Face Of Lemmy Kilmister Appears On Pancake


And why not! I mean, why should Jesus have all the fun appearing on everything from a grilled cheese sandwich, to a bananas, and even pancakes? Well, move over Jesus, because Lemmy’s face just showed up on a pancake, and the photo of the most metal breakfast ever was posted to the bands official Twitter feed earlier today for everyone to virtually worship. And it’s only going to be a matter of time before Lem’s mug starts showing up on in all kinds of other weird places. Who’s your Messiah now, Moses!?! Motörhead, that’s who!


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3 Responses to Face Of Lemmy Kilmister Appears On Pancake

  1. Dan Miller

    Eat The Rich (and fluffy,delicious pancakes).

  2. Indeed! Good one, Dan!

  3. This is hilarious!

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