Very Metal Rumor Mill Part II: Tom Araya Questions Slayer’s Future Again













Back in June, Araya said that Slayer without Hanneman would literally be like “starting over”, and that there was “no replacing” him. A sentiment that many fans of the band sadly agree with. And now, in a recent interview with Steppin’ Out magazine, Tom Araya has once again voiced his feelings about Slayer going on as a band, without Jeff Hanneman.

“Nobody ever thought about Jeff passing away. I thought about him getting better and getting back on stage. We’ve been talking about getting back in the studio for the last two years, with Jeff being a part of that. It was something to be continued. His death has changed everything.”

Araya says that the band wanted to keep their tour commitments, that were inked prior to Hanneman’s death, and that’s why they kept touring. He also said that he and Kerry King are going to sit down and “talk” about the bands future once the current tour ends, then added “if” they have a future.

Joe Strummer once said that “the future is yet unwritten”. But when it comes to Slayer, it seems like Tom Araya has had a pretty clear vision of what the future holds for Slayer since his friend of 30+ years said goodbye too soon. Stay tuned.

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