Lemmy Kilmister Further Immortalized As A Garden Gnome


A very metal resident of my forever hometown, Boston, has made my day after I discovered a garden gnome version of Lemmy Kilmister is a real thing. Ian the Gnome customizes boring old garden gnomes in the image of headbanging, hip-hop, and punk legends, as well as other TV, film, and cartoon idols. Like Ian’s “Wu-Tang” garden gnome. WU-TANG GARDEN GNOME!


il_570xN.615941089_glttClockwork Orange garden gnome.

Love wrestling like yours truly? My black heart skipped a beat when I saw Ian’s garden gnome homage to pro-wrassler, Bam Bam Bigelo (RIP).

In other very metal news, I know things have been super sleepy here for a while but that’s about to change. Look for a new site design and the return of regular posts later this week! Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with me over at Destroy the Brain. If not, check out my review of the mind-melting EP from London based band, WREN.

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