Very Metal Friday Night Rewind: Heavy Metal Michael Jackson Tribute Streaming, Lemmy Rides A Bike To Get Better, And King Diamond Wants To Skype With You

I hope your Halloween candy-and-liquor-never-sicker hangover is just a terrible memory by now, and that you didn’t do anything stupid last night like go out dressed like this dude. Anyway, before we get to this weeks VMFNR, let me bring you up to speed with a few other very metal things.

The Movies About Girls podcast will be Skyping our 178th episode LIVE tomorrow at 3 PM PT. This week the gang gets treated to yet another striptastic Maria Ford flick, 1996’s Showgirl Murders. As usual we’ll also run down our picks for the Top Five and Bottom Five DVD and Blu-Ray releases, tell you what part of Florida to avoid (spoiler alert: ALL OF THEM), as well as play another round of everybody’s favorite parlor game, That’s Not A Real Band Name, Is It?, curated as always by yours truly. All that plus high doses of childish antics and folly that you’ve come to expect from the greatest group of teenage losers to ever hit the airwaves, the Movies About Girls crew.

I’ve also got a new Coffin Couture column up over at Destroy the Brain that I hope will help the quest to end Slutoween forever! I know, fat chance right? But I still gave it my best shot. Click here to read it, and leave a comment for me if you’re so inclined. I’d love to hear from you.

Now, let’s get to all the metal stuff that happened this week!

Lemmy says he’s taken up riding an exercise bike to improve his health. And even though I just typed that last sentence, it still looks like one long typo. Classic Rock Magazine

Next Halloween I’m totally going as Phil Anselmo. Metal Sucks

Four brand new Bowie songs are streaming online. NME

After you listen to that, check out a full album stream of Thriller: A Heavy Metal Tribute to Michael Jackson. Metal Injection

King Diamond wants to Skype with you. Metal Injection

Just like John, Marilyn Manson dies at the end. Loudwire

And just like John and Marilyn Manson, I hope Fred Durst dies at the end. TV Guide

The largest collection of Cramps memorabilia ever is currently on display at the Lethal Amounts Gallery in LA. WOW Report

Special 11″ picture discs from Iggy and The Stooges, the New York Dolls, The Dwarfs, and GG Allin. Aggronautix

Pink Floyd Disco covers. Dangerous Minds

Lou Reed tribute t-shirt features Iggy Pop. And yeah, I laughed out loud. Ultimate Classic Rock

In other not so sad news, Lou Reed’s album sales have increased by 607% since he passed away on Sunday. Rolling Stone

Steven Tyler confirms solo debut record coming in 2014. Anti Music

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