Inspirational Slayer Cross Stich FTW And Programming Note


Very metal Etsy-er, Damn Darned Frippery makes this crocheted “Mom pisser-offer”, pledging to follow God’s plan (?), and to listen to Slayer. I adore misguided cross stich, and have featured everything from a zombie Johnny Cash on a cross stich, to Lemmy and Henry Rollins on this blog for almost as long as I’ve been blogging. Anyway, this rainbow bright homage to Slayer will run you $60.

As far as the site, I’ll be headed out to run amok on an island for the weekend so posts are not going to be happening until Monday. Movies About Girls episode #180 (!) is happening on Saturday (featuring Sheena!), so look for the new episode to be posted here. You can also catch me over at Destroy the Brain! So until then, stay \m/.

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