Sheer Heart Attack! “Killer Queen” Vodka Will Soon Be A Thing



Since pretty much every band out there has put their name on a bottle of booze, here comes Queen with the latest entry into the world of heavy metal beverages, Killer Queen vodka. Made by vodka giants, Stoli, Queen guitarist Brian May says that Killer Queen is a fitting tribute to vocalist Freddie Mercury as Freddie used to travel with a dry ice cooler full of vodka while the band toured. Freddie Mercury was truly a class fucking act.

But don’t rejoice yet if you live anywhere but Canada as KQ will make it 1st run debut there in November. You can order  your very own bottle of Killer Queen vodka for about $30 (+shipping via the EU) here. Also on the horizon for Queen is a line of yet to be named wine. In other news, if you’re very quiet, you can hear the sound of my liver weeping.

And because I can never get enough Queen in my life, I’m happy to report that the band will be releasing a massive comp in November called, Forever Queen. Included among the nearly 40 tracks on the double CD are a duet Mercury did with Michael Jackson, “There Must Be More To Life Than This”, an unfinished song called “Let Me In Your Heart Again”, and a new version of  the 1984 song”Love Kills”, a track that Mercury did while going solo with Georgio Moroder, as well as other new and rare Queen music.

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