Very Metal Saturday Night Rewind: The KISS Snuggie, Red Fang Battle Zombies, And Christopher Lee’s “Jingle Hell”

Christopher Lee’s JINGLE HELL is everything I ever wanted for Christmas.

Yeah, I know the update is a day late – but better late than never! Real quick, here’s a few programming notes…

After a short hiatus, episode #178 of the Movies About Girls podcast will invade the live airwaves at 6:00 PM ET TODAY! Don’t miss it! Also, head on over to Destroy the Brain and read my blow-by-blow review of The House on Straw Hill, staring the delightfully evil Linda Hayden, and Udo Keir with Dirk Benedict’s hair from the 80’s.

Lastly, it’s gonna get pretty slow here at for a few weeks, so don’t worry. I’m not dead or anything, but it’s that time of year when I pour more booze on my liver than usual AND Santa’s birthday is coming right up so I’m just slammed.

Now, on to everything metal that happened last week!

The apocalypse is nigh: A KISS version of the snuggie exists. CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK

Ever wanted to see Red Fang battle a bunch boozing of zombies? Yeah! Me too! Rolling Stone

Doro Pesch introduces her own brand of vino and a sweet sounding Cava named “Hero”. Metal and Wine

Joey Ramone and Purple Majesty psychedelic fuzz – I Can’t Keep From Crying. Youtube

Guitar lessons from Cheeta Chrome! Dangerous Minds

Ghost says their next record will be “more metal”. Metal Sucks

Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris gets robbed to the tune of 8K. Metal Hammer

Slayer didn’t dump Rick Rubin. Loudwire

Henry Rollins to play cannibal in lead role in the upcoming film, “He Never Died”. Classic Rock Magazine

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