comes with 1 of 4 retro mini KISS concert T-shirts. The “Love Gun” action figures will be followed by “Sonic Boom”, “Dressed To Kill” and the first KISS album figure series.

The full press release and more photos can be viewed at, Figures Toy Company.

The Day Rock And Roll Said “I Don’t Give A F*ck”: The NickelKiss Chevrolet…

Nickelback and Kiss. Together forever. When KISS said, “God Gave Rock and Roll to you”, I’m sure they didn’t mean this.

Via: Dangerous Minds.

The Mayans Were Right: Movie Based on KISS Album, “The Elder” Coming…

The Elder. The Movie. The End.

UK based filmmaker Seb Hunter describes his cinematic take on Kiss’s 1981 record, ‘The Elder’ as a “post-apocalyptic road movie.” Production on the flick is slated to begin this summer.

All kidding aside, I can’t really hate on Mr. Hunter, as he’s a rather metal individual. So, if you’re so inclined, help out Seb Hunter’s vision quest to bring the music of The Elder to life on the big screen via The Elder’s fundraising page.

And You Thought Your Family Christmas Photo Was Awkward…

The family that worships KISS together, stays together. Very metal thanks to Stiv for the photo. Happy birthday!


Ace Frehley Did Not Approve These Balls: 2011 Merry Kissmas Ornaments…

2011 KISSMAS Balls. $64.95.

For more very metal merriment, visit the Kissmas Shop.

Lunch With Ace? Gene Simmons Shoots Down Most Recent KISS Reunion Rumor…

The good old days. Vintage Ace and Gene circa 1976. Photograph by Neil Preston.

Before the Internet rumor mill even got going, Gene Simmons shot down any possibility of a reunion with the original KISS lineup. The rumors started after Ace and Gene had lunch together in LA on September 12th. Says rock ‘n’ roll all night dream-killer Gene:

Ace and I had nice, friendly lunch together. It was wonderful to see him. He looked healthy and happy.” He added, “Nothing else was talked about. No rumors, please. Ace and I are both happy with our lives and are not changing anything.

In other very metal KISS news, Ace Frehley’s book, “No Regrets: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Memoir”, hit bookshelves yesterday. You can read excerpts from the first chapter of the book at Simon & Schuster’s website.

My Sundays With Jesus: Jesus Christ Superstar By Mike Bell…

Jesus Christ Superstar by Mike Bell.

As promised, and more than appropriate for Sunday’s regular post, a very metal Jesus from the equally metal Mike Bell. Bonus? Since Mr. Bell also happens to be a huge fan of monsters, I’ll be posting a couple of my favorite monstrosities from Bell’s catalog this week in honor of the arrival of the pumpkin king, October.

More from Bell via Belldog .

Very Metal KISS Cat By Keith Pinel…

Cat by Keith Pinel. Many thanks to Keith Pinel for the use of his very metal image. For Ragz.

Calgary based artist Keith Pinel has been drawing for decades. But it wasn’t until 2009 that Pinel tried using his heavy metal hands with acrylics, and the results are well worth the wait. Bonus? Pinel has a soft spot in his heart for Kiss, especially when it comes to Space Ace Frehley. Just like yours truly.

Check out Pinel’s online gallery. It’s NSFW, but well worth your time after you punch out. Word.


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