New Stooges Record To Feature Marke Lanegan And Jello Biafra – But Not Iggy?

Hi, this is Iggy. I’m not here right now but leave a message and if this is James Williamson, don’t record a new album without me. Beep.

Apparently after the release of the last Iggy and the Stooges record, Ready to Die, Iggy said he wanted to take a year off – and who could blame him. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t be hearing from the rest of the Stooges in 2014. Say WHAT? But hold on, it gets a little weirder before it gets better.

In a statement from a spokesperson representing Iggy Pop published in Rolling Stone, Iggy said that he was “never given the chance to participate” in the recording of Re-Licked, an upcoming record from The Stooges that features various vocalists taking on a few tracks from Raw Power. But Stooges guitarist James Williamson says that he got Iggy’s “blessing” to go forward with Re-Licked, adding that he “thinks” Iggy is “cool” with everything so far, but that it’s “a hard pill to swallow when someone else is doing all of your songs”. Hmmm. But wait! There’s more…

Iggy followed up Williamson’s “we’re cool bro, right?” claim with an official statement to Rolling Stone.  In it, Iggy calls out the hard pill comment as sounding “passive aggressive” – but was quick to add that they are all still friends that would totally still drive each other to the airport or, help them move a king size mattress for a large pizza and bottom line, the rest of The Stooges gotta get paid. So there you have it. I think. Anyway, on to the good news about Re-Licked – everybody’s favorite growler, Mark Lanegan, will be providing guest vocals along with Jello Biafra and Terri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes on the album. And I can’t hate on any of that.

Look for a 7″ of “Open Up and Bleed”/”Gimmie Some Skin”, with vocals from blues singer Carolyn Wonderland, out on Record Store Day this year. Williamson also eluded to the possibility of a Stooges tour with Iggy in 2015 – the same year Iggy Pop will turn a perfectly shirtless 68 years young.

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