Buzz Gets Brutal – King Buzzo On Bands That Were Good But Then “Blew It”


In an interview over at AV Club, Buzz Osborne had some tough talk for bands that in his estimation, “blew it” after stellar starts. Osborne smacks down everyone down from Metallica to The Birthday Party. You might remember that back in November in an interview over at Consequence of Sound, that Buzzo got brutally honest about Kurt Cobain (all of which I agree with), and took a swipe at Smashing Pumpkins. Anyway, it’s a great fucking interview and I highly recommend you read it in it’s entirety, here. And since I know you’re dying to hear some of the highlights, here they are…

On the post-70’s Rolling Stones – “I saw them in the early ’80s and it sounded like amplified motocross”

On the 80’s era The Who – “They went from unbelievable to believable real fast and I’d say a lot of it has to do with drugs.”

On Hüsker Dü: “Once they got signed to Warner Bros.they just took a giant shit as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know how else to put it.”

Yikes! If this was coming from anyone else, it might be easy to dismiss as cranky chatter. But it’s Buzzo, and it’s the truth. Sad, but true.

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