Lemmy Says He’s Quit Smoking And Traded His Beloved Jack For Wine










I took a little break from my daily Lemmy Kilmister prayer pentagram over the holidays, and missed this highly amusing interview Lem gave to the New York Times back in November. In it, as the headline to this post alludes, he’s given up smoking (YAY), and traded in his buddy Jack Daniels for wine, saying that he painfully aware that his live-fast-die-young lifestyle has finally caught up with him. It starts off a bit sad, but once Lemmy starts letting the one-liners rip, he never stops. Here’s a couple of zingers straight from the mouth of God (you’ll see what I did there in a minute) himself…

Have you ever met any other Lemmys?
I know a couple of Dogs and a couple of Parakeets.

You once called your father a “nasty little weasel.” Did you ever reconcile with him?
No, he died nine years back. We didn’t run through the cornfields to each other in slow motion.

Lemmy is God, according to the movie “Airheads,” right?
No, God is taller, and he dresses better. He lives in a Cape Cod cottage on the end of Rhode Island.

For some reason after I read the interview , I thought about how cool it would be if Lemmy did some sort of live Q&A tour where he comes out, sits on a nice comfy chair, with a couple bottles of good wine, and shoots the shit with his fans. A headbanger can dream, can’t she? 

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