You’re Gonna Die: Guns N’ Roses Doing “Welcome To The Jungle” At The 2014 Revolver Golden Gods Awards

I’ve been sick in bed all weekend. Which means I’ve been swilling NyQuil and watching way too much TV. Some of it good (Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo), and some of it bad. So bad, that it also gave me a case of the sads, which I really didn’t need. Which is exactly what happened when I tuned in to the 2014 Revolver Golden Gods Awards.

Bring on the hate mail, but this performance by Guns really didn’t need to happen. Axl doesn’t look or sound good. He looks uncomfortable – he’s completely over-dressed and looks like he’s ready to go into some mid-evil heavy metal battle. And his vocals on one of metals greatest anthems, “Welcome to the Jungle” are so bad at times, it actually heartbreaking. It’s like a very metal friend of mine (almost) always says whenever the opportunity arises to see a long-ago band live:

“I want to keep the good memories of my idols intact.”

It would be nearly impossible to find a headbanger that would disagree with the fact that Axl Rose is one of the greatest front men and vocalists of all time. A recent interactive chart put together by Concert Hotels comparing the vocal ranges of singers from the past and present, placed Rose at the top of the heap with the widest range, beating out Freddie Mercury, Steve Perry, and Jeff Buckley.

I was lucky enough to let this band melt my face off back in the day, and I’ll never forget it. That said, I can say with 100% certainty that I don’t need to see GNR trying to recapture that same energy and ferocity again, and failing, ever again.

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One Response to You’re Gonna Die: Guns N’ Roses Doing “Welcome To The Jungle” At The 2014 Revolver Golden Gods Awards

  1. agreed.
    Axl can still turn in a decent vocal performance, but this wasn’t it. And, yeah, what in the hell is he wearing? On the YouTube page, someone linked Slash doing Welcome to the Jungle and it’s just so much better.

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