The Very Metal Pop Art Of Zteven


Atlanta based artist Zteven has immortalized heavy metal, punk and alt musicians like Lemmy (above), David Lee Roth, and the Ramones, on the iconic Warhol Campbell’s Soup can. Zteven also came up with amusing names for the various soup varieties like “Lemmy’s Bouillabaisse of Spades”, and “Beef on the Broth”, for the Ramones.


David Lee Roth Broth. Tastes like Jack and spandex! Mmm, mmm, good.


You can see all of Zteven’s souper sweet creations, that also include foodie homages to pop culture hero’s like Tura Satana and Frankenstein, over at Popmania. Bonus? you can get reproductions of Zteven’s cool soup can mashup’s for $10 (+shipping) on a glass fronted frame.

Thanks to the lovely Loring for the hip.

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