’s Top 2013 Record Store Day Black Friday Picks

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Mercy Seat (acoustic). Live from KCRW.

Here’s the only reason you should be out shopping this Black Friday. And even though there really aren’t any real metal titles to speak of (except for the Budos Band), there’s still a bunch of great stuff available for Record Store Day’s version of Black Friday on November 29th. My favorite picks follow. To peruse the full list, click here.

Charles Bradley Featuring the Budos Band and The Bullets – 7″ vinyl
This 7″ combines the stellar soul of Charles Bradley and the heavy metal powers of Budos Band. In other words, there are two “A” sides to this stellar 7″.

John Denver and The Muppets – A Christmas Together (picture disc!)
I own a ton of Christmas themed records, including some odd-balls like Christmas with the Colonel. But this release contains two timeless things; John Denver and The Muppets. Just typing the words together gives me a rocky mountain high. And like lots of collectors, I’m a sucker for a picture disc.

Nirvana – In Utero (Clear double vinyl 2013 remix by Steve Albini)
This edition of In Utero will be issued on at 45 RPM LPs, cut to copper plates, then pressed on clear vinyl.

Stone Temple Pilots – Core (Yellow vinyl)
20+ years later, this is still a favorite of mine. Sure colored vinyl doesn’t always sound as good as a straight up heavy pressing but so what. Play it or display it.

A Musical Tribute to Shel Silverstein – Sugar Hill Records vinyl release
Andrew Bird, Frank Black, Bobby Bare Jr., and KRIS KRISTOFERSON (!) among others pay homage to the great Shel Silverstein. Without question this is must-own heirloom piece of vinyl.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Live at KCRW (Double-vinyl)
In addition to performing a few tracks from one of the best releases of 2013, Push the Sky Away, you also get live versions of Cave classics like Mercy Seat, Into My Arms, and No More Shall We Part.

The Replacements – All Shook Down (Vinyl. Limited to 3000)
Remastered to vinyl from it’s original analog tapes, this is the first time that 1990’s All Shook Down has been available on vinyl in the US.

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