Very Metal Friday Night Rewind – Motörhead To Play Cochella, Jimmy Page Turns 70, And Archer VS Anselmo!

Norwegian commercial for an information service that every tattoo artist should have.

Hey everyone! Welcome back to our regularly scheduled very metal rewind for the week! Just a few housekeeping announcements before we get to it all.

Tomorrow Movies About Girls will take to the airwaves for episode #179 featuring one of the greatest Charlies Angels episodes of all time, 1979’s Angels On Skates! What makes this episode so great? Everything from pig tails, bikini roller-girls, and Pinky Tuscadero, to name a few. Usher in 2014 with laffs, the Crazy News, and another game of That’s Not A Real Band Name, Is It?, curated by yours truly. You can steam episode #179 and all of our past episodes (as well as Advanced Demonology and all of MAG’s podtastic offshoots) over on iTunes.

I’ve also got a new Coffin Couture column up over at Destroy the Brain for any of you broke rocker chicks that need to update your wardrobe, as well as a review of a kick-ass new EP from German black metal band, Mayak.

And now, here’s all the metal stuff that happened this week…

Archer VS Anselmo! – Metal Injection

Motörhead to play Coachella! LA Times

Aaron Sorkin denies he’s doing Courtney Love. But doesn’t everybody?  Dlisted

Deal with the Devil confirmed! This is Jimmy Page at age 70. Dangerous Minds

Zakk Wylde, you in trouble, girl. Blabbermouth

Haven’t the people who work at Walmart suffered enough? Youtube


Mike Patton to score upcoming horror film, “Vatican Tapes”. Loudwire


Original lineup of LA Guns giving it a go again? Metal Sucks

Score one for God! Metal Underground

Kerry King finally makes sense. Metal Hammer

Scum – A documentary about Napalm Death. Metal Injection

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