Lemmy’s Recipe For ‘Krakatoa Surprise’


Lemmy’s recipe for Krakatoa Surprise is one of the dishes featured in the new heavy metal themed cookbook, Mosh Potatoes. I published a link to it a couple of weeks back on the blog, but had to go the extra mile and post Lemmy’s bizarro contribution to the culinary world for you all to see. And in case the name Krakatoa is ringing a boozy bell for you, it should.

There’s a bunch of different variations on the Krakatoa cocktail, but the more traditional ones have you setting the glass of booze on fire, and then drinking it. And now that you know that, Lemmy’s Krakatoa Surprise isn’t so surprising at all as it’s modeled after an alcoholic beverage, and has booze in it. Besides, Lemmy’s a busy man – he needs to eat and get loaded (just a little bit now) at the same time.

Lastly, in case you want to see what this heavy metal mess looks like, click here to see Swedish blog, Bara Metal, and their blow by blow preparation.

Krakatoa Surprise

¼ pound flour
½ pound chocolate syrup
¼ pound refried beans
½ pound curry powder
1 bottle strawberry syrup
¼ bottle brandy

Mix flour, syrup, beans and curry powder into a model of Krakatoa Island. Pour strawberry syrup over it to simulate lava. Pour brandy over all. Strike a match. Eat while still burning.

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2 Responses to Lemmy’s Recipe For ‘Krakatoa Surprise’

  1. Just to get the facts straight, Bara Metal is a Swedish Blog. And a damn good one, if you know Swedish. 🙂

  2. Hahaha! Thanks to my favorite Swede for keeping me honest ;). How tricks?

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