Iron Reagan’s New 4:44 Minute EP ‘Spoiled Identity’ Will Blow Your Head Clean Off

And you thought I was kidding.

Many waves of thrash-happiness ran through my ears today for 4:44 seconds after listening to the latest EP from hardcore thrash outfit, Iron Reagan.

Spoiled Identity is the Richmond, Virginia bands second first effort since. 2013’s, Worse Than Dead. Which by the way is 19 tracks deep, but only clocks in at a speedy 24 minutes. But it’s not surprising that you will happily enjoy letting all 13 tracks on Spoiled Identity tear your face off in record time – Iron Reagan is comprised of members that used to bang around in bands like Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour, and a band that gives me the Motörhead shakes, Hellbear.

I love everything that’s happening on this record – and you will too. Especially when you hear vocalist Tony Foresta scream “Your Kids An Asshole” (for a full seven seconds & also happens to be something I often say in my head), or “Cops Don’t Like Me, I Don’t Like Cops (an epic 33 seconds), is awesomely gratifying. Trust me.

Lastly, I know things have been pretty quiet here lately. And it’s going to keep on that way for now. And since I don’t have a hot minute to think about where this is all headed, I’m still not exactly sure what the future will hold for But I’m not pulling the plug yet, so stay tuned.

You can always find me on Twitter @DJCherrybombed, over at Movies About Girls, and Destroy the Brain. I am taking a week or so off to terrorize areas that may or may not be located in the PNW so look out. And don’t forget to get out on Record Store Day this year (Saturday, April 19th) and support your local, Independent record stores. I’ll be keeping it weird and hitting up Portland, Oregon this year MAG’s Ambassador of Friendship, Drew Buzzy.

See you soon! Until next time, stay \m/


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