Very Metal Weekly Rewind – Alice In Chains Announce Spring Tour, Mike Pike On Poop, And Many Faces Of David Bowie’s Teeth

The weapon of choice in this decade old AT&T commercial? A microphone.

Hey headbangers! Another week has come to a close, but you might not even know that since I never got the regular very metal rewind post up yesterday so, SURPRISE! You made it through the fucking week just like me. Anyway, in light of my continued inability to stick to any kind of a “schedule”, I’ve decided to keep striving for excellence in that category which means that I’ll still read all the metal news so you don’t have to, but I won’t always blog about it on Friday. Got it? Good. Moving on.

Hopefully you weren’t like me and missed last week’s #180th episode of the Movies About Girls Podcast– but if you were, click here to stream all the antics. Then, don’t miss out on episode #181 next Saturday as your favorite band of teenage losers take on 1972’s Blood Orgy of the She Devils. Don’t miss it!

Lastly, after you get all caught up with the latest developments in heavy metal, head over to Destroy the Brain to get your head wrapped around all things horror, and also read my review on the new record from Chicago doom tyrants, Indian, and the confusing first release from Ottowa one-man-show, The Sun Through A Telescope.

And now, here’s all the metal stuff what happened last week. GO HAWKS!

Alice In Chains announce spring tour. Metal Injection

Speaking of Alice in Chains, here’s Les Claypool covers “Man in the Box“. Classic Rock Magazine

Mike Pike on poop. Metal Sucks

A visual history of David Bowie’s teeth. Dangerous Minds

Motorhead cancels 2014 European tour, is Coachella next? Brave Worlds

All the drugs. Zakk Wylde’s doing them. Metal Hammer

Speaking of all the drugs, Courtney Love just debuted a new premium Youtube channel. Loudwire

Who needs all the drugs when you can just watch the new NSFL video from Indian, The Rhetoric of No. Lambgoat

This is winning. Metal Hammer

This is also winning. Anti Music

Perry Farrell’s plan to take over Vegas is going well. Slicing Up Eyeballs

Afghan Whigs to put out first studio record in 16 years. Rolling Stone

The Who to put out new record in 2014. Take a Shot

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