Iggy Pop Joins Fight In Michigan To End Wolf Hunting

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Long time animal rights supporter Iggy Pop has joined forces with animal advocacy group, Keep Michigan Wolves Protected in the fight to end wolf hunting in the state. According to the organization, who has widespread support from hundreds of groups, say here are only 658 wolves left in Michigan, and that the hunt will allow for 43 of them to be killed.

Here’s an excerpt from Iggy’s letter to Michigan governor Rick Snyder (R):

I am asking all of my fans in Michigan to sign up and help gather signatures to reverse this decision and protect the wolf from future hunts. The senseless killing of these majestic animals for sport is a disappointment to the people of Michigan and a stain on its government. It is shameful the lengths the legislature and executive branch will go to hunt this iconic creature.

If you’re a resident of Michigan, you can sign a petition to get referendum PA-520 on the ballot that will help ensure that people in support of stopping this inhumane and environmentally devastating event, are heard.

Read Pop’s letter in full, here.

Via: Detroit Free Press

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